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Christina Ricci is an American actress and producer. She is known for playing unconventional characters with a dark edge

Christina Ricci
Name : Christina Ricci
Birth Date : 12 February 1980
Birth Place : Santa Monica, California, United States
Nationality :
Height : 1.55 m
Occupation : Actress

Christina Ricci Movies and TV Shows

  • 10 Things We Should Do Before We Break Up [21 February 2020 (USA)]

    Sparks fly when a self-sufficient single mother meets a magnetic perennial bachelor. On their first date, they collaborate -- in jest -- on the ultimate list: 10 things to do together before they break up. But when fate intervenes, they soon embark on the most challenging journey of all -- building a family together, and the chance to trade their cynicism for hope.… MORE

  • 200 Cigarettes [26 February 1999 (USA)]

    The magic of New Year's Eve arouses a feeling of sentimental recollection and uncertainty of the future, pushing seven people to make a pact, divulge a secret, break up, hook up or get in trouble.

  • Addams Family Values [19 November 1993 (USA)]

    Family members of a strange household try to rescue Uncle Fester from his gold-digging wife who also happens to be a serial killer whose speciality is killing rich men to collect their inheritance.

  • After.Life [7 November 2009]

    Anna is stunned when she sees her own body being prepared for funeral by undertaker Eliot. Caught between the transition process of death and afterlife, she tries to find her way back into life.

  • All Over the Guy [10 August 2001]

    A contemporary romantic comedy about the quest to find the "one" when the "one" doesn't know he's the "one." "All Over the Guy" explores the unlikely pairing of Eli (Dan Bucatinsky) and Tom (Richard Ruccolo), two twentysomethings thrown together by their respective best friends, Jackie (Sasha Alexander) and Brett (Adam Goldberg), in an attempt to ignite their own romance. While Jackie and Brett are falling in love, Eli and Tom are stumbling away from it.… MORE

  • Alpha and Omega [16 September 2010 (Ukraine)]

    Wolves Kate and Humphrey belong to two rival packs in a park. When they're captured and sent away, they must help each other return. But their growing affection could cause more trouble back home.

  • Anything Else [19 September 2003 (USA)]

    Jerry Falk is an aspiring writer in New York who falls in love at first sight with a free-spirited young woman named Amanda. Jerry has heard the phrase that life is like `anything else', but he soon finds that life with the unpredictable Amanda isn't like anything else at all.

  • Around the Block [2013 (USA)]

    An American teacher (Christina Ricci) in Australia hopes to inspire her at-risk students by launching a version of "Hamlet" with a predominantly Aboriginal cast.

  • Bastard Out of Carolina [15 December 1996 (USA)]

    Anney (Jennifer Jason Leigh), a poor single mother from the rural South, struggles to raise her young daughter, Bone (Jena Malone). They seem to find happiness when Anney marries a kindly man named Lyle (Dermot Mulroney) who treats Bone like his own child. However, after Lyle is killed in an automobile accident, Anney remarries to the hotheaded Glen (Ron Eldard), who abuses Bone physically and sexually, and begins to tear the once tight-knit family apart.… MORE

  • Bel Ami [31 August 2012 (India)]

    After returning from the war, Georges, a cash-strapped soldier, travels to Paris and manipulates some of the city's most influential and affluent women to climb up the social and financial ladder.

  • Black Snake Moan [13 February 2007 (USA)]

    After her lover (Justin Timberlake) leaves to serve in the military, Rae (Christina Ricci) gives in to her raging libido and leaps into a life of wild abandon. Lazarus (Samuel L. Jackson), a troubled bluesman, finds Rae beaten and left for dead. He takes her in and holds her captive in an attempt to help her find a cure for her affliction.

  • Bless the Child [11 August 2000 (USA)]

    When Maggie's sister Jenna saddles her with an autistic newborn named Cody she touches Maggie's heart and becomes the daughter she has always longed for. But six years later Jenna suddenly re-enters her life and, with her mysterious new husband, Eric Stark, abducts Cody. Despite the fact that Maggie has no legal rights to Cody, FBI agent John Travis, takes up her cause when he realizes that Cody shares the same birth date as several other recently missing children.… MORE

  • Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star [9 September 2011 (USA)]

    Innocent Midwesterner Bucky Larson (Nick Swardson) works in a dead-end job as a grocery bagger and has never even kissed a girl. Obviously, his life is going nowhere. While watching a stag film with his buddies, he discovers that his conservative parents (Edward Herrmann, Miriam Flynn) were once porn stars. Convinced that he has found his true destiny, Bucky heads out to Hollywood to make it big in the adult-film business -- even though his "qualifications" for the job come up short.… MORE

  • Buffalo '66 [2 June 1998 (Italy)]

    Billy kidnaps a young dancer, Layla, and asks her to pretend to be his wife so that he can please his parents. While Layla is initially hesitant, she falls in love with him.

  • Casper [26 May 1995 (USA)]

    Carrigan Crittenden hires paranormal expert Dr James Harvey to exorcise the ghosts from her mansion. The situation changes when Harvey's daughter befriends Casper, a friendly ghost.

  • Cursed [25 February 2005 (Canada)]

    Jimmy and Ellie's lives turn upside down a werewolf attacks them. They realise that the werewolf in question is someone they know and must kill to avoid turning into werewolves themselves.

  • Desert Blue [12 September 1998]

    A young man (Brendan Sexton III) in a desert town is determined to complete his dead father's project, a water slide.

  • Distorted [22 June 2018 (Brazil)]

    Lauren and Russell Curran decide to move away from the bustle of the city and into the peaceful oasis of the Pinnacle, a coveted luxury building that boasts ultramodern design, state-of-the-art features and security systems. But when Lauren starts to suspect that the building has a dark side, she seeks help from Vernon, an investigative journalist who has an interest in cyber conspiracy. Together, they come to believe that the Pinnacle may be brainwashing the unsuspecting residents.… MORE

  • Escaping The Madhouse: The Nellie Bly Story [19 January 2019]

    On a mission to expose the deplorable conditions and mistreatment of patients at the Women's Lunatic Asylum, investigative reporter Nellie Bly feigns mental illness to be institutionalized to report from the inside.

  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas [19 May 1998 (USA)]

    Raoul is a journalist who along with his lawyer head to Las Vegas to cover the mint 400 motorcycle race. Soon pleasure overtakes work and they indulge in a variety of recreational drugs.

  • Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain [3 November 1995]

    Beth and her mother move to the country side. Here she meets Jody; together they solve the mystery of Bear Mountain, Molly Morgan, and the buried treasure, as well as learn about true friendships.

  • Home of the Brave [15 December 2006]

    Four American soldiers return to their homeland from a war. Each of them is traumatized by an incident that they have gone through and face memories of the past as they try to return to civilian life.

  • I Love Your Work [4 November 2005]

    Rising Hollywood star Gray Evans (Giovanni Ribisi) is on the verge of a psychological breakdown. With the mounting attention has come mounting pressure, and everywhere he looks it seems like someone wants a piece of him. To make matters worse, his marriage to fellow actor Mia Lang (Franka Potente) has gone sour. After Evans receives an unusual fan letter, he grows increasingly concerned that its author -- bearded video store clerk John (Joshua Jackson) -- has begun stalking him.… MORE

  • Lizzie Borden Took an Ax [25 January 2014]

    In 1892, Lizzie Borden (Christina Ricci) stands trial for the brutal murder of her father and stepmother.

  • Mermaids [14 December 1990 (USA)]

    Going through troubled times, a single mother, along with her two daughters, relocates to a small town. Here, a number of events challenge and strengthen their familial bonds.

  • Miranda [18 January 2002]

    A librarian begins an affair with a mysterious woman. When she disappears without a trace, he decides to look for her. During his investigation, he finds out that she's living under different guises.

  • Monster [17 December 2003 (USA)]

    Shortly after moving to Florida, longtime prostitute Aileen Wuornos (Charlize Theron) meets young and reserved Selby Wall (Christina Ricci) and a romance blossoms. When a john (Lee Tergesen) attempts to brutalize Aileen, she kills him and resolves to give up prostitution. But supporting herself and her new girlfriend through legitimate means proves extremely difficult, and she soon falls back on old ways. More johns die, and Selby can't help but think her new friend is responsible.… MORE

  • Mothers and Daughters [6 May 2016 (USA)]

    A pregnant photographer (Selma Blair) captures motherhood on film while re-examining her relationship with her estranged mom.

  • New York, I Love You [22 January 2010 (India)]

    The lives of a few New York residents have different stories to tell. Mansukhbhai befriends a Hasidic woman, Rifka. Ben meets his match, Molly, but she already has a boyfriend, Garry.

  • Now and Then [25 November 2009 (USA, South Africa)]

    Two best friends and business partners on the brink of finalising a huge deal are forced to take care of seven-year-old twins and get into a series of misadventures.

  • Pecker [9 October 1998 (Canada)]

    A teenage boy, obsessed with photographing everything he sees around him, is seized upon by an aggressive gallery owner from New York who views the youngster as fresh young talent worth entertaining, but as his success and fame grows, the boy finds himself less welcome in his home town and decides to turn the tables on the elitist art snobs of the city.

  • Penelope [29 February 2008 (USA)]

    A modern day fairy tale whereby a young girl from a mysterious, wealthy family must find true love in order to break a special curse, called the Wilhern spell, which she inherits from her family.

  • Prozac Nation [8 September 2001]

    Based on the best selling novel, set in the mid 1980's before the prevalence of anti-depressants, it follows a young working class woman's (Christina Ricci) bout with depression during her first year at Harvard. The film explores this generation's struggle to navigate the effects of divorce, drugs, sex, and an overbearing mother (Jessica Lange).

  • Pumpkin [28 June 2002 (USA)]

    Carolyn trains a group of mentally challenged athletes to impress the Greek Council. However, she falls in love with the athlete who she is training, evoking strong reactions from her family.

  • Sleepy Hollow [17 November 1999 (USA)]

    Ichabod Crane, a police detective, is sent from the city of New York to Sleepy Hollow to investigate a series of murders committed by the Headless Horseman.

  • Small Soldiers [10 July 1998 (Canada)]

    When missile technology is used to enhance toy action figures, the toys soon begin to take their battle programming too seriously.

  • Speed Racer [28 April 2008 (Berlin)]

    Speed Racer wants to save his family business and be a racing champion. His biggest hurdles are the nefarious owner of Royalton Industries, cheaters, a race-fixing racket and the mysterious Racer X.

  • Teen Titans: The Judas Contract [31 March 2017]

    Brother Blood appoints Deathstroke to capture and bring Teen Titans to him for achieving a godlike stature by draining their unique powers.

  • That Darn Cat [14 February 1997]

    Patti is bored with her sleepy hometown but gets some exctiment when her tomcat, Darn Cat, delivers an important clue in a mysterious kidnapping.

  • The Addams Family [11 October 2019 (USA)]

    Members of the mysterious and spooky Addams family -- Gomez, Morticia, Pugsley, Wednesday, Uncle Fester and Grandma -- are readily preparing for a visit from their even creepier relatives. But trouble soon arises when shady TV personality Margaux Needler realizes that the Addams' eerie hilltop mansion is standing in the way of her dream to sell all the houses in the neighborhood.… MORE

  • The Cemetery Club [3 February 1993]

    After the deaths of their respective husbands, three widows in their mid-fifties gather once a week at their husbands graves and talk about their perspectives in life.

  • The Gathering [17 May 2002]

    Itinerant traveler Cassie Grant (Christina Ricci) comes out of a car accident in Glastonbury, England, with partial memory loss. The deeply regretful driver (Kerry Fox) allows her to convalesce at a large rural home, where she becomes friends with the woman's stepson, Michael (Harry Forrester). As Cassie delves into Michael's research about an old, newly discovered area church, it triggers some strange premonitions and offers gradual clues about her deeper links to this British community.… MORE

  • The Hard Way [17 July 1991 (South Korea)]

    Nick, a famous actor seeks motivation for his upcoming movie and teams up with John Moss, a real time cop. On their journey, both learn to bear each other's mannerisms, while combating a murderer.

  • The Hero of Color City [Ken Yoshida]

  • The Ice Storm [27 September 1997 (USA)]

    In the 1970s, an outwardly wholesome family begins cracking at the seams over the course of a tumultuous Thanksgiving break. Frustrated with his job, the father, Ben (Kevin Kline), seeks fulfillment by cheating on his wife, Elena (Joan Allen), with neighborhood seductress Janey (Sigourney Weaver). Their teenage daughter, Wendy (Christina Ricci), dabbles in sexual affairs too -- with Janey's son Mikey (Elijah Wood). The family's strained relations continue to tauten until an ice storm strikes.… MORE

  • The Laramie Project [9 March 2002 (USA)]

    "The Laramie Project" is set in and around Laramie, Wyoming, in the aftermath of the murder of 21-year-old Matthew Shepard. To create the stage version of "The Laramie Project," the eight-member New York-based Tectonic Theatre Project traveled to Laramie, Wyoming, recording hours of interviews with the town's citizens over a two-year period. The film adaptation dramatizes the troupe's visit, using the actual words from the transcripts to create a portrait of a town forced to confront itself.… MORE

  • The Man Who Cried [22 September 2000 (Italy)]

    Suzie, an adopted Jewish girl living in Paris, hopes to find her real father who is residing in the US. When the Nazis evade Paris, will Suzie stay with her family or pursue to find her father?

  • The Opposite of Sex [22 May 1998 (USA)]

    After her stepfather dies, 16-year-old Dede (Christina Ricci) moves in with her gay half-brother Bill, (Martin Donovan). Already pregnant, Dede seduces Bill's partner, Matt (Ivan Sergei), and convinces him the child is his. The couple steals $10,000 from Bill and runs off. But when an ex-student of Bill's -- who's also Matt's ex-lover -- accuses Bill of molestation, he must track down Dede and Matt with the help of Matt's sister, Lucia (Lisa Kudrow), to salvage his reputation.… MORE

  • The Smurfs 2 [2 August 2013 (India)]

    When Gargamel learns that Smurfette knows a secret spell that can turn Naughties, Smurf-like creatures, into real Smurfs, he kidnaps her. The Smurfs set out to rescue Smurfette.

  • War Flowers [23 February 2012]

    A young mother (Christina Ricci) and her daughter fend for themselves after her husband leaves to fight in the Civil War. They are placed in mortal danger when they help hide a wounded Yankee soldier (Jason Gedrick) from Confederate soldiers.

  • Ye Olde Times [2009]

    A woman (Christina Ricci) and a college football star (Owen Benjamin) join a troupe of Renaissance actors.

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FAQs About Christina Ricci

What is birthdate of Christina Ricci?

- 12 February 1980.

What is BirthPlace of Christina Ricci?

- Santa Monica, California, United States.

What is Nationality of Christina Ricci?

- .

What is Height of Christina Ricci?

- 1.55 m.

What is Age of Christina Ricci?

- 44.

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