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Shobana Chandrakumar Pillai, better known mononymously as Shobana, is an Indian film actress and bharatanatyam dancer. She acts predominantly in Malayalam language, in addition to Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada and English language films

Name : Shobana
Birth Date : 21 March 1970
Birth Place : Thiruvananthapuram
Nationality :
Height : 1.68 m
Occupation : Actress

Shobana Movies and TV Shows

  • Abhinandana [1 January 1988 (India)]

    Rani, an aspiring dancer, is in love with Raja, a singer and painter. Fate forces her into a marriage with her widower brother-in-law, but years later, the former lovers meet.

  • Alludugaru [14 April 1991 (India)]

    Prabhakaran, an Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer, is sent to Sathyamangalam to nab the notorious smuggler, Veerabhadran. He was not only going to nab him, but also avenge the death of his friend.

  • Anantaram [1 October 1987 (India)]

    Ajayan gets sexually attracted to his brother's wife and this creates trouble for him. However, his life changes for the better when another girl enters his life.

  • Anubandham [29 March 1985]

    The life of Sunandha, a poor widow, turns around after she starts a kindergarten with the help of her silent admirer. But things become complicated because of a tragic event.

  • Apna Asmaan [7 September 2007 (India)]

    A couple imposes their dreams on their mildly autistic child only to later feel distraught at its consequences.

  • Appula Appa Rao [1991 (India)]

    Apparao, who makes a living by borrowing loans, happens to meet Subbalakshmi and falls for her. However, he is in a fix when an astrologer predicts Subbalakshmi's death if she marries him.

  • April 1 Vidudala [1 February 1991]

    Young Divakaram, a habitual liar, takes up the challenge of transforming himself into an honest man in order to win the heart of his lover, Bhuvaneshwari.

  • April 18 [12 April 1984]

    Pilla, a police officer, marries Shobana, a woman from a rich family. Their marital bliss shatters when she begins to doubt his loyalty.

  • Aryan [16 July 1987]

    Rajalakshmi raises Ramu, an orphan, as her own son who in turn always protects his foster family. However, he must stop his malicious foster brothers from marrying off their real sister to a gangster.

  • Dance Like A Man [1 May 2004]

    A middle-aged couple want their daughter (Anoushka Shankar) to follow in their footsteps and become a dancer.

  • Dhwani [25 December 1988]

    Shabari falls in love with Devi and decides to get married to her. However, he and his parents are in for a shock when they learn that Devi is speech impaired.

  • Enakkul Oruvan [23 April 1984]

    Madan, a disco dancer, finds his life partner in Kalpana, a classical dancer. When Madan starts getting strange visions, he is advised to go on a trip where he learns about his tormented past.

  • Golanthara Vartha [23 December 1993]

    Rameshan Nair, a grocery shop owner, fights against corruption in his village. He gets Rajani fired from her job but realizes his mistake and tries to get the job and accommodation back for her.

  • He Is Our Man [5 August 1988]

    Gopalsamy, a poor graduate, pretends to be of a higher caste to end his financial problems. Problems arise when Banu falls in love with him and gets married to him without realising his real identity.

  • Hitler [12 April 1996 (India)]

    Madhavan, an eligible bachelor, is very protective of his five sisters. However, things take an ugly turn for Madhavan when his sisters turn against him and fail to understand his love for them.

  • Innale [1990]

    A victim of an accident forgets her past and is not able to recall her identity. She falls in love with a man who provides her security and helps her start her life afresh.

  • Kalikkalam [22 June 1990]

    An orphan steals from the rich, who have used illegal means to earn their money, and gives it to the poor. When this becomes a routine in the city, a new inspector is assigned to arrest him.

  • Kaliyoonjal [1997]

    Nandagopal raises his epileptic sister, Ammu, after their parents' death. He gets her married to Venu without telling him about her illness but it comes to light soon and creates problems for them.

  • Kanamarayathu [27 July 1984]

    Sherly, an orphan, falls in love with Roy not knowing that he is her financial supporter. But Roy keeps his distance from her due to their age gap.

  • Kochadaiiyaan [3 December 2010 (India)]

    A group of sixty-four fearless and courageous youngsters led by Surya Sen, a teacher, plan a revolution against the British Empire.

  • Kokila [1990]

    Movie starring Naresh, Shobana, Sarath Babu, Geetha, Nassar and is directed by Geetha Krishna.

  • Kumkumacheppu [1 August 1996 (India)]

    Indu, who is doubtful about everything, gets married to Madhu. Soon, she begins to believe that he has intimate relationships with several women.

  • Makalkku [March 2005 (India)]

    A mentally ill woman gives birth to Manasi, who is raised in the mental asylum by Dr Warrier. However, despite his efforts to adopt Manasi, she is taken away by the state social welfare department.

  • Manichitrathazhu []

  • Maya Mayooram [1993]

    Nanda is devastated when her fiance dies unexpectedly in an accident. However, things change for her when she meets his twin brother who turns out to be in love with Bhadra, an orphan girl.

  • Mazhayethum Munpe [31 March 1995 (India)]

    After their forced wedding, Shruthi confesses to Nandkumar of meeting his fiancee, Uma and insulting her. Nandkumar leaves the house and is rescued by his friend who brings him back to Uma.

  • Meleparambil Anveedu [1993]

    Owing to their secret marriage, Harikrishnan is forced to keep Pavizham as his maid. However, when his parents discover her pregnancy, they decide to dismiss her from the job.

  • Mere Baap Pehle Aap [18 November 2016 (India)]

    ACP Yashwardhan, a dutiful and honest police officer, teams up with RAW agent Kamaljit Kaur to expose an inside informer who leaks sensitive information to a foreign agency targeting the RAW agents.

  • Minnaram [17 February 2006 (India)]

    Four friends decide to start an underground club that lets youngsters fight against each other for money. However, things take a turn after a man gets killed and they are charged with the crime.

  • Minor Raja [1991]

    Raja is a Casanova who is in love with Laxmi. She rejects him due to his reputation. He gets married to Sita who turns him into a gentleman. Later, Laxmi develops feelings for him. What does she do?

  • Mitr - My Friend [21 February 2002 (India)]

    Lakshmi seeks friendship on a social networking site after being neglected by her husband. Meanwhile, her daughter misunderstands her of having an affair with their neighbour.

  • Nadodikkattu [6 May 1987 (India)]

    After losing their jobs, Dasan and Vijayan decide to go to Dubai to try their luck. But they end up in a different location, where they are mistaken for crime investigation officers.

  • Pakshe [1994]

    To save his poor family, Balachandran marries a girl from an affluent family. As he sacrifices his childhood love in the process, he leads a life of regret and despair.

  • Pappayude Swantham Appoos [4 September 1992 (India)]

    The sudden death of his mother leaves Appu, a young boy, shattered. Moreover, his relationship with his father begins to fall apart after he befriends Meenakshi, who takes care of him like his son.

  • Pavithram [4 February 1994]

    Unni's personal and professional life is at stake when his mother gives birth to a child while his marriage is fixed with Meera, a beautiful woman. However, he steps up to raise his new-born sister.

  • Podaa Podi [18 April 2014 (India)]

    Moneykandan is upset over the loss of his job when he finds a box with INR five crores in it. Little does he know that the money is a part of a settlement between two dangerous men.

  • Rajaputhran [1996]

    Anand, a professional wildlife photographer, is forced to look after his father's business affairs after he dies. However, a string of unpleasant experiences leaves him in a dreary situation.

  • Rudraveena [4 March 1988 (India)]

    Suryam, the son of a great musician wishes to change society through his music but the father does not like his ways and Suryam leaves home only to be felicitated by the Govt.of India for his efforts.

  • Sagar Alias Jacky Reloaded [9 December 2006 (India)]

    After receiving severe punishment from his father, the eldest son of a family runs away. Several years later, he returns back home with a feeling of remorse.

  • Sasneham [1990]

    Thomas and Saraswathy get married but their parents disapprove of their relationship due to the difference in religion. Influenced by their families, the couple gets separated after giving birth.

  • Siva [5 May 1989 (India)]

    Siva and John, two best friends, get separated due to the atrocities of a gangster. Siva becomes Tiger and fights injustice, while John is hired by a mafia leader to kill Siva.

  • Sradha [7 July 2000 (India)]

    Ganga Prasad, a daring IPS officer, is on the trail of a terrorist group led by Lucifer Munna and Janisha. He soon attracts the affections of Swapna despite being happily married with a son.

  • T. P. Balagopalan M. A. [11 February 1986]

    Balagopalan, an educated man, strives to save his earnings for his sister's marriage. He also deals with responsibilities towards his family in a society that is ailing from widespread unemployment.

  • Thalapathi [25 November 1991 (India)]

    Surya, a courageous man who was raised in the slums, fights for the rights of the poor. However, he becomes friends with Deva who hires him as his commander and changes his life completely.

  • Thenmavin Kombath [23 January 1994]

    Sreekrishnan unknowingly falls in love with the woman his best friend, Manikyan, loves. Though Sreekrishnan tries his best to woo her, she resists, leading to a battle that ensues between the friends.

  • Thira [14 November 2013 (India)]

    A human trafficking ring kidnaps a group of girls from a destitute shelter run by Dr Rohini. She sets out to search for them, with the help of Naveen, a youth whose sister has also been abducted.

  • Ulladakkam [1991]

    Doctor Sunny, a psychiatrist, is engaged to Annie. However, when he helps a patient, Reshma, recover from trauma, she develops an obsession with him.

  • Varane Avashyamund [7 February 2020 (India)]

    Nina, a french tutor and single mother, lives with her daughter who is trying to find a groom for herself. Soon, their lives change when a retired army major and a young man move into their building.

  • Vasthuhara [1991]

    A Movie starring Mohan Lal, Neelanjana Mitra, Neena Gupta, Padmini. Directed by Aravindan.

  • With Fire As Witness [3 July 1999]

    Devaki marries Unni, who belongs to a conservative Brahmin family. Unfortunately, both of them are forced to follow customs that confine them to their house.

  • Yathra []

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FAQs About Shobana

What is birthdate of Shobana?

- 21 March 1970.

What is BirthPlace of Shobana?

- Thiruvananthapuram.

What is Nationality of Shobana?

- .

What is Height of Shobana?

- 1.68 m.

What is Age of Shobana?

- 53.

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