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Catherine Ann Bosworth is an American actress and model. Following minor roles in the films The Horse Whisperer and Remember the Titans, she rose to prominence with her role as a young surfer in the box-office hit Blue Crush

Kate Bosworth
Name : Kate Bosworth
Birth Date : 02 January 1983
Birth Place : Los Angeles, California, United States
Nationality :
Height : 1.65 m
Occupation : Actress

Kate Bosworth Movies and TV Shows

  • 21 [28 March 2008 (USA)]

    Micky, a math professor, recruits five brilliant students and uses their skills to win millions of dollars at blackjack in Las Vegas.

  • 90 Minutes In Heaven [11 September 2015 (USA)]

    Don Piper meets with a car accident and is pronounced dead. But 90 minutes later, he is brought to the emergency room and is revived to life.

  • Advantage Hart [19 October 2003]

  • Amnesiac [14 December 2014 (USA)]

    The story of a man who wakes up in bed suffering from memory loss after being in an accident, only to begin to suspect that his wife may not be his real wife and that a web of lies and deceit deepen in the house where he soon finds himself prisoner.

  • And While We Were Here [13 September 2013 (USA)]

    Trapped in a loveless marriage, a troubled writer (Kate Bosworth) experiences a sexual awakening when she meets a carefee American (Jamie Blackley) in Italy.

  • Another Happy Day [18 November 2011 (USA)]

    When fragile mother Lynn attempts to reunite with her estranged son at his wedding, it only serves to expose painful truths and family secrets.

  • Az otthoniak [Mike P. Nelson]

  • Bee Season [11 November 2005]

    The life of an 11-year-old girl, Eliza Naumann, changes when she is about to participate in the National Spelling Bee. Her introvert father and neurotic mother have a spiritual awakening.

  • Before I Wake [2016 (United Kingdom)]

    Jessie and Mark adopt Cody from an orphanage after their son Shawn passed away. However, they soon realise that everything Cody dreams about comes true when he is asleep.

  • Beyond the Sea [26 November 2004 (Ireland)]

    As a boy, Bobby Darin (Kevin Spacey) nearly died from rheumatic fever. While it left him with a weakened heart, it didn't weaken his desire to become the most popular singer in the country. Knowing that he's living on borrowed time, Bobby works nonstop to conquer the pop and jazz worlds with hits like "Splish Splash" and "Mack the Knife." But as the '60s come into full swing, Bobby sees his style of singing fall out of favor, and his marriage to actress Sandra Dee (Kate Bosworth) suffer.… MORE

  • Big Sur [1 November 2013 (USA)]

    A recounting of Jack Kerouac's three sojourns to the cabin in Big Sur owned by poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti. As Kerouac deteriorates, he struggles to cope with a demanding public and his alcoholism.

  • Black Rock [17 May 2013 (USA)]

    A camping trip on a Maine island turns nightmarish for three women (Katie Aselton, Lake Bell, Kate Bosworth) when they encounter a group of violent war veterans.

  • Blue Crush [8 August 2002 (USA)]

    Anne Marie, a surfer, prepares for Pipe Masters, a big-time surfing competition. However, she begins to get distracted when she meets Matt Tollman, a handsome football player.

  • Fairytale of New York [Lee Cleary]

  • Finding Steve McQueen [3 September 2020 (South Korea)]

    The FBI launches its biggest manhunt when an unlikely gang of thieves tries to steal $30 million in illegal campaign contributions from President Richard Nixon's secret fund.

  • Force of Nature [23 October 2020 (India)]

    A policeman and a former cop battle a gang of thieves as they search for $55 million inside an evacuated building during a hurricane.

  • Heist [12 November 2015 (Russia)]

    When their attempt to rob a gangster's (Robert De Niro) casino goes awry, a desperate man (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his partner (Dave Bautista) hijack a city bus to escape from the police and a maniacal thug (Morris Chestnut).

  • Homefront [27 November 2013 (Canada)]

    After failing a mission, a DEA agent decides to go to a small town with his nine-year-old daughter to live a peaceful life. However, things do not go as planned when he crosses paths with a drug lord.

  • Hot Bot [1 March 2016]

    Two sexually repressed and unpopular teenagers discover a lifelike super-model sex bot. Thrilled at the chance to finally have sex, Huffy and Nard go to great lengths to protect their newest discovery.

  • Hotel Gramercy Park [Douglas Keeve]

    Filmmaker Douglas Keeve examines the history of a famed New York hotel that once played host to Hollywood and sports royalty, fell into decline, and was later renovated.

  • Idiots [16 July 2010]

  • Iza mora [Kevin Spacey]

  • L!fe Happens [13 April 2012 (USA)]

    Kim, Deena and Laura are three friends who live together and share their attitude towards the men, which makes them confident bachelorettes. But when Kim becomes pregnant unintentionally, everything changes.

  • Life on the Line [2016 (USA)]

    After a family tragedy, Beau Ginner rises to be foreman in a Texas lineman team, upgrading overhead power cables and preventing disasters. However, there is friction when his college-bound niece Bailey's on-off boyfriend Duncan joins the crew, while another new recruit is hiding PTSD symptoms.

  • Little Birds [31 August 2012 (USA)]

    Best friends, Lily and Alison, decide to leave the poverty-stricken, Salton Sea when they meet the skateboarding boys, Louis, Jesse and David from Los Angeles.

  • Look, Up in the Sky! The Amazing Story of Superman [20 June 2006]

    Look, Up in the Sky! The Amazing Story of Superman is a 2006 documentary film from executive producers Bryan Singer and Kevin Burns which details the history of the Superman franchise, from comic book, to television, to the big screen.

  • Nona [2017]

    A Honduran woman faces a perilous journey on her way to America to reunite with her mother.

  • Por Veeran []

    When a warrior refuses to assassinate an infant of the rival group, members of his own clan try to hunt him down. However, now he must protect himself and the baby.

  • Preso en su memoria [Michael Polish]

  • Protection [2012]

  • Remember the Titans [23 September 2000 (USA)]

    Herman Boone, an African-American, is appointed as the new coach of a high school team. The team is playing as a racially-integrated team for the first time.

  • Requiem for Krypton: Making 'Superman Returns' [Robert Meyer Burnett]

  • Serpent Girl [2011]

  • SS-GB [19 February 2017]

    Douglas Archer, an accomplished detective, investigates a murder in German-occupied England, which turns political after a shocking revelation.

  • Still Alice [5 December 2014 (USA)]

    Linguistic professor Dr Alice Howland gets the shock of her life at the age of 50 when she tests positive for an early onset of familial Alzheimer's disease.

  • Straw Dogs [16 September 2011 (USA)]

    David and his wife Amy move to her childhood home in Mississippi. Things take a turn for the worse when David hires Charlie, Amy's ex-boyfriend, as a contractor for the repairs.

  • Superman Returns [30 June 2006 (India)]

    Upon his return to Earth, Superman must deal with heartbreak and put his powers to test once again to stop his greatest arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor, from gaining complete control of the world.

  • Tate [Michael Polish]

  • The 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards [10 January 2016]

    Some of the best American films and television shows are celebrated and performances are honoured. The show is hosted by popular British comedian Ricky Gervais.

  • The Devil Has a Name [16 October 2020 (USA)]

    An ambitious oil executive leaves the whole industry exposed when she tries to outwit a recently widowed farmer whose land has been poisoned.

  • The Domestics [28 June 2018 (Brazil)]

    In a terrifying post-apocalyptic world inhabited by murderous gangs divided into deadly factions, Nina and Mark race desperately across the lawless countryside in search of safety. As one depraved group narrows their search for the couple, they must work together as they are pushed to the breaking point to survive.

  • The Girl in the Park [2007]

    Sixteen years after her three-year-old daughter disappeared from the park playground, Julia becomes obsessed by a young woman she meets. Could this be her missing daughter?

  • The Horse Whisperer [15 May 1998 (Canada)]

    Annie's daughter, Grace, and their horse meet with a severe accident that affects them deeply. Thereafter, Annie takes the help of Tom, a horse whisperer who helps them recuperate.

  • The I-Land [Darnell Martin]

  • The Newcomers [2000]

    Financial troubles and an antagonistic neighbour make life difficult for a new family in town.

  • The Rules of Attraction [11 October 2002 (USA)]

    Sean Bateman is a freshman at Camden College, who's in love with Lauren Hyde. She's waiting for her wastrel boyfriend Victor Johnson to come back from a trip around Europe, while Paul Denton, who used to date Lauren, is exploring his bisexual side with a crush on Sean.

  • The Warrior's Way [2 December 2010 (Russia)]

    A warrior refuses to kill an infant from the enemy clan and flees with her to an American town. Now he must save himself, the baby and his new friends from the wrath of his own clansmen.

  • Tome frendice i služe [Kat Coiro]

  • Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! [23 January 2004 (USA)]

    Rosalee's dream comes true when she wins a date with her screen idol, Tad Hamilton. However, she slips into a dilemma when she discovers that her best friend Pete is in love with her.

  • Wonderland [24 October 2003 (USA)]

    In this fact-based film, John Holmes (Val Kilmer) is one of the most successful porn stars of all time. But, when his rampant drug abuse forces him into prostitution, both his disapproving wife, Sharon (Lisa Kudrow), and his 16-year-old girlfriend, Dawn (Kate Bosworth), are on the verge of leaving him. As John sinks lower and lower into Hollywood, Calif.'s criminal underworld, he meets a seedy drug lord (Eric Bogosian) and finds himself caught up in a tragic chain of events.… MORE

  • Young Americans [James Whitmore Jr., Perry Lang, Mel Damski]

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FAQs About Kate Bosworth

What is birthdate of Kate Bosworth?

- 02 January 1983.

What is BirthPlace of Kate Bosworth?

- Los Angeles, California, United States.

What is Nationality of Kate Bosworth?

- .

What is Height of Kate Bosworth?

- 1.65 m.

What is Age of Kate Bosworth?

- 41.

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