Name : Anusree
Birth Date :30 July 1990
Birth Place :Kamukumchery
Nationality :NA

Anusree Nair, known mononymously as Anusree, is an Indian actress who appears in Malayalam films. She made her acting debut in the 2012 film Diamond Necklace and has acted in a number of Malayalam films in female lead roles.

Anusree Movies and TV Shows

  • Aadhi []

  • Aanakkallan [18 October 2018 (India)]

    Esthappan, a policeman, marries Nancy without her parents' blessings. When he gets a case, he seeks a con man's help and also sees it as an opportunity to form a relationship with Nancy's family.

  • Angry Babies in Love [2 December 2016 (India)]

    Two school-going brothers seem to exhibit the same level of patriotism their military father possessed when they decide to follow a potential lead on a terrorist, but for personal reasons.

  • Ashoka [1 February 2008 (India)]

    A master plan is hatched to assassinate the nation's Prime Minister. An honest commando, Ashoka, makes it his mission to save and protect the PM at all costs and foils every attempt on his life.

  • Autorsha [23 November 2018]

    In Kannur, Anitha tries to earn a living as an autorickshaw driver. Soon, she embarks on several adventures as she meets different passengers every day.

  • Chandrettan Evideya [1 May 2015]

    Sushama is upset when an astrologer tells her that her husband was in love with a dancer in his previous birth. Her worries turn real when he gets close to Geetanjali, a dancer.

  • Daivame Kaithozham K. Kumarakanam [12 January 2018]

    Krishna Kumar, an idler, swaps roles with his hardworking wife as a challenge, in the presence of God. However, their lives turn upside down as God refuses to let them go back to their normal routine.

  • Diamond Necklace [4 May 2012 (India)]

    In Dubai, a high-flying oncologist finds himself in trouble when creditors come calling. His inability to pay up colours his relationships with betrayal.

  • Ithihasa [10 October 2014]

    Problems start brewing in the lives of a petty thief, Alvy, and a software engineer, Janaki, when their bodies get swapped as they both accidentally wear a ring.

  • Kochavva Paulo Ayyappa Coelho [9 September 2016 (India)]

    Ayyappa, a schoolchild, strongly wishes to travel by airplanes. A swimming trainer helps the child achieve his dream through his optimistic and practical ways.

  • Kuruthem Kettavan [Shiju Cherupannur]

    A guy who is a little rough around the edges falls in love with a sweet woman and wishes to marry her. However, when they tell her parents that they want to be married, the parents do not give their blessing.

  • Left Right Left [14 June 2013 (India)]

    Roy and his friends expose the misdeeds of Sahadevan, a corrupt politician, and soon the friends are found murdered. Later, when Roy dies of an illness, Jayan discovers Roy and Sahadevan's past.

  • Madhuraraja [12 April 2019]

    Raja, a lionhearted man, heads to the village of Pambinthurthu to protect the people who are being terrorised by a local criminal and illegal liquor merchant, Nadeshan.

  • Maheshinte Prathikaaram [5 February 2016 (India)]

    Mahesh, a photographer, gets beaten up by a stranger when he tries to solve an issue in his village. He sets out to take revenge on the stranger as he feels insulted after the incident.

  • Manglish [27 July 2014 (India)]

    Malik Bhai, a local fish merchant operating from the Cochin port, comes across Michelle, an English woman. Although he decides to help her, his poor English-speaking skills create a hurdle for him.

  • My Life Partner [30 May 2014 (India)]

    Boyfriends Richard and Kiran turn lovers as they are emotionally very attached. However, trouble begins to brew when they want a child in their lives, and so Richard ends up marrying a woman.

  • My Santa [25 December 2019 (India)]

    After losing her parents in an accident, Isa lives with her grandfather, who tells her stories of Santa Claus to cheer her up. Soon, Santa arrives to meet her, making her wishes come true.

  • Naku Penta Naku Taka [16 June 2014 (India)]

    Shubha, who is from a middle-class family, wants to marry someone who is settled in America. She ends up marrying a person who is settled in Kenya and finds it difficult to adjust to her new life.

  • Oppam [8 September 2016 (India)]

    A retired judge faces difficulty keeping his daughter safe from a convict he imprisoned. Later, when he gets murdered, a man with visual impairment who was loyal to him tries to defend his daughter.

  • Oru Cinemakkaran [24 June 2017 (India)]

    Alby and Sara start facing financial problems after they get married. In order to make ends meet, Alby thoughtlessly commits a crime, which leads to many problems.

  • Panchavarnathatha [14 April 2018 (India)]

    MLA Kalesh attempts to get the eccentric pet dealer, Vijayan, and his animals away from the locality but is forced to let him move them into his house.

  • Pedithondan [29 July 2014]

    Rajeev is a young villager, whose life changes when he is asked to perform Theyyam, a ritual dance. He, however, is afraid of the ritual and runs away from the village in order to escape it.

  • Prathi Poovankozhi [20 December 2019]

    An ordinary saleswoman, who lives alone with her mother, refuses to suffer in silence and sets out in search of a sexual predator, with unexpected consequences.

  • Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum [9 August 2013 (India)]

    Gopan, a tourist guide, issues a statement against his rival, Kuriyachan, regarding a human trafficking case. However, the latter comes after him to exact revenge but Gopan manages to defeat him.

  • Raja Narasimha [Vysakh]

  • Rajaa Narasimha [Vysakh]

  • Rajamma @ Yahoo [13 June 2014 (India)]

    Jamboo Savari is a 2014 Kannada criminal comedy film starring Prajwal Devaraj and Nikki Galrani in the lead role. The film is directed by K. C. Venugopal and produced by Hari Prasad Rao under HPR Entertainment Pvt Limited banner. The music for the film is composed by S. Premkumar. It was released on 13 June 2014.

  • Red Wine [21 March 2013 (India)]

    Ratheesh Vasudevan, an experienced police officer, discovers a series of secrets about the life of Anoop, a young theatre artist, after he is found murdered.

  • Safe [18 October 2019 (India)]

    A social activist called Arundhati starts SAFE, a public movement to protect women, children, and the elderly. Shreya opens a Pandora's box of sexual abuse cases that incriminate a very famous celebrity.

  • Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen [12 May 2017 (India)]

    Saravanan, a lazy, jobless youth ends up as the local political head due to a comedy of errors. He then uses his political powers to woo a girl.

  • Seconds [5 December 2014]

    After a murder occurs in the elevator of a city apartment, the police decide to go in search of four people who were present at the murder.

  • Ulta [6 December 2019]

    A utopian town managed by women discounts the festering resentment of their menfolk, whose devious plans unleash chaos and infighting in their little paradise.

  • Valappottukal [3 February 2017 (India)]

    Jabbar, a gravedigger, decides to get his young daughter Shabnam married into a rich family. However, her teacher Sajeevan tries to oppose the match.

  • Vedivazhipadu [12 December 2013 (India)]

    Three married men, who are friends, are frustrated with their marital life and plan to indulge in alcohol with a woman during the festival of Pongala.

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QA About Anusree

What is birthdate of Anusree?

- 30 July 1990.

What is BirthPlace of Anusree?

- Kamukumchery.

What is Nationality of Anusree?

- NA.

What is Height of Anusree?

- NA.

What is Age of Anusree?

- 30.

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