Internet Speed Test :

This Internet Speed Test Help You to identify the exact speed of your bradband connection .

Close all tabs and apps that uses internet connection that will help to improve accuracy of internet speed test. That help You to get exact internet speed of your broadband or wifi or data card.

Now Click On "START TESTING SPEED" and Wait For Few Seconds

Internet Speed Test

Here the Internet Speed Test results are given in bits per seconds.

1) 1 Byte = 8 bits

2) Speed test Result / 8 == Your download speed

example :

3.5MBps (bit) == 3.5 x 1024 Kbps(bit) == 3584 Kbps

3584kbps/8 == 448 KBPS (Byte)

3) Internet Speed test Result == Your Broadband band speed plan(In Bit per Seconds)

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How internet Speed test Works