Veronica Lazăr

Veronica Lazăr
Name : Veronica Lazăr
Birth Date :06 October 1938
Birth Place :Bucharest, Romania
Nationality :NA

Veronica Lazăr was a Romanian-born Italian actress.

Veronica Lazăr Movies and TV Shows

  • Adolfo Celi, a Man for Two Worlds [2006]

  • Berlin-Jerusalem [8 September 1989]

    Berlin-Jerusalem is an 89-minute 1989 British-Dutch-French-Israeli-Italian English-, French-, German-, and Hebrew-language independent underground dramatic historical experimental art film directed by Amos Gitai.

  • Besieged [5 February 1999 (Italy)]

    Shandurai, in exile from Africa where her husband is jailed is a housekeeper to a composer in Italy. When the composer professes his love for her, Shandurai asks him to help free her husband in return

  • Beyond the Clouds [20 November 2017 (India)]

    Amir, a young man, tries to dodge the police after they raid one of his drug dealings. However, the situation gets complicated when Amir's sister gets imprisoned while trying to save him.

  • Bir Kadının Tanımlanması [Michelangelo Antonioni]

  • Ginostra [2002]

    An FBI investigator (Harvey Keitel) takes his wife (Andie MacDowell) and child along when he goes to Italy to interview a boy who survived a mob hit.

  • Herzen im Sturm [Andrea Frazzi, Antonio Frazzi]

  • Identificación de una mujer [Michelangelo Antonioni]

  • Identification of a Woman [21 October 1982 (Italy)]

    A divorced filmmaker looking for a leading lady to star in his next feature becomes involved with two women and has to juggle the relationships.

  • Inferno [Steve Markle]

  • La storia di Chiara [Andrea Frazzi, Antonio Frazzi]

  • Lara [8 November 2002 (Brazil)]

  • Last Tango in Paris [15 December 1972 (Rome)]

    Paul, who is mourning the death of his wife, meets a young Parisian woman, Jeanne, and get into a clandestine relationship. He puts his life in danger when he shares his personal details with her.

  • Le Affinità Elettive [Gianni Amico]

  • Leopardi [1 September 2014]

    Based upon the short but fruitful life of illness-racked Italian poet and philosopher Giacomo Leopardi.

  • Luna [29 August 1979 (Italy)]

    Teenager Joe Silveri (Matthew Barry) has a troubled relationship with his mother, Caterina (Jill Clayburgh), a renowned opera singer, and her husband, Douglas Winter (Fred Gwynne). After Douglas commits suicide, Caterina moves to Rome to join an opera tour, taking Joe with her. However, Joe becomes increasingly unstable and develops a heroin addiction. Sensing her son is slipping away, Caterina attempts to form a closer bond with him, but the two soon develop an unusual relationship.… MORE

  • Me and You [25 October 2012 (Italy)]

    A teenager tells his parents he is going on a ski trip, then spends the time alone in the basement.

  • My Sister and I [19 December 1987 (Italy)]

    Io e mia sorella is a 1987 Italian romantic comedy-drama film written, directed and starred by Carlo Verdone. For this film Elena Sofia Ricci was awarded with a David di Donatello for Best Supporting Actress and a Silver Ribbon in the same category.

  • Paura: Lucio Fulci Remembered: Vol. 1 [2008]

  • The Beyond [1981 (United Kingdom)]

    A young woman inherits an old hotel only to find it sits atop a gateway to Hell and all manner of creatures lurk in the darkness.

  • The Blonde [25 March 1995 (South Korea)]

  • The Dark Sun [February 1990]

    Il sole buio, internationally released as The Dark Sun and Dark Sun, is a 1990 Italian thriller-drama film directed by Damiano Damiani.

  • The Prince's Manuscript [31 March 2000 (Italy)]

    A student (Paolo Briguglia) and an heir apparent become rivals when they take a mentor, Sicilian writer Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa (Michel Bouquet).

  • The Sheltering Sky [25 October 1990 (Germany)]

    An American married couple, Port and Kit Moresby, journey purposelessly through northern Africa, hoping to encounter moments which will revitalise their increasingly soulless relationship.

  • The Stendhal Syndrome [26 January 1996 (Italy)]

    A police detective falls under hallucinatory spells while trying to capture the sadistic man who raped her.

  • The Wings of the Dove [6 May 1981]

    A 20th-century prostitute arranges for an actor to romance her lonely and terminally ill daughter in Venice.

  • Towards Evening [21 December 1990 (Italy)]

    A retired man (Marcello Mastroianni), settled in his ways, temporarily takes in his young granddaughter and her mother (Sandrine Bonnaire).

  • Un caso d'incoscienza [1984]

  • Zombie [25 August 1979 (Italy)]

    A New York reporter (Ian McCulloch) follows a woman (Tisa Farrow) to an island where a doctor (Richard Johnson) faces an epidemic of the undead.

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QA About Veronica Lazăr

What is birthdate of Veronica Lazăr?

- 06 October 1938.

What is BirthPlace of Veronica Lazăr?

- Bucharest, Romania.

What is Nationality of Veronica Lazăr?

- NA.

What is Height of Veronica Lazăr?

- NA.

What is Age of Veronica Lazăr?

- 82.

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