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Gigi Lai is a Hong Kong actress and Cantopop singer. Lai was under a contract with the television station TVB and she retired in October 2008

Gigi Lai
Name : Gigi Lai
Birth Date : 01 October 1971
Birth Place : British Hong Kong
Nationality :
Height : 1.65 m
Occupation : Actress

She is popularly nicknamed by the Hong Kong media as the "Goddess of Beauty".

Gigi Lai Movies and TV Shows

  • 24 Hours Ghost Story [24 April 1997]

  • A Wicked Ghost [1999]

    A young man and a drama teacher must find the source of a hateful ghost's rage before it's too late.

  • A Wicked Ghost III: The Possession [2002]

    A film producer's assistant finds a tablet in an outdoor filming location and takes it with her to prevent it from being damaged. After strange things start happening to the crew, she realises that there is a vengeful spirit attached to the tablet.

  • All's Well, Ends Well 1997 [6 February 1997]

    The youngest of the three Shang brothers falls for a well-executed prank when his siblings convince him that he has won the lottery.

  • Born to Be King [2 September 2000 (South Korea)]

    Someone thinks a gang member (Jordan Chan) should not marry the daughter of the leader of a different group.

  • Cause We Are So Young [1997]

    Three men have unforgettable encounters as they wind their way through the maze of modern relationships.

  • Destination: 9th Heaven [Wong Chun-Man]

    A father (Winston Chao) and daughter (Tony Leung Ka Fai) struggle with relationships as China regains control of Hong Kong.

  • Devil Face, Angel Heart [2002]

    A disfigured man (Daniel Wu) decides to turn against his boss, a vicious gangster.

  • Dix jours pour s'aimer [2011]

  • Dragon in Jail [27 September 1990 (Hong Kong)]

    Dragon in Jail is a 1990 Hong Kong action film directed by Kent Cheng and starring Andy Lau, Kenny Ho and Gigi Lai.

  • Fist Power [25 March 2000 (South Korea)]

    Fist Power is a 2000 Hong Kong action film directed by Aman Chang, starring Chiu Man-cheuk, Anthony Wong, Gigi Lai and Sam Lee. Shooting for the film took place in Hong Kong between February and March 1999. The film was released in Hong Kong theatres on 21 January 2000.

  • For Bad Boys Only [15 December 2000 (Hong Kong)]

    A man's missing girlfriend resembles a woman seen in an expensive nightclub.

  • Gau sing biu choi [1998]

    A magistrate and his brothers try to implement sin and romance in the virtuous town of Rainbow Village, where they eventually come into conflict over the attentions of a beautiful young village girl, Zhi Yun.

  • Happy Ghost II [18 July 1985 (Hong Kong)]

    A schoolteacher with supernatural powers becomes his mischievous students' favourite target.

  • Haunted Mansion [1998]

    A man (Anthony Wong) takes a week off to help his wife (Gigi Lai) move into their vacation home, only to discover the house is actually a gateway to hell.

  • Heung Gong dai yat hung chak [Lai Chi To]

  • Kung Fu Cult Master [18 December 1993]

    Mo Kei is caught between two factions fighting for possession of swords that will make their owner the Supreme Master of Martial Arts in this fantastic Kung Fu fantasy.

  • Lau long che sai kai bui [Adrian Kwan]

  • Man Wanted 3 [Sam Shu-Pui Ho]

  • News Heart [2003]

    Discovering a tricky news item, reporters must choose between the audience and integrity.

  • O Poder dos Punhos [Aman Chang]

  • Okinawa Rendez-vous [28 July 2000]

    Okinawa Rendezvous is a 2000 Hong Kong romantic comedy film produced and directed by Gordon Chan, and starring Leslie Cheung, Faye Wong, Tony Leung Ka-fai and Gigi Lai.

  • Queen of Underworld [1991]

    The life and loves of Hong Kong's top mama-san; from teenage dim sum seller to purveyor of other delicacies.

  • Raped by an Angel 5: The Final Judgement [Billy Tang]

    Five women must get revenge against a serial rapist before he escapes.

  • Return to Dark [13 April 2000]

    A crazy plan to rob an underground casino is hatched by four seemingly unconnected men.

  • Sam yuen yi ma [Julian Lee]

    Young people seek relationships throughout their lonely urban existence.

  • Song of China [1935]

    Temptations and a nasty wife complicate a son's efforts to honor his parents.

  • Spiritual Trinity [Ng Min Kan]

    A ghost escapes from its confines to possess a woman.

  • Street of Fury [24 August 1996]

    A laid-back man and his impulsive brother clash with the ghetto community in Hong Kong.

  • Super Energetic Man []

    A brutish lifeguard (Tsui Kam-Kong) bullies women and fights a hero (Edmond Leung) who gains strength by eating a canned weed.

  • Team of Miracle: We Will Rock You [2009]

  • The Dark Side of My Mind [2003]

  • The Family Strikes Back [27 March 1986]

    The Family Strikes Back is a 1986 Hong Kong action comedy film produced, directed by and starring Dean Shek.

  • The Legend of the Flying Swordsman [2000]

    A drunkard (Dave Wang) tries to change his ways to please his unhappy wife (Gigi Lai-Chi).

  • The Master Swordsman Returns [2002]

  • The Queen of Gamble [Sang Siu]

    A card sharp (Do Do Cheng) and her cousin (Aaron Kwok) join forces to get a casino owner's money back from a cunning con woman (Sibelle Hu).

  • The Three Lustketeers [1998]

  • Theft Under the Sun [1997]

    An undercover cop loses sight of his true identity when the gangsters become his friends and the cops become his enemies.

  • Til Death Do Us Laugh [Joe Ma]

  • To Live and Die in Tsimshatsui [1994]

    After infiltrating a dangerous gang, a Hong Kong policeman (Jacky Cheung) questions which side of the law is right.

  • To Where He Belongs [Ally Wong]

    Two brothers are unaware that they have both fallen in love with the same terminally ill woman.

  • Troublesome Night 6 [9 February 1999]

    Two cops (Louis Koo, Simon Loui) investigate the mysterious deaths of a woman and two newspaper photographers.

  • United We Stand [10 October 1986]

    United We Stand is a 1986 Hong Kong teen motivational film directed by Kent Cheng, it stars Olivia Cheng, Fennie Yuen, Gigi Lai and Bonnie Law.The film ran in theaters from 10 October 1986 to 16 October 1986.

  • Yam yeung lo 6: Hung chow hon [Herman Yau]

  • Yan tai pin tou [Laurence Yuk-Fai Ma]

  • Ye sheng huo nu wang - Ba jie chuan qi [Sherman Wong]

  • Young and Dangerous [25 January 1996 (Hong Kong)]

    Teenage gangster action as lifelong friends are caught on opposite sides of a Hong Kong turf war.

  • Young and Dangerous 2 [18 May 1996 (South Korea)]

    Chicken is back in exile. Hung Hing, a triad, is trying to ally with Chicken's new group, the Taiwanese triad San Luen. A contest is on in Hong Kong. The winner will head the Causeway Bay branch.

  • Young and Dangerous 3 [29 June 1996]

    A sadistic gangster challenges members (Cheng Yee Kin, Jordan Chan) of the Hung Hing triad for control of their turf.

  • Young and Dangerous 5 [22 January 1998]

    Pressure from a policeman (Danny Lee) and other forces prompt a Hong Kong hoodlum (Dior Cheng) to reform and become a responsible branch chief.

  • Yuk chung lung [Kent Cheng]

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FAQs About Gigi Lai

What is birthdate of Gigi Lai?

- 01 October 1971.

What is BirthPlace of Gigi Lai?

- British Hong Kong.

What is Nationality of Gigi Lai?

- .

What is Height of Gigi Lai?

- 1.65 m.

What is Age of Gigi Lai?

- 52.

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