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Julieta Serrano : Actress Height, Weight, Age, Movies, Biography, News, Images & Videos

Julieta Serrano Romero is a Spanish theatre and cinema actress. Her prolific career began in the 1960s, and she has worked with directors Pedro Almodóvar and Ventura Pons

Julieta Serrano
Name : Julieta Serrano
Julieta Serrano
Birth Date : 21 January 1933
Birth Place : Barcelona, Spain
Nationality : Spanish
Height :
Occupation : Actress

In September 2018 she was awarded by the Premio Nacional de Teatro.

Julieta Serrano Movies and TV Shows

  • ¿Y a mí quién me cuida? [2007]

  • A Body in the Woods [8 November 1996]

    A female detective investigates a young woman's murder and learns a town's dark and dirty secrets.

  • A Love To Keep [2006]

  • Alma gitana [2 February 1996]

  • Arderás conmigo [18 January 2002]

    A teacher (Cristina Silva) uses a rebellious student (Daniel Cabello) in her plans for revenge against her grandparents.

  • By My Side Again [8 October 1999 (Spain)]

    Though sisters Gloria (Mercedes Sampietro), Ana (Adriana Ozores) and Lidia (Rosa Mariscal) all live in Madrid, they have not spoken to one another in years. When their mother dies, they travel to the coastal town where they grew up and discover her last wishes. Portions of her ashes are to be delivered to three different people, including their father who abandoned the family years earlier. As the women search for the recipients, flashbacks reveal their turbulent childhoods.… MORE

  • Caresses [13 February 1998 (Spain)]

    Eleven interlocking scenes play out the stories of couples who talk without listening.

  • Carne apaleada [1978]

  • Cousin Angelica [29 April 1974 (Madrid)]

    When his mother dies, aging bachelor Luis (Jose Luis Lopez Vazquez) travels to Segovia, Spain in order to bury her alongside her family. While there, he stays in the very house where he spent the duration of Spanish Civil War, which inevitably brings back a flood of memories both good and bad. Chief among these is his recollection of the love he once had for his cousin, Angelica (Lina Canalejas), who, as luck would have it, is living downstairs with her family.… MORE

  • Cria Cuervos [26 January 1976 (Madrid)]

    A little girl (Ana Torrent) and her sisters are placed with an aunt (Geraldine Chaplin) in Madrid after their father dies during adultery.

  • Crónica de 9 meses [16 August 1967]

  • Crónica de nueve meses [Mariano Ozores]

    Couples grapple with the challenges of marriage and pregnancy.

  • Cuentos eróticos [1980]

  • Cuentos para una escapada [Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón]

  • Dark Habits [10 March 1983 (Spain)]

    A nightclub singer flees to a nunnery to escape a death rap, but instead of peace and tranquillity she finds the nuns enjoying a life of drugs and soft porn.

  • Dear Nanny [16 December 1986]

    A nun (Carmen Maura) leaves the convent and returns to Madrid with the woman (Imperio Argentina) who cared for her as a child.

  • Forty Degrees in the Shade [21 December 1967 (Spain)]

    When summer arrives, Jacinto makes an excuse to stay in the office while his wife and children go on vacation. Máximo decides to go to the mountain to try and meet a scatterbrained foreign woman. Evaristo takes his family to the beach.

  • Gone to the Mountain [1974]

    Gone to the Mountain is a 1974 Spanish drama film directed by Alfonso Ungría and starring Julieta Serrano, Yelena Samarina and José Renovales.

  • Grandeur nature [21 August 1974]

    Michel (Michel Piccoli) orders a life-sized sex doll and spends more and more time trying to appease it as if it were an unresponsive woman.

  • Ho sap el ministre? [10 May 1991]

  • In Memoriam [September 1977]

    In Memoriam is the 1977 Spanish directorial debut of Enrique Brasó. The film is based on a story by the Argentine writer, Adolfo Bioy Casares. The film explores the thwarted romance between Julio and Paulina. Brasó collaborated with Chaplin again, as a writer in In the City Without Limits and Oculto.

  • La familia bien, gracias [1979]

  • La mirada violeta [23 April 2004]

    A 30-something woman decides to leave her partner and begin a new relationship with her cat's veterinarian.

  • La Moños [14 March 1997 (Spain)]

    Two Spanish women speculate about an eccentric's life as they follow her through Barcelona.

  • La Parabolica [1996]

  • La vida aquí [Jesús Font]

  • Let's Go, Barbara [18 October 1978]

  • Matador [7 March 1986 (Spain)]

    Forced to retire after a goring, matador Diego Montez (Nacho Martínez) has since become a teacher. Among his students is Angel (Antonio Banderas), a naive boy so perversely desperate to impress that he attempts to rape Diego's girlfriend, Eva (Eva Cobo). He fails, but turns himself in regardless, also confessing to a series of murders he's recently seen in psychic visions. A lawyer (Assumpta Serna) steps in to defend him, but the police are unconvinced Angel is the real culprit.… MORE

  • Monte bajo [Julián Esteban]

  • My Dearest Senorita [17 February 1972 (Spain)]

    My Dearest Senorita is a 1972 Spanish film directed by Jaime de Armiñán. A black comedy on the subject of sex change, it was the first Spanish film that talked about sexual orientation, which was a taboo subject in Spain during Franco's regime.

  • Nosotras [Judith Colell]

  • Operation Casablanca [9 November 2011 (Switzerland)]

    After being unceremoniously sacked by his boss, Saadi, a young illegal Moroccan worker becomes a victim of mistaken identity and lands himself in midst of a controversy.

  • Pain And Glory [24 November 2017 (India)]

    After a murder takes place on a train journey, a detective decides to investigate and find the culprit amongst the passengers aboard. In the process, he also learns the true identity of the victim.

  • Pedagogía aplicada [1997]

  • Pepi, Luci, Bom and Other Girls Like Mom [27 October 1980 (Spain)]

    The lives of three different women converge in 1980s Madrid. Written and directed by Pedro Almodovar.

  • Pink Sauce [1992]

  • Poco de chocolate, Un [23 April 2008]

  • Secuestro en la ciudad [Luis María Delgado]

  • Snakes and Ladders [31 January 1966 (Spain)]

    Snakes and Ladders is a 1965 Spanish comedy film directed by Manuel Summers. It was entered into the 1965 Cannes Film Festival.

  • The Bilingual Lover [1 April 1993 (Spain)]

    Once married to a beautiful socialite (Ornella Muti), an accordionist (Imanol Arias) becomes a street musician who still pines for his ex-wife.

  • The Impeccable Sinner [1987]

  • The Knight of the Dragon [20 December 1985 (Spain)]

    A medieval alchemist (Klaus Kinski), knight (Harvey Keitel) and priest (Fernando Rey) mistake a flying-saucer alien for a dragon.

  • The Last Island [4 August 2012]

    Alicia spends a summer with her aunt and she embarks on a magical journey on a remote island when she discovers a mystical amulet.

  • The Love of Captain Brando [June 1974]

    The Love of Captain Brando is a 1974 Spanish drama film written and directed by Jaime de Armiñán, starring Ana Belén, Fernando Fernán Gómez and Jaime Gamboa. It was shot in Pedraza, a medieval village in the province of Segovia, renamed Trescabañas in the film.

  • The Man in Hiding [28 October 1971]

    The Man in Hiding is a 1971 Spanish drama film directed by Alfonso Ungría and starring Carlos Otero, Yelena Samarina and Julieta Serrano. Following the Spanish Civil War, a man goes into hiding to avoid arrest by the victorious Nationalist forces.

  • The Warning [24 February 2018 (Spain)]

    A man discovers a mathematical pattern behind deaths that occurred at the same location and sets out to warn the next victim.

  • Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! [12 December 1989 (Madrid)]

    Newly released from a mental institution, Ricky (Antonio Banderas) heads straight for a reunion with the love of his life, B-movie actress Marina (Victoria Abril). The trouble is, Marina doesn't remember him -- or the fling they had during her years as a junkie and porn star. Determined to make Marina love him, Ricky barges into her apartment and ties her up. With a captive audience, Ricky is sure it's only a matter of time before his beloved returns his affections.… MORE

  • Un genio en apuros [Lluís Josep Comerón]

  • Vera, un cuento cruel [1973]

  • Villaviciosa De Al Lado [2 December 2016 (Spain)]

    Villaviciosa de al lado is a 2016 Spanish comedy film written and directed by Nacho G. Velilla and starring a coral cast including Carmen Machi, Arturo Valls, Belén Cuesta and Macarena García.

  • Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown [14 March 1988 (Murcia)]

    When Pepa Marcos' (Carmen Maura) lover Ivan (Fernando Guillén) suddenly leaves her without any explanation, she embarks on a strange journey to discover why. On the way she meets a variety of eccentric characters, including Ivan's son from a previous relationship (Antonio Banderas), his fiancee Marissa (Rossy de Palma) and a Shiite terrorist cell who have been secretly holding her best friend Candela (María Barranco) hostage. It's a film noir take on the romantic comedy.… MORE

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FAQs About Julieta Serrano

What is birthdate of Julieta Serrano?

- 21 January 1933.

What is BirthPlace of Julieta Serrano?

- Barcelona, Spain.

What is Nationality of Julieta Serrano?

- Spanish.

What is Height of Julieta Serrano?

- .

What is Age of Julieta Serrano?

- 91.

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