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Prema Narayan is a Model and Bollywood actress-dancer. She has acted in Hindi and Bengali cinema. She was the Femina Miss India World 1971

Prema Narayan
Name : Prema Narayan
Birth Date : 04 April 1955
Birth Place : Kalimpong
Nationality :
Height : 1.68 m
Occupation : Actress

and represented India at Miss World 1971.

Prema Narayan Movies and TV Shows

  • Aafat [1977 (India)]

    CBI officer Amar investigates the case of an elusive gangster. Helping him in this matter is police inspector Chhaya. Eventually, Amar is suspended and Chhaya is left alone to solve the case.

  • Aangan Ki Kali [1979]

    Aangan Ki Kali is a 1979 Bollywood film directed by Harsh Koli. Music is by Bappi Lahiri. This is one of the few Hindi films that deals with adoption.

  • Amanush [21 March 1975 (India)]

    Madhusudan, who is in love with Lekha, is falsely accused and imprisoned. When he fails to prove his innocence to Lekha, he becomes an alcoholic.

  • Anand Ashram [1977]

    Pratap Narain admonishes his son, Dr Deepak, for marrying Asha, a poor girl, against his wishes. Months later, his employee, Girdhari, brings home an abandoned child, with whom Pratap grows close.

  • Angaaray [5 December 1997 (India)]

    Inspector Amar faces a dilemma when he catches two criminals, Raja and Krishna, who are also battling corruption and crime in their respective ways.

  • Baazi [2001 (India)]

    Oriya movie, starring Bijay Mohanty, Anita Das.

  • Balika Badhu [1976]

    Amal, a young boy, is married to Rajni at a tender age. While their love blooms with time, Amal's world is shattered when his teacher gets arrested on charges of being a freedom fighter.

  • Bandie [Alo Sircar]

    Unable to conceive an heir, Maharaj Brajbhan and his wife are forced to leave the throne for his cousin, Vikram. Chaos ensues when Vikram learns that the queen is pregnant and decides to kill her.

  • Barsaat Ki Ek Raat [20 February 1981 (India)]

    Rajini, a blind woman, marries Abhijit, an inspector, after he puts a violent thug named Kaaliram behind bars. However, their married life later turns into a nightmare when Kaaliram is released.

  • Bhago Bhut Aaya [21 June 1985 (India)]

    Manorama designates her niece as the sole heir to her property. However, their palatial house is soon filled with spooky events, odd visitors and Manorama too begins to behave strangely.

  • Biwi-O-Biwi [29 May 1981 (India)]

    Overcome with his love for Asha, singer Chandermohan masquerades as an army officer when her father, a retired military officer, refuses to let her marry a civilian.

  • Choron Ki Baaraat [23 May 1980 (India)]

    Anju, a beautiful and spoilt woman, falls in love with a mysterious man, Shekhar. However, with time she realises that he has other motives.

  • Do Ladke Dono Kadke [1994 (India)]

    To cure their sick daughter, a couple travel to a village to clean a well used by the upper caste families. Little do they know that the well harbours demons of men and women who have been killed.

  • Ghar [9 February 1978 (India)]

    Vikas and Arti's lives are jeopardised after they get attacked and Arti is gang-raped. Thereafter, the couple faces trauma, social taboo and their own awkwardness for each other.

  • Guru Ho Jaa Shuru [6 July 1979 (India)]

    In a bid to kill CBI inspector Kumar, Garga, who is a runaway convict, plants explosives on railway tracks. The blast separates all the family members from each other.

  • Haiwan [1977]

    When the bodies of several women are found in the city, the police start an investigation to find the serial killer who is targeting young working individuals.

  • Hamari Bahu Alka [12 January 1982 (India)]

    A man gets his son married but as the son's exams are due, he does not let the couple spend time together. As a result, the young couple plan to run away under a pretext, but fate has other plans.

  • Hotel [5 April 2002 (United Kingdom)]

    In Venice, Italy, a collection of strangers at a hotel vary from strange to corrupt to disturbed. A film crew from the U.K. is in the process of filming a take on the play "The Duchess of Malfi" by John Webster, while a documentarian records their work behind the scenes. A tour guide (Julian Sands) is hiding something. A call girl establishes herself as a hotel presence, and maids practice strange acts and behaviors. Meanwhile, an assassin (Andrea Di Stefano) frequents the hotel after jobs.… MORE

  • Jab Andheraa Hota Hai [3 June 1974 (India)]

    A night, about a girl who cannot sleep at night as her father is against her marrying a smuggler, a man who drowns his sorrows in liquor and lastly where young beautiful girls are murdered.

  • Jhoothi [23 September 1985 (India)]

    Kalpana is a compulsive liar who believes that lying is justified for good causes. However, she lands in trouble while arranging dates for her siblings.

  • Jhutha Sach [16 November 1984 (India)]

    After their mother's death, Bhishan and Charudatta get their father Vijay married to Alka. However, they are unaware that their happiness is short-lived.

  • Joshilaay [10 February 1989]

    Jogi Thakur and his partner Raja Singh abduct Dara and separate him from his family and murder Karan's family. Later, Dara and Karan befriend each other and decide to take revenge.

  • Karate [1983]

    A scientist creates a diamond that can focus sun-rays to burn through anything. A thief wants the diamond so kills the scientist. His sons separated at birth need to find each other to kill the thief.

  • Karm [20 May 1988 (India)]

    Phiroj and Pesi are close friends and both fall in love with Jeroo but Phiroj decides to walk away and lets Pesi marry her. Years later, he returns and discovers a shocking secret.

  • Khoj [1989]

    A man's wife goes missing and another woman who claims to be his wife enters his life. Although he continues to deny being her husband, she produces many evidences that prove him wrong.

  • Kissi Se Na Kehna [8 July 1983]

    Ramesh is in love with the well-educated Ramola, a doctor, but his father wishes him to get married to a simple woman. So Ramola portrays herself as a naive village belle to get his approval.

  • Lahu Ke Do Rang [28 September 1979 (India)]

    Inspector Raj Singh sets out to avenge his father who was killed by Shankar. However, he is shocked when he discovers that he has a stepbrother who now works for the culprit.

  • Maa Bahen Aur Biwi [1974 (India)]

    Maa Bahen Aur Biwi is a 1974 Bollywood drama film directed by Harbans Kumar.

  • Madhu Malti [1978]

    A college professor encourages two students to play Romeo and Juliet. But the two fall in love and are driven away by the traditional morality of the town.

  • Manzilein Aur Bhi Hain [1974]

    Manzilein Aur Bhi Hain is a 1974 Bollywood crime thriller film directed by Mahesh Bhatt, and starring Kabir Bedi, Prema Narayan and Gulshan Arora in lead roles. The directorial debut film was about two fugitives and their relationship with a prostitute.

  • Mera Damad [8 March 1995 (India)]

    Jai's father asks him to meet Sunita before getting married to her. However, complications arise when Jai falls in love with Kimi, while on his way to Sunita's village.

  • Mere Saath Chal [1974 (India)]

    Mere Saath Chal is a black and white 1974 Bollywood drama film directed by Suresh Kumar Sharma.

  • Mukti [14 August 1977 (India)]

    Seema and her daughter relocate to Bombay after her husband is falsely implicated in a murder case and sentenced to death. Years later, after she remarries, her husband returns to meet his family.

  • Muqaddar Ka Faisla [29 May 1987]

    A priest is framed and imprisoned for embezzlement and rape, which leaves his family in destitution. After his release, penniless and homeless, he sets out to seek revenge.

  • Nagin [19 January 1976 (India)]

    A female shape-shifting serpent takes various human forms to trick and murder the group of friends who brutally killed her lover during their hunting party.

  • Pataal Bhairavi []

  • Ponga Pandit [1975]

    Neelkanth Pandey and Shambhu Nath get their children married to each other when they are very young. Years later, when the children are grown up, the girl refuses to accept the relationship.

  • Prem Bandhan [19 January 1979 (India)]

    Kishan, who is married to Mahua, goes to the city and does not return home. Worried, Mahua sets out in search of Kishan, only to find out that he is now a wealthy man living under a new identity.

  • Pyar Ka Mandir [24 March 1988 (India)]

    A man takes the blame of a crime in return for money to get his sister married and educate his brothers. After his release he goes to meet his brothers who are doing well in life, but they reject him.

  • Romance [15 November 1929]

    Irene, victim of a loveless marriage, falls in love with Andre, a young lawyer. However, after facing endless number of problems and tragedies, she finally manages to find happiness with Andre.

  • Satte Pe Satta [22 January 1982 (India)]

    Indu, a nurse, loves Ravi and marries him. However, his uncivilised brothers create trouble for her, making her set out to improve their mannerisms.

  • Surakksha [22 June 1979 (India)]

    An undercover CBI agent, Gopi, tries to solve the mystery of the death of a junior colleague who left behind a letter with mysterious initials written on it.

  • Suryaa: An Awakening [Shirish Rane]

    A middle-aged woman, Vandana Sarpotdar, whose daughter suffers from leukaemia, leaves no stone unturned to cure her when she realises that a bone marrow transplant is needed to save her.

  • Swarg Narak [21 December 1978]

    Three married couples face several challenges in their respective relationships. However, they are determined to resolve their issues and lead happy lives with their partners.

  • Sweekar Kiya Maine [23 March 1984 (India)]

    A minister's barber is chosen to stand in the upcoming elections in place of the minister. His deceased wife's sister who looks after his children watches on as his life changes drastically.

  • Thanedaar [10 December 1990 (India)]

    Two brothers are separated after the death of their police inspector dad. Fatefully, one joins the underworld while the other follows in his father's footsteps. Years later they meet as opponents.

  • The Desires [6 November 1981]

    A man fights to free India from the British rule. He tries to save his lady love from a bomb blast, for which he is responsible, but goes crashing down with the bridge when it explodes.

  • Udhar Ka Sindur [15 October 1976 (India)]

    Rajkumar, an adopted son of Dr Shivnath, borrows money from several moneylenders throughout his life. However, when his father is unable to repay his debts, he plans to marry a rich girl.

  • Umrao Jaan [31 August 2011 (India)]

    An Indian mother tries to inculcate traditional Indian values and her own set of ethics in her children as they prepare for marriage.

  • Ustadi Ustad Se [26 February 1982 (India)]

    When Seema loses her childhood love Rajesh in a flood and is reunited with him years later, the couple decides to marry. But on the wedding day, a woman shows up with a child, claiming to be his wife.

  • Woh Jo Hasina [1 July 1983 (India)]

    When Radheshyam is falsely accused of a murder he did not commit, he gets separated from his daughter. Years later, his daughter falls in love with the son of the man who was murdered.

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FAQs About Prema Narayan

What is birthdate of Prema Narayan?

- 04 April 1955.

What is BirthPlace of Prema Narayan?

- Kalimpong.

What is Nationality of Prema Narayan?

- .

What is Height of Prema Narayan?

- 1.68 m.

What is Age of Prema Narayan?

- 68.

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