Deepali Bhosale

Deepali Bhosale
Name : Deepali Bhosale
Deepali Bhosale Sayyed
Birth Date :1 April 1978
Birth Place :india
Nationality :Indian
Height:1.65 m

Deepali Bhosale sayyed is an marathi actress.

Deepali Bhosale Movies and TV Shows

  • Bola Alakh Niranjan [Ghanshyam Vishnupant Yede]

    Due to work commitments, Amol, an atheist, shifts to a small village with Aditi. They come across Chaitanya, whose stories alter Anmol's perspective of religion.

  • Chashme Bahaddar [September 2006 (Maharashtra)]

    Rajaram leads a simple life with his family in a haunted chawl. When Parveen Dholakia, a builder, learns about the chawl, he decides to vacate the place and redevelop it for his benefit.

  • Chatur Navra Chikni Baiko [Pravin Shetye, Sunil Naik]

    Raja, a conman, and Mahesh, a doctor, get a shock of their life when they discover that they are lookalikes. However, they decide to switch identities and exchange their lives with each other.

  • Durga Mhantat Mala [Raju Parsekar]

  • Durga Mhantyat Mala [Raju Parsekar]

    Durga hails from a good family and gets married to a cultured man. However, she soon faces torture and abuse from her husband's family but decides to fight back and seek justice.

  • Gargi [1h 41m]

    Gargi, who hails from a middle-class family, lives alone. In a bid to meet her desires and fill the void in her life, she hires a gigolo for a night.

  • Houn Jau De [Vijy Saatghare]

    When Sitaram Patil, a well-respected man, decides to get his grandson married, everyone in town begins to voice their opinion on what the perfect bride should be like.

  • Jau Tithe Khau [8 February 2007 (India)]

    Mukund is in search of a job but is unable to find one since all the interviewers ask him for a bribe. Frustrated by the corrupt system, he decides to fight against it.

  • Kalshekar Aahet Ka? [Vijy Saatghare]

    Wealthy Kalshekhar is always suspicious that someone will try to kill him and grab his property. One day, a couple lands up at his bungalow for their honeymoon but starts experiencing eerie incidents.

  • Ladi Godi [Mahesh Tillekar]

    Rekha, Hema and Shridevi, three sisters who have strong reasons to hate men, meet three brothers who equally hate women. However, things change after their nieces fall in love with their nephews.

  • Lagnacha Dhumdhadaka [23 April 2007 (India)]

    Three men end up falling for the same girl, Meeta. Bharat falls for her charms, his elderly boss eyes her as a life partner and Sanju Bhai is swept away by her bravado.

  • Lagnachi Varat Londonchya Gharat [2009]

    Ganu is selected for the finals of a singing contest and flown to London for the finals. He falls in love with Muskan there.Shubha, his lover comes to know of this and comes to London to win him back.

  • Mumbaicha Dabewala [28 December 2007 ]

    Namdeo, who is a 'dabbawala', falls in love with a young lottery ticket seller, Hema. Their lives fall into danger when a terrorist hides a CD with confidential information in one of the tiffins.

  • Paisa Paisa [20 May 2016]

    With Rajiv's life on the line, his friend Ajay decides to help him by collecting a large sum of money in order to save his life before mending his failed marriage with Janhvi.

  • Sagla Karun Bhagle [2 December 2011 (India)]

    A man, who fights a lone battle against alcoholism that exists in his village, comes up with creative methods to eradicate alcoholism and achieve success.

  • Sasar Majhe Daivat [Sandeep Naware]

    Movie starring Kuldeep Pawar, Ramesh Bhatkar, Vijay Chavan and directed by Sandeep Manohar Navare.

  • Sasar Maze Daivat [Sandeep Naware]

  • Shegavicha Yogi Gajanan [28 August 2015]

    Bankatlal notices Gajanan Maharaj and soon gets impressed with his beliefs and kind behaviour. Gajanan Maharaj gets into trouble when he attracts the attention of a few evildoers in his village.

  • Welcome To Jungle [2013]

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QA About Deepali Bhosale

What is birthdate of Deepali Bhosale?

- 1 April 1978.

What is BirthPlace of Deepali Bhosale?

- india.

What is Nationality of Deepali Bhosale?

- Indian.

What is Height of Deepali Bhosale?

- 1.65 m.

What is Age of Deepali Bhosale?

- 42.

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