Bonnie Morgan

Bonnie Morgan
Name : Bonnie Morgan
Birth Date :NA
Birth Place :NA
Nationality :NA

Bonnie Patricia Morgan is a female contortionist and actress.

Bonnie Morgan Movies and TV Shows

  • Bedeviled [10 May 2017 (Indonesia)]

    Terror strikes when five teens download a malevolent app that uses their deepest, darkest fears to torment them.

  • Big Time Rush [David Kendall, Jonathan A. Rosenbaum, Joe Menendez]

  • Bubble Boy [24 August 2001 (USA)]

    A man born without an immune system starts living life inside a physical bubble. When he learns that the girl whom he loves is about to get married, he builds a portable bubble to get to her.

  • Disappearing Bakersfield [Sophiah Koikas]

    Moving back home proves difficult for Darris Blue, who unwittingly winds up in a small, strange town known as Disappearing Bakersfield.

  • Fear Clinic [22 October 2014]

    Five people with incurable phobias seek treatment in a machine that animates their fears, but unbeknown to them, the machine's operator harbours an entity which feeds on terror.

  • Fright Night [17 August 2011 (Hollywood)]

    Following several deaths in his neighbourhood, Charley starts suspecting that his neighbour Jerry is a vampire. The only person willing to help him is Peter, a man who claims to be a vampire killer.

  • Goldy, el oso marchoso [John Quinn]

  • Hap and Leonard [Tim Southam]

  • Inferno by Dante [25 November 2013]

    Dante's Hell Animated is a 2013 American animated short film produced and directed by Boris Acosta. The story is based on the first part of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy – Inferno.

  • Maro [Michael P. Tedford]

  • Meth Head [7 March 2013 (USA)]

    An accountant (Lukas Haas) begins a downward spiral when he befriends a hard-partying couple (Blake Berris, Necar Zadegan) who get him hooked on drugs.

  • Minority Report [2 August 2002 (India)]

    A future technology makes it possible for cops to catch criminals before a crime is committed. John Anderton is accused of one such crime and sets out to prove his innocence.

  • Piranha 3D [3 September 2010 (India)]

    After an earthquake splits a lake floor, a swarm of ancient piranhas are released. A group of strangers come together to stop themselves from becoming the victims of these deadly predators.

  • Rings [1 February 2017 (France)]

    Julia fights to protect her boyfriend Holt, who watches a cursed video that kills the viewer in seven days. She finds out that there is a hidden message inside the video, which might be the solution.

  • Sorority Pillow Fight [22 March 2011]

  • The Arcadian [28 April 2011]

    The Arcadian is an American science fiction feature film set in a post-apocalyptic world. Plot elements have not been revealed, but official press releases have stated, "The Arcadian" follows “The Lighthouse Keeper” on a story of revenge and redemption in a strange future world reminiscent of wild 1970s pop sci-fi.

  • The Burrowers [9 September 2008]

    When a family in an old west frontier town goes missing one night, two military veterans organize a posse to track them down. They realize the settlers were taken by nightmarish creatures.

  • The Devil Inside [2 March 2012 (India)]

    Twenty years after her mother, Maria Rossi, had committed a triple murder, during an exorcism performed on her, and was sent to a mental hospital, Isabella decides to make a documentary on exorcisms.

  • The Last Witch Hunter [13 October 2015 (NY)]

    Kaulder, an immortal witch hunter, has to face the Witch Queen once again after hunting down her minions for centuries by himself.

  • The Magic of the Golden Bear: Goldy III [1994]

    A failing magician (Cheech Marin) tries to trick an orphan girl (Bonnie Morgan) out of her pet bear.

  • The Magician [26 December 1958 (Russia)]

    Albert Emanuel Vogler, a traveling magician, is in the news due to the supernatural element in his performances. To find out the truth, the leading townspeople decide to test him and his team.

  • The Pool Boy [Katy Kurtzman]

  • The Ring Two [17 March 2005 (Portugal)]

    After the ordeal with Samara, Rachel and Aiden move to a rural town. But soon Rachel learns about the death of a girl in a similar fashion. To save Aiden, she must dig into Samara's past even further.

  • Threshold [Paul Johnstone]

  • Transylmania [18 November 2009 (USA)]

    College students arrive at a Romanian castle for a semester abroad, unaware that the place is infested with vampires.

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What is birthdate of Bonnie Morgan?

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