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Phantom Lyrics

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Phantom Lyrics

Film/Album :
Language : English (US)
Lyrics by : FIZTOZ
Singer : FIZTOZ
Composer : FIZTOZ
Publish Date : 2024-02-18 15:31:23

Phantom Lyrics

Song Lyrics :

Hesitation pull me outta writing all my thoughts on paper this is all the news i got before i go and get it major never gonna give in to the socially depressing pressure.

Everyday i open up my eyes and thank God for everything i got including all the last problems. This is aint no confession trust my faults to teach me lessons.

A lot on mind..... To situate the time but, always puttin out my music tryna make a dime for that, Phantom, ghost red interior, perfect stitching.. Black Ghost i want it all im petty too. Quick mansory, 100 mil' get split in two i just came back from my mission tryna get a tune like dope boy pushin cotics just to pack another tool.

LL Nipsey you have always been my biggest mo-del 25 gotta me writing music like an A-dele, tryna stack this bread with all the interest tell em bring the rest.

Forget about the cheese, coz it dont bring that happiness that is what ill tell these niggas when im topping out my quest open up the chest coz i gotta shhh to say.

Man is always been about having alotta shhh's to say, keep your mouth closed read your soul like a famous book, fish thats got mouth open always get that first hook. Hand me that pen spetula what me turn and cook, season out my verses wit a dash of hot pepper soul, add some lemons make it sour stir it out to the biggest hour.

Flip that bar spoon add americano watch me move:

I never thought that music could be therapy pay another nigga just to tell me what i already know dass a no, but pay me to the be telling y'all the business that i already know, while investigating what i wanna know thats a flow.

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