Maria Schneider

Maria Schneider
Name : Maria Schneider
Birth Date :27 March 1952
Birth Place :Paris, France
Nationality :NA

Maria-Hélène Schneider, known as Maria Schneider, was a French actress. In 1972 at the age of nineteen she starred opposite Marlon Brando in Last Tango in Paris, but was traumatized by a rape scene ...

Maria Schneider Movies and TV Shows

  • A Song for Europe [2004]

  • A Woman Like Eve [25 January 1979 (Netherlands)]

    A Woman Like Eve is a 1979 Dutch drama film about a woman who leaves her husband for another woman. The film was directed by Nouchka van Brakel; Monique van de Ven stars in the title role of Eve, with Peter Faber as her husband Ad and Maria Schneider as Liliane, who becomes Eve's lover.

  • Actors [1983]

  • Au large de Bad Ragaz [2010]

  • Balles perdues [1971]

  • Brando: The Documentary [26 July 2008 (Sweden)]

    Divided into chronological, thematically-unified segments, the film first treats Marlon Brando's dysfunctional upbringing- his alcoholic mother, his abusive father and his stint at a military academy.

  • Bunker Palace Hôtel [14 June 1989]

    High-maintenance androids wait on big shots (Jean-Louis Trintignant, Carole Bouquet, Benoît Régent) at a haven for rulers in the center of the Earth.

  • Client [9 February 1973]

    Dear Parents is a 1973 Italian drama film directed by Enrico Maria Salerno. For this film Florinda Bolkan was awarded with a David di Donatello for Best Actress.

  • Dear Parents [19 November 1980 (France)]

    A female vampire (Louise Fletcher) needs to bathe in the blood of virgins in order to stay alive, but they are in short supply.

  • El ángel negro [1980]

  • Haine [1978]

  • Hellé [4 March 1981 (France)]

    Sois belle et tais-toi is a documentary film by French actress and director Delphine Seyrig, shot in 1976 and released in 1981. It is available at the Centre audiovisuel Simone de Beauvoir in Paris.

  • In the Country of Juliets [2006]

  • Io sono mia [28 February 1991 (Italy)]

    A woman (Claire Nebout) locked in a museum has a sexual encounter with a caretaker (Vittorio Mezzogiorno), then accuses him of rape.

  • Jane Eyre [20 January 1996 (South Korea)]

    Based on Charlotte Bronte's novel of the same name, a story of an orphan with a difficult childhood who works as a governess and falls in love with her master. Will they ever marry?

  • La Chanson du mal-aimé [31 March 1972]

    The Death of Black King is a 1971 Czechoslovak film. The film starred Vlastimil Brodský, Jaroslav Marvan, Josef Vinklář, Josef Kemr etc.

  • Last Tango in Paris [15 December 1972 (Rome)]

    Paul, who is mourning the death of his wife, meets a young Parisian woman, Jeanne, and get into a clandestine relationship. He puts his life in danger when he shares his personal details with her.

  • Le Voyage au jardin des morts [1972]

    Helle is a 1972 French film directed by Roger Vadim. The film recorded admissions of 345,984 in France.

  • Les Jambes en l'air [6 November 1993]

    All Under the Moon is a 1993 Japanese film directed by Yoichi Sai and starring Masato Hagiwara and Ruby Moreno.

  • Looking for Jesus [3 March 1982]

  • Mama Dracula [Werner Schroeter]

  • Memoirs of a French Whore [17 October 1979]

    An abused woman dragged into a life of prostitution struggles to gain independence.

  • Merry-Go-Round [27 September 2001 (Hong Kong)]

  • Peacetime in Paris [26 August 1982 (East Germany)]

    Peacetime in Paris is a 1981 Yugoslav-French drama film directed by Predrag Golubović. It was entered into the 12th Moscow International Film Festival where it won a Special Prize.

  • Perds Pas La Boule [Saskia Baron]

  • Quale amore [1998]

  • Résidence surveillée [1991]

    Sand Screens is a 1991 film that is Lebanese director Randa Chahal Sabag's first feature film.

  • Sand Screens [1998]

  • Savage Nights [1992 (Switzerland)]

    An HIV-positive Parisian (Cyril Collard) has unsafe sex with two people (Romane Bohringer, Carlos López) before and after they learn of his condition.

  • Silvia è sola [1972]

    Men and women refuse the happiness offered to them.

  • Sois belle et tais-toi [1987]

  • Something to Believe In [Silvio Maestranzi]

  • The Christmas Tree [25 September 1969 (USA)]

    A French-American millionaire (William Holden), his girlfriend (Virna Lisi) and his war buddy (Andre Bourvil) try to grant his dying son's every wish.

  • The Conviction [25 September 1969 (USA)]

    A French-American millionaire (William Holden), his girlfriend (Virna Lisi) and his war buddy (Andre Bourvil) try to grant his dying son's every wish.

  • The Key [19 December 2007]

    A man receives a phone call from a stranger asking him to pick up the ashes of his dead father, whom he never knew.

  • The Love Mates [1970]

    The Love Mates is a 1970 French romance film starring Alain Delon and Mireille Darc. The film was a financial disappointment, with admissions of 508,452 in France.

  • The Old Maid [5 January 1972 (France)]

    The Old Maid is a 1972 French comedy film directed by Jean-Pierre Blanc. It was entered into the 22nd Berlin International Film Festival where Blanc won the Silver Bear for Best Director.

  • The Passenger [1975 (United Kingdom)]

    David Locke (Jack Nicholson) is a world-weary American journalist who has been sent to cover a conflict in northern Africa, but he makes little progress with the story. When he discovers the body of a stranger who looks similar to him, Locke assumes the dead man's identity. However, he soon finds out that the man was an arms dealer, leading Locke into dangerous situations. Aided by a beautiful woman (Maria Schneider), Locke attempts to avoid both the police and criminals out to get him.… MORE

  • The Repentant [17 April 2002]

    A mysterious woman arrives in Nice, France.

  • Violanta [5 April 2000 (France)]

    A satire about the pros and cons of show business, as told by a variety of real-life French actors, among whom is the legendary Jean-Paul Belmondo.

  • Wanted: Babysitter [15 October 1975]

    An American (Sydne Rome) uses a young Frenchwoman (Maria Schneider) in her plan to kidnap her ex-lover's (Robert Vaughn) son in Italy.

  • Weiße Reise [8 May 1998 (United Kingdom)]

    A terminally ill woman (Maria Pitillo) meets a pianist (William McNamara) after traveling to Italy to see a Madonna statue that weeps.

  • What a Flash! [21 November 2019]

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QA About Maria Schneider

What is birthdate of Maria Schneider?

- 27 March 1952.

What is BirthPlace of Maria Schneider?

- Paris, France.

What is Nationality of Maria Schneider?

- NA.

What is Height of Maria Schneider?

- NA.

What is Age of Maria Schneider?

- 68.

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