Isabela Moner

Isabela Moner
Name : Isabela Moner
Isabela Merced
Birth Date :10 July 2001
Birth Place :Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Nationality :American
Height:1.55 m

Isabela Moner, also known as Isabela Merced, is an American actress and singer. She played the lead role of CJ Martin on the Nickelodeon television series 100 Things to Do Before High School.

Isabela Moner Movies and TV Shows

  • Dora and the Lost City of Gold [8 August 2019 (Russia)]

    Dora Marquez embarks on a mission with her monkey, Boots, and her friends to rescue her missing parents and solve the mystery of a fabled city of gold.

  • Instant Family [16 November 2018 (Canada)]

    A married couple, Pete and Ellie Wagner, decide to adopt Lizzy, a teenager. However, life turns challenging when they realise Lizzy has two more siblings.

  • Legends of the Hidden Temple [26 November 2016]

    Three siblings embark on a cheesy temple tour only to discover the legends behind it are real. They must navigate a series of booby-trapped rooms to lift the temple's curse and escape with their lives.

  • Let It Snow [8 November 2019]

    A snowstorm hits a small midwestern town on Christmas Eve, bringing together a group of highschool students. They soon find their friendships and love lives colliding, and and Christmas morning, nothing will be the same.

  • Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life [6 October 2016 (Singapore)]

    Rafe Khatchadorian (Griffin Gluck) has an epic imagination and a slight problem with authority, and these things collide when he transfers to a middle school where students are expected to follow the rules. This doesn't sit well with Rafe. With help from his new friend Leo (Thomas Barbusca), the mischievous lad concocts schemes to drive his tyrannical principal (Andy Daly) crazy while also using his charm and wits to impress a girl (Isabela Moner) and battle the bullies.… MORE

  • Sicario: Day of the Soldado [11 June 2018 (Polanco)]

    FBI agent Matt Graver calls on mysterious operative Alejandro Gillick when Mexican drug cartels start to smuggle terrorists across the U.S. border. The war escalates even further when Alejandro kidnaps a top kingpin's daughter to deliberately increase the tensions. When the young girl is seen as collateral damage, the two men will determine her fate as they question everything that they are fighting for.… MORE

  • Splitting Adam [16 February 2015]

    When a teenage boy finds a cloning machine, he thinks he may have found the answer to all life's problems. When his life starts spinning out of control, he must race to put his right self back together.

  • Sweet Girl [Barry Ackroyd]

    Sweet Girl is an upcoming American action thriller film, directed by Brian Andrew Mendoza and written by Philip Eisner, Gregg Hurwitz and Will Staples.

  • The House That Jack Built [June 2013 (USA)]

    Jack, a Puerto Rican drug dealer, tries to go straight by buying a building in the Bronx. He moves his family in and tries to force them to conform to his nostalgic expectations.

  • The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature [August 2017 (United Kingdom)]

    Surly the squirrel and his animal friends find out that the corrupt mayor of Oakton plans to bulldoze their beloved Liberty Park to make way for an amusement park. Hoping to save the place they call home, Surly, Andie, Buddy and the rest of the gang join forces with Mr. Feng, a seemingly cute and innocent mouse who happens to be a fierce master of kung fu.

  • Transformers: The Last Knight [23 June 2017 (India)]

    Quintessa brainwashes Optimus Prime and heads to Earth to search for an ancient staff. Cade, Bumblebee and the Autobots race against time to find it, while also escaping an anti-Transformers force.

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QA About Isabela Moner

What is birthdate of Isabela Moner?

- 10 July 2001.

What is BirthPlace of Isabela Moner?

- Cleveland, Ohio, United States.

What is Nationality of Isabela Moner?

- American.

What is Height of Isabela Moner?

- 1.55 m.

What is Age of Isabela Moner?

- 19.

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