Magaly Solier

Magaly Solier
Name : Magaly Solier
Birth Date :11 June 1986
Birth Place :Huanta, Peru
Nationality :NA

Magaly Solier Romero is a Peruvian actress and recording artist. She was born in the province of Huanta, in the region of Ayacucho.

Magaly Solier Movies and TV Shows

  • Alfonsina y el mar [Claudia Llosa]

  • Altiplano [20 May 2009]

    In the Andes, a Belgian doctor and his photojournalist wife become ensnared in a native tribe's struggle with a mining company.

  • Amador [8 October 2010 (Spain)]

    A young woman and the bed-ridden older man she cares for share intimate secrets.

  • Blackthorn [5 September 2019]

    A woman travels from Peru to work as a housekeeper in Chile.

  • Curandera [Claudia Llosa]

  • Dioses [David Sordella]

  • Extirpator of Idolatries [Pablo Benedetti, David Sordella]

    An 80-year-old actress returns to the Chilean town of her youth to create a television show in a place without TVs.

  • I'm still [Marc Raymond Wilkins]

  • Lina From Lima [5 April 2014]

    Extirpator of Idolatries is a Peruvian feature film written and directed by Manuel Siles, completed in 2014 and released commercially in Peru in 2016.

  • Living Unscathed [18 November 2015]

    Moroccan soldiers, conscripted by the French Army, strive desperately to hold on to their humanity.

  • Madeinusa [2005 (Peru)]

    For a couple of days, before Easter and after Good Friday, inhabitants of a Peruvian village feel free to engage in any sin imaginable. They believe that during this time, God is blind to sin as he is temporarily dead. Village girl Madeinusa (Magaly Solier) is chosen to play the Virgin Mary during the fictional Holy Time festival. But when geologist Salvador (Carlos J. de la Torre) arrives from Lima, Madeinusa is drawn to him, despite her father's attempts to exclude him from the Holy Time.… MORE

  • Magallanes [20 August 2015 (Peru)]

    Struggling to survive, a veteran drives a taxi in the poorest neighborhoods in Lima.

  • Men of Clay [2008]

    Before beginning their university studies, Diego and his sister Andrea spend the summer in the family villa on the Peruvian coast together with their father, a wealthy business man and his new young girlfriend. Torn between the extreme love for his sister and the difficult relationship with his father, spending days and nights together with his friends going from party to party where alcohol, drugs and money are not a problem.… MORE

  • Ñusta Huillac [22 August 2013 (Lima)]

    Musicians discuss their songs.

  • One More Time [Claudia Llosa]

  • Retablo [2019 (Peru)]

    The life of a 14-year-old boy in an isolated Peruvian village is turned upside down when he accidentally discovers his troubled father's secret.

  • The Milk of Sorrow [13 February 2009 (Spain)]

    Fausta suffers from a rare disease due to which she is in constant fear and confusion. Faced by the sudden death of her mother she chooses to take drastic measures to not follow in her mother's footst

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QA About Magaly Solier

What is birthdate of Magaly Solier?

- 11 June 1986.

What is BirthPlace of Magaly Solier?

- Huanta, Peru.

What is Nationality of Magaly Solier?

- NA.

What is Height of Magaly Solier?

- NA.

What is Age of Magaly Solier?

- 34.

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