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The Monster Song Lyrics

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The Monster Song Lyrics

The Monster Song Lyrics
Film/Album :
Language : NA
Lyrics by : Adithi Sagar
Singer : Adithi Sagar
Composer :
Publish Date : 2023-01-05 00:00:00

Song Lyrics :

Bandha Bandha Bandha Bandha Bandha
Aaya Aaya Ochadu Roi
Vannu Vannu Vannu Vannnu Vannu
Vandan Vandan Vadittan Paar

Odu Odu Odu Odu
Odu Odu Odu Paragettu Roi
Nilapadaku Nilabeda
Nikkallo Nikkaade
Iske Samne Khade Hone Ka Nahi

He Be Walking On Fire
Making It Rain
All At The Same Time
No Copyrights Claimed

He’s A Mamas Boy
The Ladies Love Him
Doesn’t Make Him Any Sympathetic

Boom! Goes A Bullet In One’s Brain
Boom! In Another Man’s Head

Boom Boom Boom Don’t Start A War
Not With The Rocking Star

He’s Hustling He Bleeding
Don’t Stop Till He Finished
Not A People Pleaser

He’s A Hunter He Kills
He A Leader He Leads Us
That Profile Is Only His Teaser

Everybody Is A Gangster
Till You See The Monster

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The Monster Song Lyrics

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