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Padma Khanna is an Indian actress, dancer and director. She appeared mainly in Hindi and Bhojpuri films in the 1970s and 1980s

Padma Khanna
Name : Padma Khanna
Birth Date : 10 March 1949
Birth Place : Varanasi
Nationality :
Height :
Occupation : Actress

She is most remembered for her role in the film Saudagar with Amitabh Bachchan and also as Queen Kaikeyi in Ramanand Sagar's epic series Ramayan.

Padma Khanna Movies and TV Shows

  • Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar [Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar]

    Sunil gets accidentally stranded with a woman. To pacify his wife, Geeta, he concocts a story about meeting a fictitious friend, Champak, but things take a turn when a man with the same name turns up.

  • Aakhri Daao [21 July 1975]

    Ravi, a burglar, leaves his life of crime behind and starts afresh winning the trust and respect of the local community. His life takes a turn when his former crime partner approaches him with a job.

  • Aatank [9 February 1996]

    People living in a coastal village come across black pearls in the ocean. Their greed to extract it more proves deadly as the ocean is home to a man-eating shark.

  • Anhonee [26 April 1973 (India)]

    Dr Rekha admits a patient, Sunil, in her mental hospital and soon, he responds to the treatment and recovers. They fall in love with each other but everything is not as it seems to be.

  • Anokhi Ada [1948]

    When a beautiful woman loses her memory in a train accident, a professor who is smitten by her gives her a new identity. However, her former lover comes back to win her over.

  • Anubhav [1985]

    A simpleton returns to his village to marry his betrothed. He wants to fool around with her, but she is too much of a tomboy and resists his advances.

  • Ayaash [15 October 1982 (India)]

    While most of his countrymen are busy protesting the British rule, Thakur Jaswant Singh chooses to live a carefree life. He hires a personal photographer who soon becomes the reason for his downfall.

  • Balam Pardesia [1979 (India)]

    Sukhwinder, a poor man, becomes distraught after he loses his son Kanhaiya in an accident but things change unexpectedly after a few years.

  • Bhaiyya [1961]

    Parmanand is an honest, young man who supports his family and also helps raise his two step-siblings. He makes many sacrifices, such as letting go his love, for their happiness. But, is it worth it?

  • Bhrashtachar [22 November 1989 (India)]

    Journalist Bhavani intends to expose and bring to justice a corrupt politician who pretends to be a social worker. However, she soon finds herself trapped in a web of conspiracies.

  • Bidesiya [1963 (India)]

    Bidesiya is a Bhojpuri film based on the Play of same name written by Bhikhari Thakur. The film was released in 1963 and was directed by S. N. Tripathi produced by Bachubhai Shah.

  • Chhailla Babu [20 April 1977 (India)]

    Meena loves Shyambabu but her marriage is fixed to Jawahar. Raju loves Meena ever since he met her. Jawahar too loves Rakha, Meena's friend, believing her to be Meena. All this finally leads to chaos.

  • Chunaoti [14 March 1980 (India)]

    Vijay, the director of an orphanage, is tired of the notorious dacoit Ajay Singh's reign of terror. So, he seeks the help of Shakti, a bandit, to bring him down and return peace to the village.

  • Daag [27 April 1973 (India)]

    Sunil and Sonia, who are on the way to their honeymoon, decide to spend the night in his boss's bungalow. Things change when the boss tries to rape Sonia and Sunil kills him while saving her.

  • Dharti Maiya [6 March 1981]

    Movie starring Padma Kahnna and Kunal Singh and is directed by Qamar Narvi.

  • Dhuan [27 March 1981]

    A woman loses her husband after which his property becomes a debatable topic. Inspector Pandey does his best to figure out the intentions of Sunil Verma, who claims to one of the beneficiaries.

  • Farz Ki Jung [17 March 1989 (India)]

    Inspector Vikram is arrested for possession of drugs and sentenced to prison. There he realises that honesty does not pay and becomes a criminal, which pits him against his own brother, Amar.

  • Ganga Maiyya Tohe Piyari Chadhaibo [22 February 1963 (India)]

    This movie throws light upon the most crucial issue in the society - widow remarriage.

  • Geet Gaata Chal [1 July 1975 (India)]

    Durga Babu and Ganga come across Shyam, an orphan who sings and dances on the streets. Radha, their daughter, falls in love with him but he values his freedom and breaks her heart.

  • Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani [30 June 1988 (India)]

    Ram suspects his wife of having an affair with his younger brother Amar. He continues to believe in his suspicions even after Amar gets married to his lover.

  • Ghar Sansar [11 July 1986 (India)]

    After his father's death, Prakash shoulders the responsibility of taking care of the family. However, his younger brother adds to his misery by creating trouble with his gang of miscreants.

  • Ghungroo Ki Awaaz [29 September 1981 (India)]

    Thakur Ranjit Singh finds his life in a big tangle the day he rescues Kajal from the fangs of the flesh trade. From being haunted by the spirit of Kajal to finding her look-alike, Ranjit is troubled.

  • Jaan-e-Bahaar [1979]

    Kuku, a wealthy businessman's daughter elopes and falls in love with a truck driver. Later, when she is kidnapped by her lover, she decides to marry the man of her parents' choice.

  • Johny Mera Naam [11 November 1970 (India)]

    When Heeralal, a gangster, gets arrested, he befriends Johny, a petty thief, in prison. He then seeks Johny's help in executing his mission of smuggling a few diamonds.

  • Joshila [19 October 1973 (India)]

    A poetess falls in love with a convict who is also a poet. After his release, he is separated from her and gets trapped in a web of deceit.

  • Jyoti [6 May 1981]

    When the Zamindar considers Gauri for his son Niranjan, his wife opposes because of the social difference and asks him to get Gauri married to their other son Govind, a person with special needs.

  • Karishma Kudrat Kaa [1985 (India)]

    Widower Vijay lives in a village with his family. He unwittingly makes an enemy in Lala and a bandit, Bhagad, who conspire and throw him out of the village. But Vijay soon returns as a changed man.

  • Kashmakash [January 2011 (India)]

    A newly-wed couple meets with an accident and end up as the sole survivors. A few months later, the man realises to his horror that the veiled woman he brought home, is the wife of another man.

  • Lakhan [1979]

    Lakhan is a 1979 Hindi film directed by Dinesh-Ramanesh and Ramesh Puri

  • Lal Patthar [27 July 1973]

    The chairman of a bank commits suicide for having embezzled money. Resultantly, his son, Ratan, tries to cover up the secret, but Shekhar threatens to expose it if he does not help him in a heist.

  • Loafer [17 December 2015 (India)]

    Raja, raised by his father, is led to believe that his mother is dead, and becomes a thief. He falls in love with Mounika, who is escaping a forced marriage and is shocked when he meets her aunt.

  • Maa [5 December 1991 (India)]

    Ram and Mamta lead a happy married life with their child until a hired hitman kills Mamta. Unable to bear the separation from her child, she returns as a spirit to look after her baby.

  • Mai [1989]

    Movie starring Padma Khanna, Sheela David, Pankaj Sharma and is directed by Rajkumar Sharma.

  • Mehrbaan [1967]

    Shanti Swarup, a rich businessman, lives happily with his family in their palatial home. However, things take a turn when he suffers a financial loss and his sons refuse to help him.

  • Naag Champa [Shri Nath Tripathi]

    An evil man who wishes to achieve immortality worships the demon god. But the demon god demands that he prove his devotion by performing the ultimate sacrifice.

  • Naina [1973 (India)]

    Ravi, a famous poet, is grieving his first love's death and soon becomes an alcoholic. However, with time he finds Jyoti, a woman who changes his life with her love.

  • Noorie [11 May 1979 (India)]

    Yusuf and Noorie are set to get married but after her father's sudden death, the wedding is postponed. While work takes Yusuf out of town, Noorie is left to fend for herself from many evils.

  • Paapi [1977]

    Two long-lost siblings grow up to be opposite of each other, where one becomes a thief and the other a police officer. However, the situation gets tensed when they cross paths.

  • Paise Ki Gudiya [1974]

    Vinayak, a kind-hearted doctor, brings home Madhavi, an orphan. However, Vinayak's son, Vijay, returns from abroad and soon falls in love with Madhavi, which leads to differences in the family.

  • Pyaar Diwana [1972]

    Sunil, a wealthy young college student, falls in love with Mamta, his classmate. His parents, however, refuse to accept Mamta and want him to marry a girl of their choice.

  • Raampur Ka Lakshman [26 July 1972 (India)]

    During a journey, Kedarnath Bhargav, his wife Laxmi and sons, Ram and Lakshman, are separated. While Lakshman stays with his father, Laxmi works as a maid and Ram is abducted by a criminal.

  • Saaz Aur Awaaz [Subodh Mukerji]

    Rajesh comes to a village looking for Geeta and manages to find her with Chamiya's help. However, things get complicated when he learns that he has to compete with Prince Vinod, another suitor.

  • Saboot [28 February 1980 (India)]

    Dharamdas, a businessman, makes a deal pertaining to one of his factories with Dhanraj. However, when Dharamdas decides to call off the deal, Dhanraj devises an evil plan to get the factory.

  • Saudagar [1973]

    Moti abandons Majubee, his wife and business partner, after making money off her and marries Phoolbanu, the woman he truly loves. However, this act of betrayal proves costly for Moti.

  • Sawan Ki Ghata [22 May 1976 (India)]

    Two childhood friends, Gopal and Seema, meet after several years to rekindle the love between them. However, Seema's father is not happy as he seems to have a different agenda.

  • Seema [1971]

    Seema is convinced that all those who love her will meet with an early grave. After losing her parents and her husband, she is sure of her ill fate and decides to keep her child away from herself.

  • Sher Puttar [Subhash C. Bhakri]

    Sher Singh, a CID inspector, is resolute to hunt down his father's assassins. The situation turns complex when he discovers that Radha, his childhood love's father, is one of the assassins.

  • Sultana Daku [1972]

    Sultana Daku is a 1972 Bollywood drama film directed by Mohammed Hussain. The film stars Helen Jairag Richardson and Dara Singh. This movie is based on a person named Sultana who fought against British imperialists who used to torture Indians. Sultana Daku ka quila is located in Najibabad city, Bijnor district.

  • Sultanat [11 March 1986 (India)]

    Sultan, a brave warrior, tries to win the affections of Yasmin, a beautiful woman. However, his life turns upside-down when his father is killed by a general who he then swears revenge against.

  • Sunghursh [27 July 1968]

    Bhawani Prasad, a criminal who poses as a holy man and is estranged from his wife and son, forcibly takes his grandson, Kundan, with him to follow in his footsteps.

  • Us Paar [1974 (India)]

    On his father's behest, Mohan, a college student returns to his village. Here he falls in love with local gypsy girl, who reciprocates his feelings. But she is betrothed to another.

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FAQs About Padma Khanna

What is birthdate of Padma Khanna?

- 10 March 1949.

What is BirthPlace of Padma Khanna?

- Varanasi.

What is Nationality of Padma Khanna?

- .

What is Height of Padma Khanna?

- .

What is Age of Padma Khanna?

- 75.

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