Mahtab Keramati

Mahtab Keramati
Name : Mahtab Keramati
Birth Date :17 October 1970
Birth Place :Tehran, Iran
Nationality :NA
Height:1.75 m

Mahtab Keramati is an Iranian actress. In 2006 she was appointed as UNICEF National Ambassador in Iran.

Mahtab Keramati Movies and TV Shows

  • Absolutely Tame Is a Horse [9 February 2011]

    Horse is a noble animal or Absolutely Tame Is a Horse, is an Iranian film directed by Abdolreza Kahani. It is his fifth film and was made in the Persian year 1389.

  • Adam [15 October 2020 (Russia)]

    A frustrated quadriplegic gets a new lease on life when he befriends a compassionate nurse.

  • Adamkosh [24 August 2011 (Iran)]

    Alzheimer is a 2011 Iranian drama film directed by Ahmad Reza Motamedi.

  • Alzheimer [6 February 2009]

    Doubt is a 2009 Iranian Crystal Simorgh-winning film directed by Varuzh Karim Masihi. It is an adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet. Made after 17 years, Tardid is Karim Masihi's second feature film after Parde-ye Akhar.

  • Apparition [14 May 2014 (Iran)]

  • Arghavan [1 February 2015]

  • August [11 July 2008 (USA)]

    Tom and Joshua Sterling are brothers who own an internet start-up. With their worth dwindling and their clients reducing, they must find a way to keep their enterprise afloat.

  • BAHER Her Mind []

  • Behesht az ane to [1999]

  • Doubt [12 December 2008 (Canada)]

    After a nun observes Father Flynn's closeness with Donald, a black student and the altar boy, she reports her suspicions to the principal. Together, they try to expose Flynn's antics.

  • Hashtpa [2005 (Iran)]

  • Hess-e Penhan [1 February 2014]

    Hussein Who Said No is a historical film directed by Ahmad Reza Darvish. The story narrates Battle of Karbala on Day of Ashura and tells the uprising of Hussein ibn Ali in 680 CE against Yazid ibn Muawiyah ibn Abu Sufyan.

  • Hussein Who Said No [2000]

  • Ice Age [1 February 2015]

  • Inadvertent [30 July 2013]

  • Jameh Daran [19 January 2015 (Iran)]

    A woman learns family secrets after her father dies.

  • Majan [2016]

  • Mardi az jens-e boloor [Sirus Alvand]

  • Mazar Sharif [Abdolreza Kahani]

  • Meet the Parrot [2003 (Iran)]

  • Mumiyayi 3 [9 August 2005]

  • Nakhasteh [Mohammad-Reza Honarmand]

  • Padashe sokoot [Abbas Kiarostami]

  • Rastegari dar 8:20 [Hassan Akhondpour]

  • Saint Mary [23 July 2007]

  • Salvation at 8:20 [2014]

  • Shahe Khamush [Abolhassan Davoodi]

  • The Day Goes and the Night Comes [2008]

  • The Fourth Child [1997 (Iran)]

    Saint Mary is a 2000 Iranian film by director Shahriar Bahrani, depicting the life of Mary mother of Jesus based on the Quran and Islamic tradition.

  • The Green Fire [2003 (Iran)]

  • The Mummy 3 [Maziar Miri]

  • The Old Road [2018]

  • The Private Life of Mr. & Mrs. M [1 December 2012 (Iran)]

    A man enjoys berating his shy and pretty wife until they travel to a hotel in Tehran for a trade show. He is shocked when she blooms under the attentions of a male colleague and gets a role in planning his company's presentation.

  • The Red Trauma [Sharam Shah Hosseini]

  • The Reward of Silence [31 October 2007 (France)]

    A collection of 33 shorts expresses each director's ideas and feelings on film.

  • To Each His Own Cinema [31 October 2007 (France)]

    A collection of 33 shorts expresses each director's ideas and feelings on film.

  • Twenty [18 March 2009 (Tehran)]

  • Valley of Stars [5 May 2016]

    The life and work of conductor Shahrdad Rohani.

  • Women Are Angels [5 January 2010]

  • Zanha Fereshteand [Saeed Soheili]

  • Zero to Platform [2008]

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QA About Mahtab Keramati

What is birthdate of Mahtab Keramati?

- 17 October 1970.

What is BirthPlace of Mahtab Keramati?

- Tehran, Iran.

What is Nationality of Mahtab Keramati?

- NA.

What is Height of Mahtab Keramati?

- 1.75 m.

What is Age of Mahtab Keramati?

- 50.

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