Nice Githinji

Nice Githinji
Name : Nice Githinji
Birth Date :25 August 1985
Birth Place :Mombasa, Kenya
Nationality :NA

Nice Githinji is a Kenyan actress, producer, karaoke hostess, vocalist and TV show host. She is most notable for playing various roles in several television series, including Rafiki.

Nice Githinji Movies and TV Shows

  • House of Lungula [21 November 2013]

    House of Lungula is a 2013 Kenyan comedy film directed by Alexandros Konstantaras. It focuses on the sex life of typical Kenyans. The word "lungula" means "sex" in Kenyan slang, Sheng. The film stars Gerald Langiri, Lizz Njagah and Ian Mbugua.

  • Lost in Africa [2 June 1993]

    An architect (Rutger Hauer) and his wife (Karen Allen) sail from Monaco to Malta with another couple who are not what they seem.

  • Lusala [6 June 2019]

    Traumatic childhood experiences continue to haunt a car mechanic.

  • Rafiki [23 September 2018 (Kenya)]

    Kena and Ziki live very different lives in Nairobi. Kena works in her father's shop and awaits the start of nursing school, while Ziki passes the days hanging out with her friends and making up dance routines. Their paths cross when their fathers run against each other for seats in the County Assembly, and they find themselves drawn to each other. Soon their interest grows to affection and the girls find ways to love each other despite the ever-watching gaze of the neighborhood.… MORE

  • Subira [29 November 2018]

    Subira is a young Muslim girl who loves to swim and go fishing with her father. But when her father dies in a boating accident, suddenly she's not allowed to swim at all anymore.

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QA About Nice Githinji

What is birthdate of Nice Githinji?

- 25 August 1985.

What is BirthPlace of Nice Githinji?

- Mombasa, Kenya.

What is Nationality of Nice Githinji?

- NA.

What is Height of Nice Githinji?

- NA.

What is Age of Nice Githinji?

- 35.

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