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Rachel Platten returns with Mothers Day song “Girls” Lyrics

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Rachel Platten returns with Mothers Day song “Girls” Lyrics

Rachel Platten returns with Mothers Day song “Girls” Lyrics
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Lyrics by : Kalyan Nayak and Hon
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Song Lyrics :

[10/26, 23:09] Hai: FEATURES
Rachel Platten Emphasizes New Song “Girls” Is For All Women
PAIGE OWENS MAY 12, 2023 • 2:00 PM
Rachel Platten Spring 2023
[Photo by: Nick Whitmill]
A lot has changed in Rachel Platten’s life since her last release in 2020. Over the last three years, the “Fight Song” singer has gone from a mother of one to a mother of two. She welcomed her first daughter Violet into the world in 2019 and her second daughter Sophie in 2021.

While her life has gone up and down through happiness and struggles, Platten’s first single in three years, “Girls,” pulled from an upcoming larger collection of new music, is a reflection on female strength. “Girls” follows the same vein of empowerment that Platten has always injected into her music, allowing her to share her continuously developing journey.

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In a new interview with idobi for Mother’s Day, Platten breaks down how becoming a mother has changed her perspective on music and impacted the way she writes and approaches her career. She also delves into the themes of her new single and how the track relates to women and girls everywhere, as well as the personal lessons she hopes her daughters will take away from the song. Listen to “Girls” and read our full interview with Platten below.
[10/26, 23:13] Hai: Yes, it’s very exciting! This entire chapter has been a “scene change” in a lot of ways. I’ve been creating what feels like the best, truest, and most inspired music of my entire life over the past five years.

My new era of music incorporates the same empowering, vulnerable, emotional threads that my fans have grown to know and love, but encompasses me in all of my strength and all of my chaos, in all of my beauty and all of my pain. As both a songwriter and as a musician, as a daughter and as a mother. It’s important for me to be transparent with my fan base also, in letting them know that this album won’t be released in a vacuum. My heart and soul are being poured into this album, I’m taking my time and can’t wait to share the new body of work with everyone soon.

“Girls” is the start of a whole new chapter for me. One about motherhood. About me and my piano, my voice and my lyrics, my girls and my heart. It’s a chapter that represents where I am now, my hero’s journey from dark to light, and how I’ve leaned into creating and producing music as medicine. My daughters are my everything. I’m forever changed and forever different. Motherhood changes us—sculpts us, colors us, rocks us. I’ve become a mother, that hasn’t completely colored the way I speak to the world, and that in itself has influenced my art a lot, made it more raw, and more real.

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Rachel Platten returns with Mothers Day song “Girls” Lyrics

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