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mastiphal – aim lyrics

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mastiphal – aim lyrics

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mastiphal – aim lyrics

Song Lyrics :

forest woken up by light so dim, broken with
a cry, your memory rubbing wistful modes
away, far, away the whiles of doubt
ingrat-tude’s dream by wind uncovered
out of night, out of mist
blackness draining down your mind
and sky’s becoming dark
the crack of dawn ages away
my thoughts hanging around
everybody’s gone and alone i stay
i’m not myself anymore, the walls around
i can’t go through, th-rn’s against
my body, what’s the body? what’s pain?
what makes your pain come true
existence lost, answers sought for ever
your heart with darkness broken
p-ssing time, no aims ahead illusion of
the shallow speech, eternal misfortune
dreams never come true, but circle around,
to find your mind, your life longed for,
believe in words, believe in thoughts…


- mastiphal lyrics

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