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Lori Ann Heuring is a Panamanian-born American film and television actress, perhaps most known for her starring role in 8mm 2, as Alice Richards in The Locket, and as Mrs. Kesher in David Lynch's Mulholland Drive

Lori Heuring
Name : Lori Heuring
Birth Date : 06 April 1973
Birth Place : Panama City, Panama
Nationality :
Height : 1.7 m
Occupation : Actress

Lori Heuring Movies and TV Shows

  • 8 Seconds [25 February 1994 (USA)]

    The film is a biopic about Lane Frost, 1987 PRCA Bull Riding World Champion, his marriage and his friendships with Tuff Hedeman (three-time World Champion) and Cody Lambert.

  • 8mm 2 [22 November 2005]

    Upon waking the morning after a threesome with a Hungarian prostitute and his high-society fiancée, Tish Harrington (Lori Heuring), political candidate David Huxley (Johnathon Schaech) finds himself threatened by a devious criminal with hidden-camera footage of the steamy encounter. In a desperate attempt to save the well-connected Harrington family from a scandal, Huxley and Tish venture into a sordid world of pornography and sex work in the backstreets of Budapest, Hungary.… MORE

  • Anger Management [11 April 2003 (USA)]

    A man who works for a New York pet clothing store is angry with his manager and his girlfriend's best friend. A misunderstanding on a flight results in him being ordered to undergo anger management.

  • Animal Room [1995]

    Arnold has a drug problem and is terrorized by Doug and his goons in a special class.

  • Blade Squad [1998]

    The Blade Squad is an experimental police unit that consists of mainly fringe cops who patrol the city on roller blades. Their latest mission is to go after street punk who pull flawless robberies.

  • Cœur de champion [John G. Avildsen]

  • Connecting Dots [Alon Aranya]

  • Cross [31 May 2011]

    Armed with a legendary Celtic cross, Callan fights the forces of evil in Los Angeles. But when an immortal Viking threatens to destroy everything, Callan is forced to bring his A-game to the fight.

  • Cross 3 [Patrick Durham, Paul G. Volk]

  • Cross Wars [7 February 2017]

    Armed with an ancient amulet, Callan (Brian Austin Green) and his team of weapons experts battle to save humanity from the immortal Gunnar (Vinnie Jones) who has a plan more sinister than anyone can imagine.

  • Cross: Rise of the Villains [Patrick Durham]

    Armed with an ancient cross amulet, Callan and his team defend Los Angeles. Callan will have to join forces with a mortal enemy in order to protect the city.

  • Descente en enfer [J. S. Cardone]

  • False Prophets [2004]

  • Gas Station Jesus [Robert Kevin Townsend]

    A radio preacher and his son help a pregnant woman (Lori Heuring) stranded at a service station.

  • Get a Job [25 March 2016 (USA)]

    Due to the tough nature of the economy, a young man and his girlfriend struggle to find desirable employment after graduating from university.

  • Görzsaruk [Ralph Hemecker]

  • Hunger [15 May 2009]

    Five strangers wake up trapped in a dim, dry well, with no memory of how they got there, and all find the breaking points of their humanity as they struggle to survive.

  • Just Go With It [8 April 2011 (India)]

    A plastic surgeon convinces his assistant to join him along with his young girlfriend on a trip to Hawaii and pose as his ex-wife to cover up a lie, but he ends up complicating the situation further.

  • Just Sue Me [2000]

    A lawyer's apprentice (William McNamara) searches for the owner of an art gallery after it burns and destroys valuable paintings.

  • King's Highway [2002]

    A young man drops everything and travels to California to stop his first love from marrying.

  • L'amore a portata di mouse [Douglas Barr]

  • Magic [24 June 2010 (South Korea)]

    Young musicians experience passion and competition while attending a conservatory.

  • Mulholland Drive [6 June 2001 (France)]

    Rita, a dark-haired amnesiac, and Betty, a perky blonde actress, team up to find clues related to Rita's accident and ascertain her true identity.

  • Nailed [22 April 2001]

    Jeff Romano (Brad Rowe), a wannabe writer living in Los Angeles, discovers that the woman he has been seeing, Kelly (Rachel Blanchard), is pregnant with his baby. This causes much inner turmoil for Jeff, who believes that a child will crush his dreams, but who also wants to do the right thing. Jeff's situation brings him into conflict with his family in New York City -- in particular his father, Tony (Harvey Keitel), a businessman who worries that his son will never amount to anything.… MORE

  • Ölüm Çukuru [J. S. Cardone]

  • Perfect Romance [2004]

    A divorcee (Kathleen Quinlan) unexpectedly finds love herself after she goes on the Internet to find a suitable mate for her daughter (Lori Heuring).

  • Pretty When You Cry [27 November 2001]

    A detective (Sam Elliott) interrogates a suspect in the brutal murder of a nightclub owner.

  • Prom Night [25 July 2008 (India)]

    Donna's senior prom is supposed to be the best night of her life, but a sadistic killer from her past has different plans for her and her friends.

  • Restaurant [28 January 2000 (USA)]

    A New Jersey bartender/playwright's (Adrien Brody) experiences with love and race influence the outcome of his play.

  • Runaway Jury [17 October 2003 (USA)]

    Celeste, a widow, sues Vicksburg Firearms, the company responsible for making the weapon that killed her husband. However, the jury is up for sale and it will pass the verdict to the first bidder.

  • Smrtonosna igra [Max Makowski]

  • Snake Tales [Francesca Talenti]

  • Soccer Dog - Asso del pallone [Sandy Tung]

  • Soccer Dog: European Cup [2004]

    An aging porn star uses the remainder of her wealth to manage a soccer team. After a poor start, due to the managers inappropriate dealings, the coach is replaced by the clubs mascot 'Soccer Dog'.

  • Taboo [1977]

  • The In Crowd [19 July 2000]

    A young woman takes a job at a posh country club and falls in with a clique of wealthy college kids. Here, she is taken under the wing of their leader, who has some dark secrets to hide.

  • The Locket [2002]

    A bereaved man takes a job at a health care centre, where he befriends an elderly and embittered woman, and as time passes, he becomes obsessed with reuniting her with her long-lost true love.

  • The Mummy an' the Armadillo [29 January 2004]

    A young woman's arrival at a desolate cafe threatens to unearth a disturbed family's secrets.

  • The Newton Boys [27 March 1998]

    The film revolves around the most successful group of train and bank robbers in the United States, the Newton Gang, which carried around ninety-three robberies without ever killing anyone.

  • The Operator [4 March 2000]

    A telephone operator gets revenge on a vitriolic customer (Michael Laurence) by ruining his credit rating, his reputation and his marriage.

  • The Poker Club [2008]

    When their traditional poker night is broken up by the arrival of a burglar, lifelong friends Aaron (Johnathon Schaech), Curtis (Loren Dean), Bill (Johnny Messner) and Neal (Michael Risley) panic and beat the intruder to death. As police Detective Patterson (Judy Reyes) investigates the origins of a corpse found in a nearby river, the cardsharps find themselves terrorized by a mysterious potential witness to their crime -- one determined to take bloody revenge on them for the killing.… MORE

  • True Blue [16 February 2004]

    A youth leader (Mario Van Peebles) and a rabbi (Howie Mandel) use music to bring together Jews and blacks in their racially divided community.

  • Undiscovered [26 August 2005]

    Two New Yorkers fatefully cross paths while trying to realise their respective dreams of acting and singing in LA. However, nothing is ever easy in Hollywood, especially falling in love.

  • Unidad Blade []

  • Verano de seducción [Mary Lambert]

  • Veszélyes körök [Mary Lambert]

  • Wicked Little Things [11 September 2009 (USA)]

    Jack and Amaya, a couple living in a border town, try to rescue their kidnapped daughter. They must get over their issues of the past to save their only daughter.

  • Within [June 2009 (USA)]

    Rachel has a gift of being able to see evil spirits within others. This gift could prevent a series of violent attacks on the children of her new town.

  • Zkažená mládež [Mary Lambert]

  • サッカー・ドッグ ヨーロッパ選手権 (字幕) [サッカー・ドッグ ヨーロッパ選手権 (字幕)]

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FAQs About Lori Heuring

What is birthdate of Lori Heuring?

- 06 April 1973.

What is BirthPlace of Lori Heuring?

- Panama City, Panama.

What is Nationality of Lori Heuring?

- .

What is Height of Lori Heuring?

- 1.7 m.

What is Age of Lori Heuring?

- 50.

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