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Karisma Kapoor Actress Height, Weight, Age, Affairs, Biography & more

Karisma Kapoor is an Indian film actress. One of the most popular Hindi film actresses of the 1990s and early 2000s, she is the recipient of several accolades, including a National Film Award and four Filmfare Awards

Karisma Kapoor
Name : Karisma Kapoor
Birth Date : 25 June 1974
Birth Place : Mumbai
Nationality : indian
Height : 1.63 m
Occupation : Actress
Instagram : @therealkarismakapoor


Karisma Kapoor Movies and TV Shows

  • Aashiq [26 January 2001 (India)]

    Pooja and Chander fall in love and want to be together. However, since Pooja's alcoholic father would never approve, she decides to run away from her house but, unfortunately, lands in a brothel.

  • Aatish: Feel the Fire [17 June 1994 (India)]

    Baba turns to crime to support his brother, Avinash, but keeps him distant from the underworld nexus. Problems escalate when Avinash becomes a police officer and is assigned to arrest his own brother.

  • Anari []

  • Andaz [8 April 1994 (India)]

    Jaya has a crush on her married teacher and befriends his wife. When Jaya's father dies, the teacher's wife asks her to live with them.

  • Andaz Apna Apna [4 November 1994 (India)]

    Amar and Prem, who belong to middle-class families, compete to win over Raveena, a millionaire's daughter. Along the way, they run into a local gangster, Teja, who turns their lives upside down.

  • Baaz: A Bird in Danger [7 February 2003 (India)]

    In the town of Nainital in northern India, the police force looks for a serial killer who targets beautiful women. Neha, who is in love with one of the suspects, helps the police with the case.

  • Bal Bramhachari [6 September 1996 (India)]

    Professor Vijay is brutally killed and his wife dies after giving birth to their child Mahavir. When Mahavir learns about his superpowers, he sets out to seek vengeance.

  • Biwi No.1 [28 May 1999 (India)]

    Pooja, a simple housewife, lives with her husband and two children. However, when her husband leaves her for a beautiful model, Rupali, she gets a glamorous makeover to grab his attention.

  • Bodyguard [31 August 2011 (India)]

    Lovely Singh is extremely respectful of Mr Rana and his daughter, Divya. While appointed as her bodyguard, he falls in love with a girl called Chhaya, unaware that she is none other than Divya.

  • Chal Mere Bhai []

  • Coolie No. 1 [30 June 1995 (India)]

    Spurned by a rich man, matchmaker Shaadiram plans to teach him a lesson. Several hilarious situations arise after he gets Raju, a coolie, to pose as a millionaire and marry the man's daughter.

  • Dangerous Ishhq [11 May 2012 (India)]

    Supermodel Sanjana loves Rohan, the son of a rich industrialist. Things go awry after Sanjana cancels her trip to Paris due to a gut instinct, and soon after, Rohan gets kidnapped for a high ransom.

  • Deedar []

  • Dhanwaan [10 December 1993 (India)]

    Kashinath and Imli love each other. However, things take a turn when a wealthy woman, Anjali, meets Kashinath and falls in love with him, whereas Imli reveals that she suffers from a heart ailment.

  • Dil To Pagal Hai [31 October 1997 (India)]

    Rahul is the director of a dance troupe, one of whose members, Nisha, is secretly in love with him. However, he gets attracted to Pooja, who is engaged to Ajay.

  • Dulaara [28 January 1994 (India)]

    Falsely accused of murder, Raja becomes a target for Vijay, a police inspector and his lover's brother. In a bid to end his misery and catch the real culprit, Raja sets out on a mission.

  • Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge [15 January 2000 (India)]

    Sapna is raised by her three uncles, each one of them with a contrasting pursuit in life. She falls in love with Raja, who tries to impress each of her uncles in a different manner.

  • Ek Rishtaa: The Bond of Love [18 May 2001 (India)]

    Ajay has a strained relationship with his father, a leading businessman. However, when he learns of his brother-in-law's malicious agenda, he steps up to save his family.

  • Fiza [8 September 2000 (India)]

    Fiza tries to find her brother Amaan, who disappeared during the 1993 Bombay riots. Years later, Aman returns home but is haunted by the past and struggles to live a peaceful life.

  • Gopi Kishan [2 December 1994 (India)]

    Policeman Gopi's doppelganger Kishan, who is a criminal, learns about the former and uses his identity to his advantage as he tries to find his father. This results in Gopi reaping the benefits.

  • Haan Maine Bhi Pyaar Kiya []

  • Haseena Maan Jaayegi [25 June 1999 (India)]

    When Sonu and Monu, two mischievous brothers, play a prank on their father, he sends them for work to Goa. They end up falling in love and go to great lengths to impress the girls' father.

  • Hero No. 1 []

  • Hum Saath - Saath Hain [5 November 1999 (India)]

    Ramkishen and Mamta have three sons, Vivek, Prem and Vinod. As Vivek is Mamta's stepson, she embitters her heart towards him for the sake of her own sons and Vivek dutifully accepts her decision.

  • Hum To Mohabbat Karega [26 May 2000 (India)]

    To pursue his love interest, TV reporter Geeta, Raju misleads the police with false clues during a murder investigation. His lies soon land him in trouble with the police and the mafia.

  • Jaagruti [3 July 1992 (India)]

    Jugnu, who is believed to be dead, returns home after being trained by the chief of a jungle tribe. He vows to avenge his brother, Vishal, an honest customs officer who was murdered by the mafia.

  • Jaanwar [24 December 1999 (India)]

    Babu, a criminal, changes his ways when he finds a baby who survived a train crash and raises him as his own. However, things take a turn when his criminal past catches up to him.

  • Jeet [23 August 1996 (India)]

    Karan, a feared hitman, falls in love with Kajal but she is married off to Raju. However, when Raju plans to expose his father's illegal activities, Karan is hired to kill him.

  • Jigar [23 October 1992 (India)]

    Duryodhan, a wrestler, is Raju's friend, but due to a misunderstanding he molests and murders his sister. Raju seeks Baba Thakur's help to train in martial arts to avenge his sister's death.

  • Judwaa []

  • Khuddar [25 March 1994 (India)]

    A revenge-seeking politician takes on an honest police officer's family by hiring him as his bodyguard. The officer, however, refuses to serve him and decides to expose him instead.

  • Lahoo Ke Do Rang [21 March 1997 (India)]

    Bharat, a customs officer, is falsely charged and murdered by Shikari brothers. However, a new and unknown enemy kills their men one by one and is after their lives.

  • Maidan-E-Jung [14 April 1995 (India)]

    A man waits for an entire year to exact revenge on the person who brutally rapes and kills his fiancee. He finally puts his plan into action and warns his target that he will kill him.

  • Mere Jeevan Saathi [3 February 2006 (India)]

    A love triangle which involves a rock star, a woman he's always been in love with and his new sensual boss who will stop at nothing to get what she wants, no matter who she hurts in the process.

  • Mrityudaata [25 May 1997 (India)]

    Dr Ram Prasad Ghayal lives happily with his wife and brother Bharat, who is an engineer. Later, Bharat dies after he is falsely accused of a murder. Dr Ram vows to avenge his death.

  • Nishchaiy [17 July 1992 (India)]

    When Ravi is falsely accused of a crime and sentenced to jail, his boss's wife, Renuka, promises to take care of his younger brother. However, Ravi is unable to find his brother after he is released.

  • Papi Gudia [1996]

    A criminal uses a possessed doll to lure children and kill them. His latest target is Raju, the young brother of a dancer, who soon becomes the main suspect in a series of murders.

  • Prem Qaidi [21 June 1991 (India)]

    A young man and woman from different backgrounds fall in love with each other. However, her father disapproves of the match and tries to create problems between them.

  • Prem Shakti [25 February 1994 (India)]

    Ganga and Gauri anger an evil tantric by saving Nagaraj. Enraged, the tantric turns Gauri into stone and kills Ganga. Nagaraj blesses Ganga with rebirth and helps unite him with his love.

  • Raja Babu [10 January 1994 (India)]

    Raja, an orphan, is adopted by a rich village couple. Later, he falls in love with a city girl but she walks out on him on after learning that he is not as sophisticated as he portrays himself to be.

  • Raja Hindustani [15 November 1996 (India)]

    Raja, a taxi driver, falls in love with Aarti, a rich girl, and marries her against her parents' wishes. Later, her parents try to create differences amongst the couple.

  • Rakshak [29 November 1996 (India)]

    ASP Raj Sinha is assigned to nab the criminal responsible for printing and circulating fake currency notes. However, he is in for a rude shock when he learns that the criminal is his childhood friend.

  • Rishtey [6 December 2002 (India)]

    Suraj and Komal marry each other against the wishes of her disapproving father and she gives birth to a baby boy. However, she walks out of Suraj's life due to her father's misguidance.

  • Saajan Chale Sasural [12 April 1996 (India)]

    After Shyamsunder presumes that his first wife Pooja died in a flood, he marries Divya. When he learns that Pooja is alive, he has to juggle between his wives, keeping both his marriages a secret.

  • Sapne Sajan Ke [24 July 1992 (India)]

    Shalini, who has always wanted her daughter Jyoti to marry a rich man, is happy that she has found Deepak to be her life partner. But no one knows that he is only pretending to be wealthy.

  • Sapoot [8 November 1996 (India)]

    Devastated after the ruthless murder of their father, two brothers, Raj and Prem, set out to exact revenge on the gangster responsible for his death.

  • Shakti: The Power [20 September 2002 (India)]

    Shekhar and Nandini's decision to visit his ancestral house in a rural Indian town goes awry when they find themselves embroiled in a feudal gang war and try to return home to Canada.

  • Shaktiman [9 July 1993 (India)]

    When Vicky and Amar get switched at birth, one grows up to be a police officer and the other a murderer. Things take a turn when their parents learn the truth.

  • Shikari [20 April 2018]

    Savita, an aspiring actress from a small village near Kolhapur, dreams of making it big in the showbiz industry. Her pursuit leads her to marry Bharat, a local theater director. However, her marital relationship turns sour and she yearns to be in the limelight more. Her struggles increase when she meets, Raghu, who smitten by her beauty, takes her to Mumbai and promises fame. Whilst in Mumbai, Savita finds herself pushed deep in a web of deceit.

  • Suhaag [20 October 1994 (India)]

    College friends Ajay and Raj always play pranks on each other and then get into trouble. One day, Ajay needs his birth certificate for his passport, but he is shocked to find out his real name.

  • Zubeidaa [19 January 2001 (India)]

    Drama set in the 1950s, about an aspiring actress who marries a prince to become his second wife. Her rocky relationship with her husband and her decision to break free has fatal consequences.

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FAQs About Karisma Kapoor

What is birthdate of Karisma Kapoor?

- 25 June 1974.

What is BirthPlace of Karisma Kapoor?

- Mumbai.

What is Nationality of Karisma Kapoor?

- indian.

What is Height of Karisma Kapoor?

- 1.63 m.

What is Age of Karisma Kapoor?

- 49.

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