Maria Pia Calzone

Maria Pia Calzone
Name : Maria Pia Calzone
Birth Date :10 October 1967
Birth Place :Reino, Italy
Nationality :NA
Height:1.73 m

Maria Pia Calzone is an Italian actress, best known for playing the boss's wife, as Immacolata "Imma" Savastano, in the television series, Gomorrah.

Maria Pia Calzone Movies and TV Shows

  • 18 anni tra una settimana [Ben Verbong]

  • Aspromonte [28 October 1998 (Italy)]

    Marriages is a 1998 Italian romantic comedy film directed by Cristina Comencini. For her performance Cecilia Dazzi won the David di Donatello for best supporting actress.

  • Blessed Madness [14 September 2017 (Italy)]

    Mia's father Basile, who owns the ship Megaride, marries Angelica, who has six children. On their wedding day, Basile is killed by Angelica's lover. Mia is the only heir to the Megaride and has to fight against the evil plans of her stepmother and her six step-siblings. A brave young man steps forward to try and save Mia.

  • Chiari di luna [2008]

  • Cinderella the Cat [14 March 2003 (Italy)]

    Furloughed from jail to address some family business, Matteo (Luigi Iacuzio) heads back to the hardscrabble neighborhood where he grew up. He's had terrible luck -- he was convicted of a crime that he might not have committed -- but it appears that Matteo's childhood pals aren't faring much better. Michele (Francesco Pirozzi) has been slain by local thugs, and Rosa (Federica Bonavolonta) is stuck with a domineering husband. For Matteo, it's a grim reminder of what was -- and what might've been.… MORE

  • Equilibrium [13 April 2012]

  • Figurine [24 March 1995 (Italy)]

    State Secret is a 1995 Italian thriller film directed by Giuseppe Ferrara. It was entered into the 19th Moscow International Film Festival.

  • Gomorrah [1998]

  • I peggiori [Vittorio Badini Confalonieri]

  • Il coraggio di Angela [Luigi Perelli]

  • Io che amo solo te [22 October 2015 (Italy)]

    A 50-year-old mother, Ninella, had a great love with Don Mimi when she was younger, but they could not marry. When her daughter decides to get married with Damiano, fate intervenes when Damiano turns out to be the son of Don Mimi.

  • Let's Talk [12 August 2008]

    A fisherman's son wheels and deals with the whole village for the perfect gift in order to go on a date with the Mayor's daughter.

  • Marcello Marcello [Vincenzo Terraciano]

    Hospital patients (Antonio Catania, Giovanni Esposito, Franco Javarone) rebel against bland food and indifferent care by secretly cooking a feast for themselves.

  • Marriages [Claudio Bonivento]

  • Mater Natura [May 1997]

  • Naples in Veils [11 January 2018 (Italy)]

    Blessed Madness is a 2018 Italian comedy film directed by Carlo Verdone.

  • Pater familias [16 May 2008 (Italy)]

    In the slums of Campania, the Camorra crime syndicate has created a fortune out of cocaine, corruption and chemical waste. Some try to fight back, like teens Ciro (Ciro Petrone) and Marco (Marco Macor), who decide to steal a Camorra weapons cache in a bid to take control themselves. Others try to hide, like Pasquale (Salvatore Cantalupo), a tailor trying to get around paying protection fees. But the realization sets in: The Camorra is too large, too deeply embedded in Italy to be fought.… MORE

  • Per tutto il tempo che ci resta [Federico Bruno]

  • Rebeldes Con Causa [Marco Ponti]

  • Ribelli per caso [29 April 2017]

  • State Secret [Giulio Base]

  • The Christmas Dinner [1988]

  • The Inquiry [4 April 2007 (Spain)]

    Roman Emperor Tiberius learns that a new kingdom is set to rise in the East following the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. He sends his general Titus Valerius Taurus to investigate the matter.

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QA About Maria Pia Calzone

What is birthdate of Maria Pia Calzone?

- 10 October 1967.

What is BirthPlace of Maria Pia Calzone?

- Reino, Italy.

What is Nationality of Maria Pia Calzone?

- NA.

What is Height of Maria Pia Calzone?

- 1.73 m.

What is Age of Maria Pia Calzone?

- 53.

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