Mary Twala

Mary Twala
Name : Mary Twala
Birth Date :14 September 1939
Birth Place :Soweto, South Africa
Nationality :NA

Mary Kuksie Twala was a South African actress. In 2011, she was nominated for Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

Mary Twala Movies and TV Shows

  • Árvák sorsa [David Hickson]

  • Bad Company [Rod Hay]

  • Beat the Drum [10 October 2003]

    Musa (Junior Singo) is a recently orphaned 9-year-old boy from a small South African village that has been destroyed by an unknown disease. Seeking answers and help for his grandmother and village, Musa embarks on a journey to Johannesburg to find his uncle, who can hopefully aid the village in its ravaged state. Carrying with him only a tribal drum -- a gift from his father -- Musa braves the trek alone to the imposing metropolis, where he learns many important lessons.… MORE

  • Beyond the River [27 April 2017 (South Africa)]

    Inspired by the true story of Siseko Ntondini and Piers Cruickshanks who won gold in the 2014 Dusi Marathon. Follow their inspiring journey to a gold medal.

  • Black Is King [31 July 2020]

    Black Is King is a 2020 American musical film and visual album directed, written, and executive produced by American singer Beyoncé. The film serves as a visual companion to the 2019 album The Lion King: The Gift, released by Beyoncé and inspired by The Lion King.

  • Comatose [Mickey Madoda Dube]

  • Diamond in the Rough [Dick Oleksiak]

    A mercenary (David Adamson) joins a rock star (Bonnie Beck) who's on the run from mobsters because of stolen diamonds.

  • Dr. Lucille: The Lucille Teasdale Story [24 January 2001]

    Pediatric surgeon Lucille Teasdale (Marina Orsini) and her physician husband (Massimo Ghini) treat the sick at their African field hospital.

  • Eine Liebe in Afrika [January 2003]

  • Ellas Geheimnis [2009]

  • Frank and Fearless [23 November 2018]

    The killing of Reini's mother by poachers. four people journey through the wild African bush to an equally wild African city. Their purpose - to kidnap the ambassador of a South-East Asian country to force an end to the trade in rhino horn.

  • Friends [6 May 1988]

    Friends is a 1988 Japanese-Swedish drama film directed by Kjell-Åke Andersson. Peter Mokrosinski won the award for Best Cinematography at the 24th Guldbagge Awards.

  • Ghost Son [4 May 2007 (Italy)]

    A woman (Laura Harring) believes that the spirit of her late husband (John Hannah) is possessing her son's soul.

  • Hector and the Search for Happiness [23 December 2010 (Israel)]

    Toward the end of his life, Barney Panofsky (Paul Giamatti) looks back on his triumphs and tragedies, beginning with an ill-fated relationship with Clara (Rachelle Lefevre), whom he marries when she becomes pregnant. When that falls apart, he moves back home to Montreal and gets married twice more, finally finding contentment with Miriam (Rosamund Pike), his third wife. Through it all, Barney is sustained by his work in television, raising children and the advice of his father (Dustin Hoffman).… MORE

  • Hopeville [September 2010]

    Amos, a reformed alcoholic, and his estranged son, Themba, arrive to the dusty town of Hopeville, where apathy, fear and suspicion are the order of the day.

  • Leading Lady [28 November 2014 (Johannesburg)]

    Sparks fly between an aspiring British actress (Katie McGrath) and a South African farmer (Bok van Blerk) who helps her prepare for a role.

  • Life Above All [1 December 2010 (France)]

    A 12-year-old girl (Khomotso Manyaka) fights prejudice when her family is ostracized by a South African community.

  • Lucky [24 February 2012 (India)]

    A man falls head over heels in love with a woman and takes on a new identity in an attempt to impress her. Along the way, he also seeks the help of her dog to try and win her over.

  • Malunde [2001]

    When an 11-year-old street kid from Johannesburg named Wonderboy (Kagiso Mtetwa) finds escape from an irate drug dealer in the van of a middle-aged ex-soldier named Kobus (Ian Roberts), their lives intersect, and a touching, odd and improbable friendship is born. As the pair sell furniture wax out of Kobus' van on their way to Cape Town, South Africa, Kobus helps Wonderboy look for his displaced family. Wonderboy, in turn, begins to view Kobus as a father figure.… MORE

  • Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom [24 January 2014 (India)]

    Trace the journey of Nelson Mandela from being a common man to the President of South Africa.

  • Mapantsula [20 October 1988 (Australia)]

    Panic (Thomas Mogotlane) is a low-rent hustler who works the crime-ridden streets of Johannesburg, South Africa, with only his own interests in mind. However, as the world around him shifts with the burgeoning anti-apartheid efforts, Panic finds himself being irreversibly pulled into the fray and his community. Now, Panic must choose between his selfish goals and becoming a part of a larger movement to fight the racism that has controlled his country for so long.… MORE

  • Mensagem do Além [Lamberto Bava]

  • Of Good Report [9 August 2013 (South Africa)]

    Introverted and seemingly gentle high school teacher Parker Sithole has a quiet passion for literature and starts at a new rural school. In a local bar Parker meets a mesmerising young woman named Nolitha and is captivated by her attentions - but the next day she walks into his classroom as his student and he realises that the blossoming love which has brought joy into his world is forbidden.… MORE

  • Paradise Stop [26 March 2011]

    An African lawman (Rapulana Seiphemo) learns that his good friend (Kenneth Nkosi) is responsible for a series of freeway heists.

  • Sarafina! [11 May 1992 (France)]

    Sarafina (Leleti Khumalo) is a young black South African struggling for freedom during the apartheid. While she has remained relatively silent in her opposition of the racist government in her country, the movement to make the language of Afrikaans the official language in her school leads her to protest in the streets with her fellow students. Her anti-government views become even more intense when her favorite teacher (Whoopi Goldberg) is arrested for protesting.… MORE

  • Score [7 July 2006]

  • Sin Duha [Lamberto Bava]

  • State of Violence [22 July 2010]

    A South African corporate leader's past as a revolutionary comes back to haunt him.

  • Stoney: The One and Only [Rod Hay]

  • Strike Force [Rod Hay]

  • Taxi nach Soweto [Manie Van Rensburg]

  • The Dark Tower [31 July 2017 (USA)]

    Eleven-year-old Jake meets the last Gunslinger in Mid-World as he pursues the Man in Black, seeking revenge for his father's murder and to stop him from destroying the Dark Tower.

  • The Imposter [13 July 2012 (USA)]

    Filmmaker Bart Layton chronicles the tale of Frederic Bourdin, a con artist who seemingly tricked a Texas family into believing he was a relative who disappeared years earlier.

  • This Is Not a Burial, It's a Resurrection [4 October 2020 (Russia)]

  • Time [Souleymane Cissé]

  • Uma Jornada de Esperança [David Hickson]

  • Vaya [9 September 2016]

    Vaya is a 2016 South African drama film directed by Akin Omotoso. It was screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival.

  • Waati [1995 (France)]

    Waati is a 1995 Malian drama film directed by Souleymane Cissé. It was entered into the 1995 Cannes Film Festival.

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QA About Mary Twala

What is birthdate of Mary Twala?

- 14 September 1939.

What is BirthPlace of Mary Twala?

- Soweto, South Africa.

What is Nationality of Mary Twala?

- NA.

What is Height of Mary Twala?

- NA.

What is Age of Mary Twala?

- 81.

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