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Renuka is an Indian television and film actress who is known for playing the lead role Premi in K. Balachander's Tamil tele-serial of the same name

Renuka Chouhan
Name : Renuka Chouhan
Birth Date : 17 January 1964
Birth Place : Srirangam
Nationality :
Height :
Occupation : Actress

She has also acted many Malayalam and some Hindi films.

Renuka Chouhan Movies and TV Shows

  • Achan Kombathu Amma Varampathu [13 May 1995]

    An elderly couple faces the harsh realities of life when they are abandoned by their children who refuse to take care of them. After facing humiliation, they decide to leave them.

  • Adhibar [28 August 2015 (India)]

    Shiva, a young man, comes to Chennai from Canada and starts up a real estate business. As his business picks up, he learns that he is being cheated by the people he trusts the most.

  • Adhwaytham [3 September 1991]

    When Swami Amritananda aka Shivan arrives in Kerala to spread the message of peace, he is confronted by Lakshmi, the district collector in charge of his security, who also happens to be his ex-lover.

  • Alex Pandian [11 January 2013 (India)]

    Alex, a small-time thief, gets a contract to kidnap the chief minister's daughter, Divya, for three days. But when Divya reveals to him the real reason for her kidnap, he decides to help her.

  • Ammayane Sathyam [1993]

    Parvathi, a teenager, escapes after watching her family members getting killed. Using a boy's guise, she works as a servant in a house full of bachelors, but one of them uncovers her true identity.

  • Annakodi [28 June 2013 (India)]

    Annakodi is in love with a boy who belongs to a different caste. When her parents learn about it, they disapprove of her relationship and force her to get married to someone else.

  • Ayan [3 April 2009 (India)]

    Deva works for Arumugam, a smuggler, who has taken care of him for many years. However, when his best friend gets killed, Deva decides to help the police nab a dangerous drug lord.

  • Azhagai Irukkirai Bayamai Irukkirathu [20 May 2006 (India)]

    Mano is in love with Jo who loves Prem. To see her happy, he helps her break Prem and Nandini's relationship so that she and Prem can be together.

  • Brahma Rakshass [1990]

    Brahma Rakshass is a 1990 Indian Malayalam film, directed by Vijayan Karote, starring Devan and Renuka in the lead roles. The music and background score by Raveendran

  • Chantha [1995]

    Sulthan, a labourer, tries to save his community from an evil bourgeoisie. He decides to take down their oppressors and help his people in leading a respectable life.

  • Congratulations Miss Anitha Menon [1992 (India)]

    Prakash, a successful businessman, grows suspicious of his wife Anita after he receives an anonymous letter that indicates that she has an illicit relationship with another man.

  • Dev [11 June 2004 (India)]

    A wayward Muslim youth creates a rift between Dev, who becomes more sensitive to the plight of Muslims, and his partner, who grows more hateful and challenges Dev's newfound awareness.

  • Dhanusu Raasi Neyargale []

  • Dhinamdhorum [13 February 1998 (India)]

    An unemployed young man spends most of his time wandering around with his friends and meeting his childhood sweetheart. When it is time for them to get married, the girl's father refuses the alliance.

  • Gramam [3 January 2014 (India)]

    Thulasi, a young child widow, fights against the patriarchy of the society and the tyranny of her uncle, Subramani, a rich Brahmin, with the support of Kannan, who rises up to defend her.

  • Guru En Aalu [24 April 2009 (India)]

    Guru, a young man who aspires to be successful, is very loyal to his playboy boss, Krishna. However, chaos ensues when they both start fancying the same woman.

  • Kaanchi [4 October 2013 (India)]

    When Madhavan, a shop owner, sees Thomas, the son of an influential man, getting murdered, he decides to do anything to put the murderer behind bars.

  • Kalavani Mappillai [6 November 2018 (India)]

    In order to marry the love of his life, Deva tries to hide the fact that he cannot drive a vehicle from his future mother-in-law.

  • Kalavu Thozhirchalai [22 September 2017]

    A man comes to India to steal a valuable antique and quickly realises he needs help. He reaches out to a local man, who is a small time thief, and they set about stealing a Shiva idol.

  • Kalki [28 June 2019]

    Kalki, an intelligent police officer, is assigned to investigate the mysterious murder of Sekhar, the brother of Narsappa, who rules the Kollapuram village.

  • Kanchana 2 [10 June 2016 (India)]

    In order to free their imprisoned boss, a group of terrorists plan to bomb a flyover in Hyderabad. Amid all the chaos, unfortunately, Krishna and Mango get entangled in their plan.

  • Karuppan [29 September 2017 (India)]

    Anbu is forced to marry Karuppan after he tames her brother's bull in Jallikattu. Kathir, who is in love with Anbu, plots to separate her from her husband.

  • Kerala Nattilam Pengaludane [21 March 2014]

    Unable to get over with his unrequited love, a father wants his son to marry a girl from Kerala. The son goes to Kerala to fulfil his father's wish, which lands him in many troubles.

  • Koothan [11 October 2018]

    When the future of his community is threatened, Raana takes his team of underdog dancers on a mission to win an International Dance Competition and save their home.

  • Kudumba Vishesham [1994 (India)]

    Madhavan Nair and his family are tenants in Kikkilikochamma's house. When Madhavan's brother Prasad and his family decide to stay with him, Kikkilikochamma plans to drive everybody out.

  • Kuttettan [27 September 1990 (India)]

    Although married, Vishnu is a habitual flirt and always looks out for an affair. When he is almost caught with a young girl in his house, he lies to his family that she is his illegitimate daughter.

  • Magalir Mattum [15 September 2017 (India)]

    Prabhavati, an independent documentary filmmaker, with the help of her friends takes her mother-in-law, Gomatha, on a surprise trip to reunite her with her school friends.

  • Mathapoo []

  • Mizhikal Sakshi [20 June 2008 (India)]

    A mother goes in a state of shock on learning that her son is convicted as a terrorist. Eventually, she loses her mental balance.

  • Monsoon Wedding [November 2001 (Busan)]

    A BAFTA-winning film about a father, Lalit Verma, trying to marry off his daughter, Aditi, in the traditional manner. Aditi is having second thoughts, while her cousin Ayesha Verma, 17, is just beginning to realise she's attractive to boys, and her other cousin, Ria, has a shocking revelation ready. Her brother, however, just wants to dance.

  • Nalanum Nandhiniyum [11 July 2014 (India)]

    Young lovers defy their families, which are at odds with each other, and get married and migrate to the city. With no jobs and no one to support them, will there be a happily ever after?

  • Pavithram [4 February 1994]

    Unni's personal and professional life is at stake when his mother gives birth to a child while his marriage is fixed with Meera, a beautiful woman. However, he steps up to raise his new-born sister.

  • Poi [25 December 2006 (India)]

    Valluvanar is an honest politician. When his son Kamban is arrested, he refuses to bail him out of jail. The opposition party takes advantage of the situation and thus helps Kamban escape from jail.

  • Pokkiri Simon [22 September 2017 (India)]

    Simon and his friends cross paths with Arjunan and his brother who are petty criminals. Later, he decides to fight Arjunan and end his reign in the city.

  • Poojai [22 October 2014 (India)]

    A set of circumstances makes Vasu, a moneylender, save the life of a policeman, Sivaraman Nayak. But that only leads to Vasu appearing on the radar of a gangster and contract killer, Singana Patrudu.

  • Psycho [20 March 2015 (India)]

    Despite their strained history, Balan falls in love with his schoolmate, Sheela, when they meet after many years. But his happiness is short-lived when he learns that she is engaged to someone else.

  • Rojavai Killathe [3 December 1993]

    A henchman is ordered by his boss to kill a woman who is his enemy's associate. However, he refuses to kill her as he loves her, and ends up injuring her. Later, he saves her from the two gangsters.

  • Samaantharangal [1998]

    Ismail, an honest station master who values his ideals, disagrees with his son Najeeb over his career choice. Najeeb soon joins a political party, a move that proves to be detrimental for his family.

  • Samsara Sangeetham [21 July 1989]

    Samsara Sangeetham is a Tamil film released in 1989 directed and produced by T. Rajendar. Rajender himself appeared in the title role with Renuka, whilst the film featured an extensive cast, which also featured Rajendar's real life son, Silambarasan. The film released on 21 July 1989.

  • Sargam [10 April 1992]

    Kuttan Thamburan, who is epileptic, plans to get married to Thankamani, unaware of the fact that she is in love with his best friend, Haridas.

  • Seyal [18 May 2018]

    Karthik, a happy-go-lucky man, gets into an altercation with a local thug and beats him up thus causing embarrassment to the latter who then sets out to seek revenge.

  • Sugamana Sumaigal [21 February 1992 (India)]

    Muruthy, the only bread-winner of his family, is shocked when he discovers that he is suffering from cancer and tries everything to secure his family.

  • Thangaikku Oru Thalattu [23 November 1990 (India)]

    Prakash, a policeman investigates the murder of a young journalist, Arun who is said to have been killed by a businessman. Prakash's search for the truth leads him to shocking revelations.

  • Thevar Magan [25 October 1992 (India)]

    London-educated Saktivelu returns to India and wants to open a chain of restaurants in Chennai. His father, however, wishes that he would stay back and help the villagers.

  • Thiruda Thiruda [13 November 1993]

    A gangster living in London steals billions of rupees with his henchmen's help. However, the prime suspects are two minor thieves, Kadhir and Azhagu, as they find the code card to the cash container.

  • Thirudan Police [14 November 2014]

    Vishwa, a lazy and good-for-nothing man, does not like his father, who is an honest constable. After his father gets murdered, he transforms himself into a disciplined police officer to take revenge.

  • Vaa Deal [2020]

    Vaa Deal is an upcoming Indian Tamil-language action film directed and written by Rathina Shiva. It stars Arun Vijay and Karthika Nair. The film has music by Thaman. Having been in production since 2012, the film has been delayed for several years. The film will finally release directly on OTT in 2020.

  • Vanakkam Chennai [11 October 2013 (India)]

    After being cheated by Narayanan, a house agent, Ajay and Anjali end up sharing the same apartment. Love blossoms between the two while they attempt to nab Narayanan and part ways.

  • Vasuvum Saravananum Onna Padichavanga [14 August 2015]

    Vasu and Saravanan are best friends since childhood. However, their friendship is put to a test when they fall in love with Seema and Aishwarya, respectively.

  • Vatsalyam [11 April 1993 (India)]

    Raghavan, a farmer, raises his brother, Vijayakumaran, and gives him an education. However, when he grows up and gets married to a rich woman, Vijayakumaran conveniently forgets about his brother.

  • Vetrivel [22 April 2016 (India)]

    In a bid to help his younger brother unite with the girl he loves, Vetrivel and his friends decide to kidnap her. Things take an ugly turn when their plan goes wrong and results in messy situations.

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FAQs About Renuka Chouhan

What is birthdate of Renuka Chouhan?

- 17 January 1964.

What is BirthPlace of Renuka Chouhan?

- Srirangam.

What is Nationality of Renuka Chouhan?

- .

What is Height of Renuka Chouhan?

- .

What is Age of Renuka Chouhan?

- 60.

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