Conchita Puglisi

Conchita Puglisi
Name : Conchita Puglisi
Birth Date :15 November 2045
Birth Place :Catania, Italy
Nationality :NA

Conchita Puglisi Movies and TV Shows

  • Eternal [24 September 2004 (Canada)]

    A detective's (Conrad Pla) search for his missing wife leads him to a wealthy woman (Caroline Néron) who may have supernatural powers.

  • Instructing the Heart [21 November 2003 (Italy)]

    Instructing The Heart is a 2003 Italian romantic comedy film. It marked the directorial debut by Giovanni Morricone, son of composer Ennio and brother of composer Andrea, who both co-scored the film.

  • Johnny Stecchino [24 October 1991 (Italy)]

    A kind-hearted but unwise bus driver likes to steal bananas but gets involved with the mob when he is accused of robbing from them, leading to hilarious situations.

  • Malèna [27 October 2000 (Italy)]

    In Sicily, during the Second World War, a teenage boy gets smitten by Malena, a sensual woman living in a small town.

  • Sleepless [5 January 2001 (Italy)]

    An insomniac detective (Max von Sydow) comes out of retirement to track a serial killer who copies a string of old murders.

  • The Card Player [2 January 2004 (Italy)]

    When a British tourist is kidnapped, lawman John Brennan (Liam Cunningham) heads to Rome to investigate -- and falls into the web of a devious serial killer known as "the card player." Linking up with the police via webcam, the murderer engages the officers in a grotesque game of video poker. If they win, the victim is freed; if they lose, they'll watch the victim die. Italian detective Anna Mari (Stefania Rocca) joins Brennan as they try to find the killer before the final card is played.… MORE

  • Un amore a Dondolo [Maurizio Lucidi]

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QA About Conchita Puglisi

What is birthdate of Conchita Puglisi?

- 15 November 2045.

What is BirthPlace of Conchita Puglisi?

- Catania, Italy.

What is Nationality of Conchita Puglisi?

- NA.

What is Height of Conchita Puglisi?

- NA.

What is Age of Conchita Puglisi?

- 24.

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