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Anita Mui Yim-fong was a Hong Kong singer and actress making major contributions to the Cantopop music scene and receiving numerous awards and honours. She remained an idol throughout most of her career, and was generally regarded as a Cantopop diva

Anita Mui
Name : Anita Mui
Birth Date : 10 October 1963
Birth Place : British Hong Kong
Nationality :
Height : 1.68 m
Occupation : Actress

Anita Mui Movies and TV Shows

  • 100 Ways to Murder Your Wife [5 June 1986]

    After a night of heavy drinking, two soccer players (Chow Yun-Fat, Kenny Bee) strike a bargain to kill each other's pesky wife.

  • A Better Tomorrow III: Love & Death in Saigon [9 September 1989 (Taiwan)]

    Cheung meets a beautiful gang-leader while trying to bring his family from wartime Saigon to Hong Kong.

  • Au revoir mon amour [28 March 1991]

    In war-torn Shanghai, a Chinese singer marries another man because she believes that her lover is dead.

  • Behind the Yellow Line [1984]

    A young man and woman fall in love after meeting on a subway, but both have other suitors who they need to navigate so they can ensure their fledgling romance can take root and turn into a true relationship.

  • Black Heart Ghost [Billy Chan]

  • Chocolate Inspector [19 December 1986 (Hong Kong)]

    Chocolate Inspector, also known as Inspector Chocolate, is a 1986 Hong Kong crime comedy film co-written and directed by Philip Chan, and also co-written, produced by and starring Michael Hui. The film co-stars Anita Mui, Ricky Hui, Sibelle Hu and Roy Chiao.

  • Dance of a Dream [21 December 2001 (Hong Kong)]

    A waitress (Sandra Ng) falls for a handsome dancer (Andy Lau) who gives tango lessons to a wealthy woman (Anita Mui).

  • Days of Being Wild [15 December 1990 (Hong Kong)]

    A story about York, an amoral disillusioned and cruel young man kept in luxury by his foster mother.

  • Dearest Anita [24 December 2019 (China)]

    In 2013, after the auction of items from Anita's estate, seemingly insignificant items are transported to a garbage dump. A number of fans try to salvage what they can in the dead of night, undeterred by the threat of arrest.

  • Drunken Master II []

  • Eighteen Springs [12 September 1997 (Hong Kong)]

    In Shanghai of the '30s, Shuhui brings together Manzhen and Shijun, and the two fall in love. However, Shijun's parents in Nanjing have planned for him to marry wealthy Cuizhi, who instead becomes romantically attracted to Shuhui. What will happened between those lovers in the end?

  • Executioners [30 September 1993]

    In a post-nuclear world, three superpowered women fight an evil genius controlling the government and the water supply.

  • Fight Back to School [14 December 1991 (South Korea)]

    Fight Back To School is a 1991 Hong Kong comedy film directed by Gordon Chan and starring Stephen Chow. This movie is set in Shatin College, Hong Kong. It was Hong Kong's highest-grossing film of 1991. It was followed by sequels Fight Back to School II and Fight Back to School III.

  • Fight Back to School III [14 January 1993]

    Undercover cop Stephen Chow impersonates the slain husband of shady lady Anita Mui.

  • From Ashes to Ashes [2000 (Hong Kong)]

  • Happy Ding Dong [1986]

  • House of Flying Daggers [8 September 2006 (India)]

    A police captain breaks a dancer of a rebel group out of prison to help her rejoin her fellow members. He gains her trust only to use her to lead him to the new leader of the organisation.

  • Jackie Chan: My Story [17 July 1998]

  • July Rhapsody [14 March 2002 (Hong Kong)]

    High school teacher Lam Yiu-Kwok (Jacky Cheung) is in the midst of a midlife crisis. His wife, Man-Ching (Anita Mui), has been unfaithful; his friends are reaping the rewards of successful business careers while he earns a comparatively meager salary at an unglamorous job; and one of his young students, Choy-Lam (Karena Lam), has fallen for him. When Man-Ching leaves for a month to help her former lover, a jealous Yiu-Kwok is tempted to retaliate by pursuing an affair with Choy-Lam.… MORE

  • Justice, My Foot! [20 June 1992]

    A lawyer's notoriety impacts his ability to have a family, but after a wealthy man's son murders someone, the shyster, Sung, gets the killer off the hook, then retires to make amends for his own wrongdoings.

  • Last Song in Paris [4 October 1986]

    Last Song in Paris is a 1986 Hong Kong romance film written and directed by Chor Yuen and starring Leslie Cheung, Anita Mui, Joey Wong and Cecilia Yip

  • Let's Make Laugh [2 September 1983 (Hong Kong)]

    A security guard is assigned to guard a house while the owner is away.

  • Let's Sing Along [6 December 2001]

    A woman (Anita Mui) seeks the help of a musically inclined co-worker (Dayo Wong) to help her overcome her fear of singing in public.

  • Lucky Diamond [Yuen Cheung-yan]

    Anita Mui reluctantly shares office space with private eye Alex in a comedy of gangsters, insurance fraud, and diamonds.

  • Mad, Mad 83 [1983]

    Mad, Mad 83 is a 1983 Hong Kong Shaw Brothers comedy film directed by Chor Yuen. It is the debut film of actor Tony Leung Chiu-wai. The film grossed HK $5,301,780 at the box office.

  • Midnight Fly [12 July 2001]

  • Miracles []

  • Moon Warriors [19 December 1992]

    A fisherman (Andy Lau) tries to help a betrayed prince (Kenny Bee) but winds up falling in love with the nobleman's fiancee (Anita Mui).

  • My Father is a Hero [8 February 1995]

    Kung Wei, a police officer, infiltrates a terrorist gang to understand their plan. Things go wrong during his mission and he ends up jeopardizing his son's life.

  • One Husband Too Many [Anthony Chan]

  • Qing chun chai guan [Kar-Hung Yau]

  • Rouge [5 December 1987 (Taiwan)]

    Fleur (Anita Mui) is a highly sought-after courtesan working the bordellos of 1930s Hong Kong when she meets Chan (Leslie Cheung), the heir to a successful pharmacy franchise, and they fall in love. Chan risks losing the support and rank of his family by staying with Fleur, however, so they agree to meet in the afterlife after a suicide pact. When Fleur can't find Chan, she decides to return to the living half a century later to search for her missing lover.… MORE

  • Rumble in the Bronx [21 January 1995 (Hong Kong)]

    Keung, a Hong Kong policeman, travels to New York for his uncle's wedding, but he ends up befriending a local gang to bring down an evil criminal syndicate.

  • Saviour of the Soul [19 December 1991 (Hong Kong)]

    A cloaked assassin devastates two different centuries of palace guards and policemen.

  • Scared Stiff [6 March 1987]

    A man find he has the ability to read people's dreams after a serious car accident. He uses his gift to help the police to solve a murder.

  • Shanghai, Shanghai [26 January 1990 (South Korea)]

    Little Tiger, an honest cop's little brother causes trouble. A love triangle between Big Tiger and a Chinese revolutionary and a Shanghai socialite develops.

  • The Banquet [30 November 1991]

    The Banquet, also Party of a Wealthy Family, is a 1991 Hong Kong comedy film. It was quickly filmed for a Hong Kong flood relief charity, after the Yangtze River flooded in July of that year, killing over 1,700 people and displacing many more in the eastern and southern regions of mainland China.

  • The Fortune Code [19 January 1990]

    An escaped POW learns that his sweetheart is now a member of the Chinese resistance. He returns to the camp to rescue a captive agent who has the password for a Swiss bank account intended for the Chinese army.

  • The Greatest Lover [1988]

  • The Happy Bigamist [Anthony Chan]

    A hapless husband gets more than he bargained for when his first wife decides to move in with his new family.

  • The Heroic Trio [12 February 1993 (Hong Kong)]

    In Hong Kong, babies are being kidnapped by the Invisible Woman (Michelle Yeoh) for the Evil Master (Yee Kwan Yan), who plans to raise them to become unbeatable warriors. The Invisible Woman's sister, Tung (Anita Mui), married to the police officer investigating the kidnappings, secretly fights crime as Wonder Woman. When the Invisible Woman reconnects with her sister and her childhood friend, Thief Catcher (Maggie Cheung), they convince her to team up with them to defeat the Evil Master.… MORE

  • The Last Princess of Manchuria [15 August 1992 (Japan)]

    In this biographical drama, the waning Manchurian dynasty crowns a young princess, but she is soon sent away to Japan. Adopting the name Yoshiko Kawashima (Anita Mui), she fully embraces Japanese culture. Exhibiting unusually eccentric and assertive behavior, she begins frequently dressing in men's clothes. Eventually, she marries a Mongolian prince, but has numerous affairs and becomes a Japanese agent, working closely with Chinese nationalist Fook (Andy Lau) back in her unfamiliar homeland.… MORE

  • The Mad Monk [29 July 1993]

    The gods in heaven complain to the Jade Emperor about the malicious practical jokes played on them by Dragon Fighter Lohan.

  • The Magic Crane [19 August 1993 (Hong Kong)]

    A woman (Anita Mui) riding a giant crane rescues a kung-fu initiate who has fallen off a high cliff.

  • The Sensational Pair [Albert Lai]

  • Top Bet [7 March 1991]

    A famous gambler's equally talented sister (Anita Mui) goes up against a fishmonger (Carol Cheng) who pretends to have supernatural abilities.

  • Trouble Couples [13 August 1987]

  • Twin Bracelets [6 June 1991 (Hong Kong)]

    A Chinese woman (Chen Te Jung) plots murder and suicide when her female companion (Hsiao-hui Liu) is pushed into an arranged marriage.

  • Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star [29 February 1996]

    Two souls (Christy Chung, Michael Wong) in heaven are banished to Earth for having a clandestine romance.

  • Who's the Woman, Who's the Man? [15 August 1996 (British Hong Kong)]

    Gender-bending and bisexuality complicate relationships for a songwriter (Leslie Cheung), a vocalist (Anita Yuen) and assorted others.

  • Wu yen [18 January 2001]

    An emperor (Anita Mui) and a fairy enchantress (Cecilia Cheung) vie for the affection of a gifted warrior (Sammi Cheng).

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FAQs About Anita Mui

What is birthdate of Anita Mui?

- 10 October 1963.

What is BirthPlace of Anita Mui?

- British Hong Kong.

What is Nationality of Anita Mui?

- .

What is Height of Anita Mui?

- 1.68 m.

What is Age of Anita Mui?

- 60.

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