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M.N. Lakshmi Devi : Actress Height, Weight, Age, Movies, Biography, News, Images & Videos

M. N. Lakshmi Devi is a veteran film artist in Kannada films. She is from Chintamani and has had a career of over 60 years. She has acted in more than 600 films

M.N. Lakshmi Devi
Name : M.N. Lakshmi Devi
Birth Date : 14 April 1934
Birth Place : Chintamani
Nationality :
Height :
Occupation : Actress

M. N. Lakshmi Devi is known for the movies "Bhakta Kanakadasa", "Bangaarada Manushya", "Veera Kesari" and many more.

M.N. Lakshmi Devi Movies and TV Shows

  • Adopted Daughter [1963 (India)]

    Vasu, who belongs to a rich family, falls for Uma, a budding singer. Meanwhile, Uma's brother Raghu encounters dancer Manjula Devi, Vasu's sister, and gets attracted towards her.

  • Akka Thangi [5 December 2008]

    Nagi finds herself in a dilemma after a criminal decides to lend her money for the treatment of her sister, Kaveri, who is suffering from an illness, on the condition that she must marry him.

  • Anantana Avantara [1989]

    Anantana Avantara is a 1989 Indian Kannada-language adult comedy film directed by and starring Kashinath. It was the debut movie of the actress Anjali in a full-fledged lead role. The movie is a light–hearted comedy about the ordeals of a newly married man.

  • Anna Andre Nammanna [J Balram]

    Krishna, a car mechanic, finds a bag of money at a crime scene and hides it. However, Arjun, a police officer and Krishna's brother-in-law, investigates the crime scene and accuses Krishna of murder.

  • Anna Attige [18 November 1974]

    A family of four brothers depends on one of their siblings' income. Ravi drops his plan to study further and hunts for work after being insulted by his sister-in-law for living on her spouse's money.

  • Banashankari [18 October 1977]

    Goddess Banashankari comes down to Earth in the form of a human and helps her ardent devotees deal with the difficulties in their lives.

  • Bhadra []

  • Bhagyavantharu [1977 (India)]

    Raj and his wife are abandoned by their children as they are considered a burden. However, when Raj becomes wealthy, their greedy children happily welcome them.

  • Bhakta Kumbara [1974 (India)]

    Gora, a potter, turns into a saint and devotes himself to god. However, one day, while chanting god's name and curing clay with his feet, he accidentally tramples his child and kills him.

  • Bhale Adrushtavo Adrushta [16 September 1971]

    Movie starring Kalpana, B V Radha, Gangadhar, Srinath and directed by K S L Swamy.

  • Broker Bheeshmachari [17 February 1969]

    A poor girl goes to a broker when a few unscrupulous rich people harass her. She and the broker decide to dupe the individuals who played her by making them spend on a fake movie.

  • Chikkamma [9 September 1969]

    A young woman struggles to make ends meet for her poor family. She is forced to abandon the love of her life and marry an old man to support her family.

  • Gaali Gopura [1962]

    Movie starring Rajkumar, Leelavathi, M.V. Rajamma directed by B. Ramakrishnaiah Panthulu.

  • Gedda Maga [S. A. Chandrasekhar]

  • Gowri [3 September 2004 (India)]

    Gowri, a mechanic, falls in love with Shweta, the daughter of a media magnate. However, her father disapproves of their relationship and enlists the help of Sarkar, a gangster, to separate them.

  • Immadi Pulikeshi [1967 (India)]

    Movie starring Rajkumar, Udayakumar, Balakrishna and directed by N C Rajan.

  • Inthi Ninna Preethiya [29 February 2008]

    Rajeev becomes an alcoholic after he breaks up with his lover, Namana. His life takes a turn for the worse when his brother forcefully gets him married to another girl.

  • Jeevana Jokali [1972]

    Movie starring Gangadhar, Ranga, Bharathi, Lakshmi Devi and is directed by Geethapriya.

  • Jenu Goodu [28 October 1963 (India)]

    Two brothers' strong bond is affected after their wives get into a big fight. However, with time they overcome their issues and bury the hatchet.

  • Lakshmi Saraswathi [14 July 1970]

    Lakshmi and Saraswathi are identical twins but have different expectations from life. While one is married and wishes a content life for herself, the other wishes to transform society and do good.

  • Lucky [24 February 2012 (India)]

    A man falls head over heels in love with a woman and takes on a new identity in an attempt to impress her. Along the way, he also seeks the help of her dog to try and win her over.

  • Madesha [29 August 2008 (India)]

    Young Madesh lands in prison after killing a man for abusing his mother. Once released, he goes to the city and turns into a powerful gangster working under Sircar.

  • Maga Mommaga [2 December 1974]

    Movie starring Dwarkish, K S Ashwath, Vajramuni, Chandrakala and directed by Y R Swamy.

  • Mahishasura Mardini [1959]

    Mahishasura attains a boon of immortality from Lord Bramha and wages a war on the gods and the earth. So, Goddess Durga decides to teach him a lesson.

  • Makkala Bhagya [9 February 1976]

    Bama and Shekhar's marital bliss is dampened due to Bama's egoistic mother. When things go out of hand, their daughter, Sheela, decides to reunite the couple.

  • Mallikarjuna [May 2011 (India)]

    Mallikarjuna's wrong judgment leads to the death of his servant's son. However, when the mother blames Mallikarjuna, he sends his own son to stay in her house forever.

  • Mata [11 February 2006 (India)]

    Venkatesha, a taxi driver, drives Sister Martha to a spiritual place and tries to make her journey interesting by narrating stories.

  • Mr. Mommaga [27 May 2016 (India)]

    Ravi, a software engineer, is raised by his grandfather after the death of his parents. Things turn awkward when his grandfather decides to move into his house.

  • Munjane [16 May 2014 (India)]

    Bhai Ji is a high-tech robber who changes his looks frequently. Disguised as experts, he and his team members hatch a plan to steal a royal treasure from a palace in Jaipur.

  • Mutthaide Bhagya [18 August 1983]

    Mutthaide Bhagya is a 1983 Indian Kannada film, directed by K. N. Chandrashekar Sharma and produced by B. V. Radha. The film stars Tiger Prabhakar, Aarathi, Chandrashekar and Sundar Raj in the lead roles. This movie is a remake of Telugu movie, Pratheekaaram, in which Sobhan Babu played duel roles.

  • Naagarahaavu [1972 (India)]

    Ramachari, an ill-tempered young man, is always supported by Chamayya, his teacher. However, things start going downhill when he falls in love with two women.

  • Nagarahole [18 March 1977 (India)]

    Madhu, a schoolteacher, goes on a trip to Nagarhole National Park with her son Chandru. But things go awry when Chandru and his friends decide to sneak out and visit the forest.

  • O Mallige [1997 (India)]

    When Nacchi's dying father asks him to marry Mallige, a village girl, he reluctantly agrees. Later, when his father dies, he leaves Mallige and shifts to the city, unaware that she is pregnant.

  • Padavidhara [1967]

    Padavidhara is a 1967 Indian Kannada film, directed by C. V. Shivashankar and produced by C. K. Gowda. The film stars Udaykumar, Kalpana, T. N. Balakrishna and Narasimharaju in the lead roles. The film has musical score by R. Rathna.

  • Pathala Mohini [1965]

    A wife goes through several trials and tribulations as she attempts to save her husband, who is haunted by the spirit of his former lover.

  • Pavana Ganga [1977 (India)]

    Ganga and her brother, Narsimha, flee their village to go to Bangalore. There, Narmsimha marries Yamuna, the daughter of a wealthy man, who dislikes Ganga.

  • Rathna Manjari [15 January 1962 (India)]

    Movie starring Udaykumar, Narasimharaju and directed by Hunusur Krishnamurthy.

  • Sambhrama []

  • Sarvamangala [1968 (India)]

    Sarvamangala is a 1968 Indian Kannada film, directed by Chaduranga based on his own novel of the same name. The film was produced by Doddammanni Urs. The film stars Rajkumar, K. S. Ashwath, Kalpana and Sampath in the lead roles. The film has musical score by Chellapilla Satyam.

  • Sharapanjara [1971]

    Kaveri and Sathish fall in love and get married and have a perfect life. However, Sathish's behaviour towards Kaveri changes when he finds out she was molested as a kid.

  • Soorappa [March 2000 (India)]

    When a woman from a neighbouring village falsely accuses the village head of harassing her, tension spreads between the two villages, which ultimately leads to a riot making the situation worse.

  • Swarna Gowri [28 April 1962]

    Movie starring Rajkumar, Krishna Kumari, Satyanarayana and directed by Y R Swamy.

  • Thandege Thakka Maga [31 March 2006]

    Sathya is forced to marry a woman from a lower caste after his father's sudden death. He struggles to lead a happy marital life while dealing with certain problems.

  • Tiger Galli []

  • Upasane [1974 (India)]

    Shraddha is a music enthusiast. She is determined to pursue a career in classical music but faces several obstacles.

  • Veera Bahu [18 February 2011 (India)]

    Veerabahu, an orphan, is brought up by Amase, a gravedigger. But years later, chaos strikes when Veerbahu falls in love with Devi, the daughter of a priest.

  • Veera Kesari [12 August 1963]

    Kannada movie directed by Sundarlal Nahata, starring Uday Kumar, M. N. Lakshmidevi, Ghantasala.

  • Vidhivilasa [15 October 1962]

    The princess falls in love with Madhava, a young soldier from a rival kingdom. However, when the king sees a premonition of his death in his dream, he tries to separate the couple.

  • Vijayanagarada Veeraputhra [13 December 1961 (India)]

    The king of Vijayanagara empire becomes the reason for the death of Vikrama, a poor boy. The boy's father vows to take revenge against the king.

  • Vishnu Sena [23 December 2005 (India)]

    After losing his family members to corruption, Professor Jayasimha vows to clean the system through violence. He forms a team with college students to punish people who engage in unfair practices.

  • Yajamana [21 December 2017 (India)]

    Viraj, an heir to a textile business, learns that Bhairava, a gangster, seeks to illegally acquire his family's land. A bitter enmity erupts between the two, causing bloodshed.

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FAQs About M.N. Lakshmi Devi

What is birthdate of M.N. Lakshmi Devi?

- 14 April 1934.

What is BirthPlace of M.N. Lakshmi Devi?

- Chintamani.

What is Nationality of M.N. Lakshmi Devi?

- .

What is Height of M.N. Lakshmi Devi?

- .

What is Age of M.N. Lakshmi Devi?

- 89.

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