Danni Wang

Danni Wang
Name : Danni Wang
Daniella Wang
Birth Date :August 6, 1989
Birth Place :Nanyang, Henan, China
Nationality :China

Danni Wang was born in Shenyang, China. She is an actress, known for Made in China (2019), Escape Plan: The Extractors (2019) and Strange Angel (2018).

Danni Wang Movies and TV Shows

  • A Different Sun [2017]

    A Chinese family struggles to acclimate to a new culture after immigrating to Germany from Shanghai. Eastern and Western cultures clash as the husband, wife and daughter all struggle in their own ways in their strange new home.

  • Always [2014]

    Liam Chan - a lawyer in Hong Kong - falls for Yan Li - a Shanghainese heiress to a hotel empire; however, their love is tested.

  • American Dream [2017]

  • Class Rank [21 April 2017]

    Two high school misfits join forces in an attempt to overtake the local school board. Guided by their families, they enter the perilous word of politics and, in the process, learn a thing or two about love.

  • East Of Hollywood [2015]

  • Escape Plan: The Extractors [27 June 2019 (Russia)]

    Ray Breslin, a security expert, is tasked to rescue Daya Zhang, the daughter of a business tycoon. However, as he inches closer to victory, he risks a lot of dearer lives.

  • Fluidity []

    Ten millennials search for love in the age of social media.

  • Jimmy [Ignacio Zancada]

  • Made in China [25 October 2019]

    Raghuvir, an aspiring entrepreneur, is unsuccessful in every business venture he attempts. Faced with no other option, he decides to travel to China for new opportunities.

  • Misfits [Johno Faherty]

  • Orchids [Xiao Wang]

  • Pause [15 January 2014]

  • Plano de Fuga 3 [John HERZFELD]

  • The Protokon [Anthony de Lioncourt]

  • The Snake [Stephen Dirkes]

  • When We Dance the Music Dies [Anthony de Lioncourt]

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QA About Danni Wang

What is birthdate of Danni Wang?

- August 6, 1989.

What is BirthPlace of Danni Wang?

- Nanyang, Henan, China.

What is Nationality of Danni Wang?

- China.

What is Height of Danni Wang?

- 1.75m.

What is Age of Danni Wang?

- 31.

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