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Lindsay Duncan : Actress Height, Weight, Age, Movies, Biography, News, Images & Videos

Lindsay Vere Duncan, CBE is a Scottish actress. On stage, she has won two Olivier Awards and a Tony Award

Lindsay Duncan
Name : Lindsay Duncan
Birth Date : 07 November 1950
Birth Place : Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Nationality :
Height :
Occupation : Actress

Duncan has starred in several plays by Harold Pinter.

Lindsay Duncan Movies and TV Shows

  • A Midsummer Night's Dream [28 July 2010 (France)]

    Marguerite, a career-oriented woman, is forced to rethink the decisions in her life after she receives strange letters that make her reminisce about her upbringing.

  • About Time [8 August 2013 (United Kingdom)]

    Like all the men in his family, Tim Lake possesses the power to travel in time. With the advice of his father, he uses his special ability to pursue his romantic interest, Mary.

  • AfterLife [2003]

    An ambitious journalist (Kevin McKidd) re-evaluates his life when he learns his mother (Lindsay Duncan) is dying of ovarian cancer.

  • Alice in Wonderland [25 February 2010 (United Kingdom)]

    Alice, now 19 years old, follows a rabbit in a blue coat to a magical wonderland from her dreams where she is reunited with her friends who make her realise her true destiny.

  • Alice through the Looking Glass [26 December 1998]

    Based on Lewis Carroll's classic novel about a girl's adventures in a magical place called Wonderland.

  • An Ideal Husband [16 April 1999 (Ireland)]

    The life of Sir Robert Chiltern, a bureaucrat and a loving husband, becomes complicated when an old acquaintance, Laura, arrives and tries to create troubles for him.

  • Birdman [17 October 2014 (USA)]

    Riggan Thomson, a fading cinema star, plans to resurrect his career with a passionate Broadway production. However, during rehearsals, his co-star is injured forcing him to hire a new actor.

  • Blackbird [28 November 2007 (France)]

    The story of a 10-year-old girl and a mountain fox who form a magical bond while travelling through the wilderness. Set against an array of stunning French and Italian backdrops, this tale follows the unlikely duo as they get lost in caves, encounter a fleet-footed lynx, an eagle, slippery frogs, and a pack of mean-looking wolves, while all the time the seasons change.… MORE

  • Body Parts [2 August 1991 (USA)]

    A man fears he is possessed by the soul of the serial killer whose arm he received in an experimental transplant.

  • Burlesque Fairytales [7 June 2009]

    In the 1930s, fashionable theater audience members become trapped and watch five fairy tales act out on the stage.

  • Carnage [13 November 2002 (France)]

    Characters (Chiara Mastroianni, Ángela Molina, Lio) come upon various body parts of a bull that was slain in the ring.

  • Christopher and His Kind [20 February 2011]

    The `divinely decadent' Berlin cabaret scene is in full swing when a young and wide-eyed Christopher Isherwood arrives in the city to stay with his close friend and occasional lover, the poet WH Auden. To Isherwood's reserved English sensibility, the city's thriving gay subculture is thrilling. However Christopher soon finds himself heartbroken after the failure of a hopeless love affair, and so sets out on a process of self-discovery.… MORE

  • Churchill's Secret [28 February 2016]

    After being elected as Britain's Prime Minister for the second time in 1953, Winston Churchill suffers a stroke. His illness is kept under wraps, while his friends decide his successor.

  • City Hall [16 February 1996 (USA)]

    An innocent boy is killed in a shootout between a policeman and a member of a mob. Even as tensions escalate, the Deputy Mayor steps in, only to discover that uncovering the truth has consequences.

  • Dangerous Liaisons [11 December 1988 (USA)]

    Rich and bored aristocrats in Rococo France play high-stakes games of passion and betrayal.

  • Dirty Tricks [24 September 2000]

    A charming but manipulative English tutor (Martin Clunes) has an affair with his friend's wife (Julie Graham).

  • Expelling the Demon [19 June 1999]

  • Gifted [7 April 2017 (USA)]

    Frank, a single man raising his genius niece, Mary, gets into a legal battle with his mother, Evelyn, over her custody. However, Evelyn will do anything to make Mary complete her mother's project.

  • Grown-ups [28 November 1980]

    A working-class husband and wife find themselves in a heated battle with their mean next-door neighbor.

  • Hamilton Mattress [25 December 2001 (United Kingdom)]

  • Hansard [Simon Godwin]

  • Last Passenger [18 October 2013 (United Kingdom)]

    A sociopathic motorman is on a suicide mission and wishes to kill everyone on board a London commuter train. Passengers need to save themselves from the impending danger.

  • Le Week-End [11 October 2013 (United Kingdom)]

    A British couple returns to Paris many years after their honeymoon to rejuvenate their marriage.

  • Little Joe [1 November 2019 (Austria)]

    Alice, a single mother, is a dedicated senior plant breeder at a corporation engaged in developing new species. Against company policy, she takes one home as a gift for her teenage son, Joe.

  • Longford [26 October 2006 (United Kingdom)]

    The British earl of Longford's controversial friendship with child murderess Myra Hindley jeopardises his reputation. Longford passionately believes in forgiveness and campaigns for her parole.

  • Loose Connections [1983 (United Kingdom)]

    A feminist builds a car from a kit and advertises for a co-driver to drive to Munich. Unfortunately the man who answers her ad turns out to be the most helpless, chauvinistic person she's ever met.

  • Made in Italy [24 April 1969]

    Charlie, a tourist guide, takes his American clients for an eighteen day round up to Europe. The guide, who is also a full-time womanizer, courts Samantha, a diligent young career woman in the group.

  • Manifesto [9 December 2015 (Australia)]

    From an anchorwoman to a homeless man, actress Cate Blanchett portrays 13 distinct characters in vignettes that incorporate timeless manifestos.

  • Mansfield Park [19 November 1999 (USA)]

    After moving in with her aunt, Fanny Price bonds with Edmund, her aunt's son. Later, her uncle tries to promote her match with a neighbour but Fanny has other plans.

  • Margaret [30 September 2011 (USA)]

    Lisa witnesses a freak accident and holds the driver of the bus responsible for the victim's death. She files a lawsuit against the driver but eventually loses hope when the driver is set free.

  • Margot [Otto Bathurst]

    British ballerina Margot Fonteyn (Anne-Marie Duff) pairs with Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev.

  • Marple: The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side [Agatha Christie's Marple]

    Miss Marple (Julia McKenzie) investigates the attempted murder of an actress (Lindsay Duncan) during a movie shoot.

  • My Zoe [14 November 2019 (Germany)]

    Isabelle, a single mother raising her only daughter, takes matters into her own hands after tragedy strikes.

  • National Theatre Live: Hansard [Simon Godwin]

  • November 1St [2019]

  • Prick Up Your Ears [8 May 1987 (USA)]

    The life and tragic death of British playwright Joe Orton (Gary Oldman) is chronicled in this biographical film. When the young, attractive Orton meets the older, more introverted Kenneth Halliwell (Alfred Molina) at drama school, he befriends the kindred spirit and they start an affair. As Orton becomes more comfortable with his sexuality and starts to find success with his writing, Halliwell becomes increasingly alienated and jealous, ultimately tapping into a dangerous rage.… MORE

  • Rainy Day Women [Ben Bolt]

    A shell-shocked British officer attempts to halt the suspicions that are spreading among residents of an English village during World War II.

  • Richard II [Deborah Warner]

  • Shooting the Past [10 January 1999 (United Kingdom)]

    When an American property developer arrives in London, he is perplexed at the warm welcome he is given by the employees of a vast photographic archive. It seems there has been a misunderstanding, and he tells the head of the collection that the ten million pictures will have to be sold or destroyed.

  • Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (Episode I) [22 October 1999 (India)]

    Jedi Knights Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi set out to stop the Trade Federation from invading Naboo. While travelling, they come across a gifted boy, Anakin, and learn that the Sith have returned.

  • Starter for 10 [15 October 2006 (USA)]

    An intelligent student joins his university's quiz team only to have to manage his feelings between two women.

  • The Mystery of the Blue Train []

  • The Queen of Sheba's Pearls [25 December 2004 (Sweden)]

    While celebrating his 16th birthday, a teenager (Rollo Weeks) meets a glamorous blonde (Helena Bergström) who looks like his late mother.

  • The Reflecting Skin [9 November 1990 (United Kingdom)]

    Growing up in the 1950s in small-town Idaho, 8-year-old Seth (Jeremy Cooper) and his friends play a prank on the town recluse, a widow named Dolphin Blue (Lindsay Duncan). When his friends start disappearing, Seth becomes convinced Dolphin is a vampire, stealing the souls of the neighborhood children one by one. After his brother, Cameron (Viggo Mortensen), returns home and takes a liking to Dolphin, Seth feels it's up to him to save Cameron from his friends' fate.… MORE

  • The Sinking of the Laconia [6 January 2011]

    The Laconia is sunk by a German sub which then rescues victims as an American bomber sets to attack.

  • The Waters of Mars [19 December 2009]

    "The Waters of Mars" is the third episode of the 2008–2010 specials of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which was first broadcast on BBC One on 15 November 2009.

  • Under the Tuscan Sun [20 September 2003 (USA)]

    Frances Mayes, a 35-year-old San Francisco writer, gets a divorce that leaves her with terminal writer's block and depression. Later, she decides to buy a house in Tuscany in order to change her life.

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FAQs About Lindsay Duncan

What is birthdate of Lindsay Duncan?

- 07 November 1950.

What is BirthPlace of Lindsay Duncan?

- Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

What is Nationality of Lindsay Duncan?

- .

What is Height of Lindsay Duncan?

- .

What is Age of Lindsay Duncan?

- 73.

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