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Lori Anne Loughlin is an American actress and producer. She is known for her role as Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis on the ABC sitcom Full House and its Netflix sequel Fuller House

Lori Loughlin
Name : Lori Loughlin
Lori Anne Loughlin
Birth Date : 28 July 1964
Birth Place : Queens, New York, United States
Nationality : American
Height : 1.68 m
Occupation : Actress
Instagram : @forgiveloriloughlin

Lori Loughlin Movies and TV Shows

  • A Mother's Rage [6 April 2013]

    A stranger follows a woman (Lori Loughlin) and her daughter (Jordan Hinson) as they take a road trip.

  • A Place to Call Home [1987]

    A Houston woman (Linda Lavin) moves to Australia ahead of her husband (Lane Smith) to live on a sheep ranch with 11 of their children.

  • A Stranger in the Mirror [Charles Jarrott]

    A stand-up comic (Perry King) and an actress (Lori Loughlin) cross paths as they try for fame in Hollywood.

  • Abandoned and Deceived [1995]

    A single mother is forced into poverty when her ex-husband refuses to pay her child support, but she is determined to hold him accountable for his two sons. When she runs up against a smug bureaucrat who seems to be obstructing the processing of her claims, she inaugurates a grass-roots campaign to champion family rights and help other mothers in similar situations.… MORE

  • Amityville 3-D [18 November 1983 (USA)]

    Investigative reporter John Baxter (Tony Roberts) buys a notorious house in the Long Island suburb of Amityville, N.Y., in an attempt to prove that stories about its being inhabited by demons are fraudulent. But soon his daughter, Susan (Lori Loughlin), and her friend Lisa (Meg Ryan) are experiencing inexplicable terrors, while his estranged wife, Nancy (Tess Harper), and supernatural expert Elliot West (Robert Joy) fear that the evil has begun to spread outside the house's walls.… MORE

  • Back to the Beach [7 August 1987 (USA)]

    A former beach boy (Frankie Avalon) and his wife (Annette Funicello) go to California and become part of the new beach scene.

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice [25 March 2016 (India)]

    Bruce Wayne, a billionaire, believes that Superman is a threat to humanity after his battle in Metropolis. Thus, he decides to adopt his mantle of Batman and defeat him once and for all.

  • Between Two Ferns: The Movie [20 September 2019]

    Zach Galifianakis hits the road to do celebrity interviews to restore his reputation.

  • Brotherhood of Justice [18 May 1986]

    Three young men are caught in a web of violence and revenge. Derek had it made: He was good looking, rich, envied and respected by everyone. Then dealers and vandals smashed his privileged circle. He and his friends responded to the need for help by forming a secret brotherhood of vigilantes to rid their community of lowlife. They made a list - drug dealers, thieves and teenage extortionists.… MORE

  • Casper: A Spirited Beginning [9 September 1997 (USA)]

    A teacher (Lori Loughlin) helps a boy (Brendon Ryan Barrett) dissuade his father (Steve Guttenberg), a developer, from razing a friendly ghost's home.

  • Crawlspace [4 January 2013]

    Tim (Jonathan Silverman) and Susan (Lori Loughlin) find that their dream home has a dark past: Children of the previous owner drowned in the pool, and the couple don't know that he still lives within the walls of the house, but his sanity is gone.

  • Criminal [14 April 2016 (Germany)]

    CIA agent Bill Pope is on a mission to save a hacker from a dreaded criminal. However, when the agent is mysteriously killed, his memories are grafted into Jerico Stewart, an ex-convict.

  • Critical Mass [4 July 2001]

    A security guard (Treat Williams) battles terrorists who are attempting to gain control of a nearly deserted nuclear power plant.

  • Date Night [6 April 2010 (South Korea)]

    Phil and Claire lead a routine, almost dull life of a suburban couple with kids. An attempt to spice up the date night with a bit of excitement and glamour turns into more thrills than they asked for.

  • Doing Time on Maple Drive [16 March 1992]

    Yale scholar Matt Carter (William McNamara) introduces his wealthy fiancée, Allison (Lori Loughlin), to his family, and initially everything goes smoothly. However, it isn't long before Allison learns that Matt has lied to her about his relatives to mask their failures and dysfunctions. His brother, Tim (James Carrey), flunked out of school and developed a drinking problem, and Matt struggles to keep his own troubling secret from his less than tolerant parents (James B. Sikking, Bibi Besch).… MORE

  • Empty Cradle [3 October 1993]

    A hospital nurse (Kate Jackson) fakes pregnancy, kidnaps a patient's (Lori Loughlin) baby and leaves another one in its place.

  • Every Christmas Has a Story [2016]

    While on air, a TV personality accidentally admits she hates Christmas. When she goes to a small town to film a special to repair her image, the Christmas spirit begins to change her life.

  • Farce of the Penguins [30 January 2007]

    A spoof of `March of the Penguins' in which penguin survival and mating rituals and their search for love are scrutinised.

  • Fast & Furious [3 April 2009 (India)]

    Dominic Toretto, an ex-convict, and an FBI agent, Brian O'Connor, wish to take down heroin importer, Arturo Braga. However, they must team up and overcome their distrust to be successful.

  • Fast & Furious 6 [24 May 2013 (India)]

    Hobbs is tasked with catching a team of mercenary drivers who manage to evade him every time. However, he enlists the help of Dom and his team in exchange for full pardons for all their past crimes.

  • Fast Five [6 May 2011 (India)]

    Dom and Brian travel from one country to another trying to throw the authorities off their scent. Now they have to bring their team together one more time while being chased by a federal agent.

  • Furious 7 [2 April 2015 (India)]

    Dominic and his family are caught in a quagmire when Shaw's brother seeks bloody revenge. They must not only deal with their enemy but also save a crucial programme from falling into the wrong hands.

  • Garage Sale Mysteries: All That Glitters [26 October 2014]

    Drama about an amateur sleuth and expert bargain hunter. Jennifer is on the case when the owner of a self-storage unit is found murdered hours after auctioning of its contents.

  • Garage Sale Mysteries: Murder in D Minor [26 August 2018]

    Jennifer Shannon puts the winning bid on a vintage Welte-Mignon player piano at the estate auction of a wealthy philanthropist, but she quickly realizes that the late owner may have led a less-than-charitable life before being murdered.

  • Garage Sale Mysteries: Picture A Murder [19 August 2018]

    Jenn gets the photos in an antique camera from the estate of a recently deceased and seemingly wealthy photography enthusiast printed, and one of the pictures leads her to believe that the man's death was anything but accidental.

  • Garage Sale Mysteries: Searched & Seized []

    Every year, Jennifer and her friend Miles Wexford participate in the organization of an auction of goods seized by the police. The night of the auction, Miles is found dead in his store. Every clue points to suicide, but there is more to it. Jennifer learns that he was in serious debt due to a gambling problem.

  • Garage Sale Mysteries: The Pandora's Box Murders [5 August 2018]

    When garage sale guru and amateur sleuth Jennifer Shannon agrees to appear on a reality TV series, she uncovers a puzzle box which may contain the key clue in a murder case.

  • Garage Sale Mystery [14 September 2013]

    With help from a detective (Andrew Dunbar), a woman (Lori Loughlin) investigates a string of burglaries and the death of a friend.

  • Garage Sale Mystery: A Case of Murder [27 August 2017]

    After buyting an old reel-to-reel recorder at a garage sale, Jenn discovers that it includes the sound of a man pleading for his life.

  • Garage Sale Mystery: Murder by Text [13 August 2017]

    A rehearsal is stalled when the bass player is found dead from an apparent suicide. Jenn discovers that a Taser was used to immobilize the bass player before her death, but before Jenn can confront the weapon's owner, another band member is murdered.

  • Garage Sale Mystery: Murder Most Medieval [20 August 2017]

    Jennifer finds the body of a local college history professor hidden in a suit of armour she purchased. After the professor's teaching assistant becomes the next victim, Jennifer finds herself caught in a killer's web of dangerous lies.

  • Garage Sale Mystery: The Art Of Murder [Kristoffer Tabori]

    Jennifer, a garage sale shopping expert with sharp observation skills, helps the local police department investigate crimes and solve mysteries. While arranging a charity garage sale event, Jennifer finds a body in the attic of a local residence. At first she thinks the cause of death was an accidental fall, but when she learns that the victim was trying to call 911, she begins to suspect foul play.… MORE

  • Garage Sale Mystery: The Beach Murder [2017]

    Jenn suspects foul play when the body of an avid surfer is found on an isolated beach, the victim of an apparent drowning.

  • Garage Sale Mystery: The Deadly Room [Garage Sale Mysteries]

    Jennifer Shannon (Lori Loughlin) uses her intuitive skills to investigate her friend's death in a multimillion-dollar home with a dark history.

  • Garage Sale Mystery: The Mask Murder [Mel Damski]

    When Jennifer buys a storage locker at auction, she discovers a dead body inside -- along with a mask matching the deceased woman.

  • Garage Sale Mystery: The Novel Murders [4 June 2016]

    Antiques expert Jennifer Shannon believes two items found at the scene of a murder are actually clues straight out of famous mystery stories.

  • Garage Sale Mystery: The Wedding Dress [9 August 2015]

    Drama about an amateur sleuth and expert bargain hunter. Jennifer is on the case when the owner of an antiques store discovers a wedding dress with a link to a missing groom.

  • Homegrown Christmas [Mel Damski]

    When forced to work together to organize a Christmas dance for the local high school, former sweethearts find themselves rediscovering what made them fall in love all those years ago.

  • In the Line of Duty: Blaze of Glory [5 January 1997]

    Married couple Jeff and Jill Erickson decide to leave their monotonous lives behind and get involved in bank robberies. However, Tom LaSalle, an FBI agent, is close on their tail.

  • Justice League [15 November 2017 (Sweden)]

    Steppenwolf and his Parademons return after eons to capture Earth. However, Batman seeks the help of Wonder Woman to recruit and assemble Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman to fight the powerful new enemy.

  • Keeping Up With the Joneses [19 October 2016 (Philippines)]

    The Gaffneys are baffled by the arrival of their new neighbours, Tim and Natalie Jones. They soon find out that they are spies and end up getting involved in an international incident.

  • Knight and Day [9 July 2010 (India)]

    June Havens meets Roy Miller, a lethal operative, in an unlikely encounter and gets entangled in his adventures. She falls in love with him and has to figure out if he is a traitor or a good guy.

  • Medusa's Child [16 November 1997]

  • Meet My Mom [8 May 2010 (USA)]

    A U.S. soldier serving in Afghanistan becomes a father figure to a lonely boy who writes to him from home in California. When the soldier returns from a tour of duty, romance begins to blossom between him and the boy's divorced mother.

  • Moondance Alexander [October 2007]

    Moondance (Kay Panabaker), a misfit at her school, anticipates another lonely summer. She unexpectedly finds an escaped horse named Checkers and returns him to his rightful owner, Dante (Don Johnson). Undeterred by Dante's gruff manner, she asks him for a job at the stable. While riding Checkers, she discovers he has a talent for jumping, and she convinces Dante to coach them for a prestigious competition.… MORE

  • Northpole [15 November 2014]

    Santa Claus and his wife are worried that Northpole is losing its charm during Christmas. Meanwhile, young Kevin and his mother try to rediscover the city's magic with the help of its people.

  • Northpole: Open for Christmas [2015]

    Mackenzie Warren unexpectedly receives help from Clementine and her team of elves, who help restore her aunt's hotel that she is planning to sell before Christmas.

  • Old Dogs [25 November 2009 (USA, South Africa)]

    Two best friends and business partners on the brink of finalising a huge deal are forced to take care of seven-year-old twins and get into a series of misadventures.

  • One of Her Own [16 May 1994]

    A small-town police rookie (Lori Loughlin) fights back in court after reporting her rape by a fellow officer (Greg Evigan).

  • Rad [21 March 1986 (USA)]

    A bicycle-motocrosser (Bill Allen) tries to enter a corrupt promoter's nationally televised cash-prize race.

  • Ralph Breaks the Internet [23 November 2018 (India)]

    Ralph and his best friend, Vanellope, face various challenges as they visit the uncharted land of the Internet through a Wi-Fi router at the arcade to save the game, Sugar Rush.

  • Secret Admirer [14 June 1985]

    A 16-year-old high school student receives an unsigned love letter, which causes a chain of confusion. It continues to fall into the wrong hands, and each recipient believes it was meant for them.

  • Suckers [16 August 2001 (Slovenia)]

    A fiercely dishonest car salesman (Daniel Benzali) hires a new employee (Louis Mandylor) who owes a serious debt to loan sharks.

  • Tell Me No Secrets [Bobby Roth]

    A victim's murder follows the release of a rapist, who then targets the prosecuting attorney (Lori Loughlin).

  • The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part [8 February 2019 (India)]

    Five years after saving the world, Emmet sets out to rescue his friends from the mysterious planet Duplon and gets help from newcomer Rick Dangervest.

  • The New Kids [18 January 1985 (USA)]

    A brother (Shannon Presby) and sister (Lori Loughlin) move to Florida and fight local hoodlums led by a twisted drug dealer (James Spader).

  • The Night Before [15 April 1988]

    A high-school nerd (Keanu Reeves) groggily recalls how he and his prom date (Lori Loughlin) wound up in the bad part of town.

  • The Price of Heaven [17 August 1997]

    Upon his discharge following the Korean War, soldier Jerry (Grant Show) moves back to the small town in South Carolina where he grew up. Jerry is reunited with his old flame Leslie (Lori Loughlin), gets a job as an insurance salesman and begins to heal from the emotional damage caused by the war. But Jerry faces a serious moral dilemma when the job he depends on for his livelihood leads him to take advantage of an elderly African-American woman (Cicely Tyson) and the members of her community.… MORE

  • Too Far to Go [1979]

    John Updike's short stories are the inspiration for this chronicle of a relationship's unraveling over time. After 20 tumultuous years of marriage, middle-aged couple Richard Maple (Michael Moriarty) and Joan Barlow Maple (Blythe Danner) are seeking a divorce. Despite the bliss of their 1950s marriage ceremony, their happiness suffers at the hands of domestic strife. Through flashbacks, the extent of their marital problems is revealed, ranging from various infidelities to frequent fights.… MORE

  • When Calls the Heart [14 February 2014 (France)]

    Accustomed to 19th-century high society, a young teacher must adjust to a new life in a Western frontier town.

  • When Calls the Heart: Rules of Engagement [When Calls the Heart]

    Jack (Daniel Lissing) returns to Coal Valley with an unexpected visitor, while a budding romance grows between Bill (Jack Wagner) and Abigail (Lori Loughlin).

  • When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing [Neill Fearnley]

    When some orphans become stranded in Hope Valley for Christmas, their caretakers, sisters who have a mysterious backstory, lead a man to investigate the circumstances of their arrival.

  • Wonder Woman [15 May 2017 (Shanghai)]

    Princess Diana of an all-female Amazonian race rescues US pilot Steve. Upon learning of a war, she ventures into the world of men to stop Ares, the god of war, from destroying mankind.

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FAQs About Lori Loughlin

What is birthdate of Lori Loughlin?

- 28 July 1964.

What is BirthPlace of Lori Loughlin?

- Queens, New York, United States.

What is Nationality of Lori Loughlin?

- American.

What is Height of Lori Loughlin?

- 1.68 m.

What is Age of Lori Loughlin?

- 59.

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