Bae Doona

Bae Doona
Name : Bae Doona
Bae Doona
Birth Date :11 October 1979
Birth Place :Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Nationality :South Korean
Height:1.71 m

Bae Doona is a South Korean actress and photographer. She became known outside Korea for her roles as a political activist in Park Chan-wooks Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, archer Park Nam-joo in Bong Joon-hos The Host, and as an inflatable sex doll-come-to-life in Hirokazu Koreedas Air Doll.

Bae Doona Movies and TV Shows

  • #iamhere [14 December 2019 (France)]

    A French chef travels to Seoul, South Korea, to spend time with the mysterious woman he met on social media.

  • A Girl at My Door [22 May 2014 (South Korea)]

    A young police officer is sent to work in a small village and takes in a teenager to protect her from her abusive stepfather.

  • Air Doll [26 September 2009 (Portugal)]

    Air Doll is a 2009 Japanese drama film directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda. It is based on the manga series Kuuki Ningyo by Yoshiie Gōda, which was serialized in the seinen manga magazine Big Comic Original, and is about an inflatable doll that develops a consciousness and falls in love.

  • As One [16 April 2012 (South Korea)]

    Pingpong stars Hyun Jung-hwa of South Korea and Li Bun-hui of North Korea form a team and a friendship, then their team is suddenly split up. The two players vow to prove to the world that their team can surpass their nations' painful history.

  • Barking Dogs Never Bite [19 February 2000 (South Korea)]

    Frustrated with loud barking, an academic (Sung-jae Lee) wages war against dogs in his apartment building.

  • Cloud Atlas [26 October 2012 (India)]

    Six individuals belonging to different generations go on an emotional ride while exploring how human actions impact the lives of their loved ones in this ever-changing world.

  • Doomsday Book [11 April 2012 (South Korea)]

    Doomsday Book is a 2012 South Korean science-fiction anthology film directed by Kim Jee-woon and Yim Pil-sung. It tells three unique stories of human self-destruction in the modern high-tech era, while displaying an alternative form of genuine humanity and compassion.

  • Jupiter Ascending [6 February 2015 (India)]

    Jupiter Jones works as a servant and cleans other people's houses. Her life changes when Caine, an ex-military hunter, informs her that she must fight to protect the Earth from a destructive force.

  • Linda Linda Linda [23 July 2005 (Japan)]

    Japanese teenagers (Aki Maeda, Yû Kashii, Shiori Sekine) recruit a Korean exchange student to become the singer of their rock band.

  • Plum Blossom [14 October 2000 (South Korea)]

    Plum Blossom is a 2000 South Korean coming-of-age film written and directed by Kwak Ji-kyoon.

  • Saving My Hubby [11 October 2002 (South Korea)]

    Geum-sun, a former volleyball star, is married to a clumsy husband and has a baby daughter. She struggles to adjust to her boring life until kidnappers call claiming they have her husband and demand money for booze.

  • Spring Bears Love [16 July 2003 (South Korea)]

    A lonely shopgirl (Bae Doo-na) tries to discover who wrote a series of love letters on the pages of some art books.

  • Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance [29 March 2002 (South Korea)]

    Deaf-mute Ryu (Shin Ha-kyun) has just been fired from his job in a Seoul, South Korea, factory, and the timing couldn't be worse. His sister (Lim Ji-Eun) is suffering from kidney trouble, and she needs a transplant that Ryu himself can't provide. Ryu and his girlfriend (Bae Doo-na) then kidnap the daughter of wealthy tycoon Park (Song Kang-ho) to raise the money, but an unexpected disaster strikes, and Park launches a bloody quest for revenge that leaves many dead and puts Ryu's life in danger.… MORE

  • Take Care of My Cat [13 October 2001 (South Korea)]

    Five girls in the South Korean port city of Incheon graduate from high school and struggle to keep their friendship alive, even as adulthood forces them down separate paths. Hae-Jo (Ji-young Ok) takes a job in the financial world, while Ji-young becomes withdrawn following a family tragedy. Twin sisters are satisfied peddling junk jewelry on the street. And despite the best efforts of Tae-hee (Bae Doo-na) to keep everyone together, the girls become increasingly distant.… MORE

  • The Drug King [19 December 2018 (South Korea)]

    In the 1970s, a petty smuggler in Busan joins the illicit drug trade and rises to the top of the Japanese narcotics trade.

  • The Host [19 April 2013 (India)]

    Parasitic aliens take over the bodies of humans and erase their memories. Melanie must do everything she can to protect herself and her loved ones from this calamity.

  • The Ring Virus [12 June 1999 (South Korea)]

    A reporter (Eun-Kyung Shin) will die in seven days unless she can unravel the mystery of a cursed videotape.

  • Tube [5 June 2003 (South Korea)]

    A terrorist (Park Sang-min) hijacks a Korean subway train and rigs it to explode if authorities cut the power.

  • Tunnel [25 August 2016 (Australia)]

    A car salesman (Ha Jung-woo) fights for survival inside a collapsed tunnel while rescue workers race against time to free him.

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QA About Bae Doona

What is birthdate of Bae Doona?

- 11 October 1979.

What is BirthPlace of Bae Doona?

- Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

What is Nationality of Bae Doona?

- South Korean .

What is Height of Bae Doona?

- 1.71 m.

What is Age of Bae Doona?

- 41.

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