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Gloria Elizabeth Reuben is a Canadian actress, producer, and singer. She is known for her role as Jeanie Boulet on the medical drama ER, for which she was twice-nominated for an Emmy Award, and for portraying Elizabeth Keckley in the 2012 Academy Award-winning film Lincoln

Gloria Reuben
Name : Gloria Reuben
Birth Date : 09 June 1964
Birth Place : Toronto, Canada
Nationality :
Height : 1.72 m
Occupation : Actress

Gloria Reuben Movies and TV Shows

  • Admission [22 March 2013 (USA)]

    Portia Nathans, an admissions officer, meets a high school student about to enter college. She helps him tour Princeton, unaware that he may be the boy she gave up for adoption years ago.

  • Anesthesia [8 January 2016 (USA)]

    The lives of a self-destructive student (Kristen Stewart), a hard-drinking housewife (Gretchen Mol) and an impoverished junkie (K. Todd Freeman) are linked to the brutal attack of a Columbia University philosophy professor (Sam Waterston).

  • Betty and Coretta [2 February 2013]

    Coretta Scott King and Dr Betty Shabazz develop a friendship after the tragic deaths of their husbands; Dr Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X and through their strength and dignity they carried on the civil rights movement becoming role models for millions of women all over the world.

  • Cold Blooded [2000]

  • Confessions: Two Faces of Evil [Gilbert Cates]

    A lawyer (James Earl Jones) defends a student (Jason Bateman), linked with a drifter (James Wilder), to the Christmas Eve slaying of a Los Angeles policeman.

  • David and Lola [Danny Quinn]

  • Dead Air [6 October 1994]

    A distraught disc jockey whose girlfriend was murdered is haunted by nightmares and phone calls from the possible killer.

  • Deep in My Heart [14 February 1999]

    A black woman (Gloria Reuben) is reunited with her white birth mother 34 years after being given up for adoption (Anne Bancroft).

  • Every Day Is Christmas [24 November 2018]

    A self-proclaimed workaholic embraces the Christmas spirit when her past, present and future collide, forcing her to risk the one thing money can't buy: her heart.

  • Falling Skies [Steven Spielberg, Greg Beeman]

  • Flash III: Deadly Nightshade [1992]

  • Happy Face Killer [1 March 2014]

    Serial killer Keith Jesperson (David Arquette) murders at least eight women over a five-year span and taunts authorities with disturbing letters and scribbled confessions signed with a happy face.

  • Happy Here and Now [8 June 2002]

    After Muriel (Shalom Harlow) goes missing, her sister Amelia (Liane Balaban) tries to track her down. Aided by Bill (Clarence Williams III), a family friend and former CIA agent, Amelia finds out that Muriel had been having a lengthy Internet correspondence with a local man named Eddie (David Arquette). Once Bill and Amelia locate Eddie, an eccentric exterminator, and his brother Tom (Karl Geary), they find themselves even farther from Muriel than before.… MORE

  • Haunted [18 June 1996 (USA)]

    In turn-of-the-century England, a young boy watches helplessly as his sister drowns in a lake; 20 years later, David (Aidan Quinn), still wracked by guilt, is a professor of psychology and a professional skeptic. He receives a call from an elderly nanny named Tess (Anna Massey) who believes her household is haunted. Returning to the same village where his sister died, he meets Christina (Kate Beckinsale), Tess' charge. Soon, strange happenings and sad memories shake David's faith in reason.… MORE

  • Immediate Family [27 October 1989]

    A pregnant Lucy promises to give her child to an elderly couple when she meets them at an adoption agency. But she refuses to part with the baby once it is born.

  • Indiscreet [26 June 1958 (USA)]

    Anna Kalman, an actress, fails to find love in her life. Later, she meets Philip Adams, a financier, and falls in love with him. Her life changes when she learns that Philip is married.

  • Jean of the Joneses [13 March 2016]

    Chaos ensues after the estranged patriarch of the Jones family dies on the doorstep. When the paramedic who answers the 911 call tries to win over acerbic Jean Jones, his attempts are disrupted by old conflicts that come to a boil at the funeral.

  • Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt [20 May 2012]

    When a shocking double murder rocks the quiet town of Paradise, retired alcoholic cop Jesse Stone is forced back into action at the request of the town council.

  • Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost [22 May 2011]

    Even after being replaced by William Butler as the police chief, Jesse Stone unofficially continues the investigation of two criminal cases. This creates tensions between him and Butler.

  • Jesse Stone: Lost In Paradise [2015]

    Retired Police Chief Jesse Stone is asked to work as a consultant on an unsolved murder case in Boston. Local police suspect the Boston Ripper is to blame, but Stone's experience and expertise is needed to crack the case.

  • Jesse Stone: Zagubiony w raju [Robert Harmon]

  • Johnny's Girl [27 May 1995]

    After her mother is sent to a mental hospital, Amy (Mia Kirshner) is forced to move from sunny Los Angeles to live with her father, Johnny (Treat Williams), in Alaska. There, he's the owner of a shady nightclub where things tend to get rowdy. It isn't easy for Amy to adjust to her new life, and soon she's anxious to return to the lower 48 states. But after a little while, the Alaskan frontier and her irresponsible -- yet endearing -- dad begin growing on her.… MORE

  • Kettle of Fish [27 April 2006]

    Mel sublets his apartment to a girl when he moves in with his girlfriend but returns when they break up. Soon, they develop a co-dependent relationship even as he pursues his much-married new crush.

  • Life Support [26 January 2007]

    After being diagnosed with HIV, Ana Wallace does not lose hope. She joins an AIDS group and helps people come to terms with their illness.

  • Lincoln [8 February 2013 (India)]

    Abraham Lincoln uses his powers as the president of the United States of America as he strives to abolish slavery and reunite his country during the Civil War.

  • Little John [13 April 2001]

    As an American student in India studying the country's ancient architecture, John (Bentley Mitchum) spends his time researching artifacts in temples when he's not staying with a friend's family in town. When John is accused of stealing a priceless work of art, he goes to Swamiji (Anupam Kher), a temple groundskeeper, for help. Intending to turn John invisible, Swamiji accidentally shrinks him to miniature size, and now John needs to find the missing relic to be restored to his original form.… MORE

  • Macbeth in Manhattan [Greg Lombardo]

    When the lead (David Lansbury) in "Macbeth" is given a lesser role so another actor (Nick Gregory) can have his part, their lives begin to mirror the play.

  • Marvel's Cloak & Dagger - Season 1 [Joe Pokaski]

  • Nick of Time [22 November 1995 (USA)]

    Gene Watson, an accountant, finds himself facing his worst fears when he is ordered to kill a governor, failing which his daughter will be killed.

  • Our Father [5 September 2008 (India)]

    A Mexican boy smuggles himself to Brooklyn to meet his long-lost father - only to have his individuality stolen upon arrival by an impostor who wants to steal his father's fortune.

  • Percy & Thunder [1993]

    An ex-boxer (James Earl Jones) guides a middleweight contender (Courtney B. Vance) through glamour and corruption to a shot at the title.

  • Pilgrim [31 March 2000]

    Jack wakes up with amnesia and soon meets Vicky, a beautiful artist. As he pieces together his past through flashbacks, he soon finds himself evading a violent gangster.

  • PoliWood [1 May 2009]

    Oscar-winning director Barry Levinson documents the 2008 Republican and Democratic National Conventions and examines the way in which celebrity and politics have become inextricably intertwined in the United States. Featuring interviews with Anne Hathaway, Susan Sarandon, Sting and other politically active entertainers, Levinson presents a wide-ranging dialogue on subjects that include Hollywood's left-leaning tendencies, the role of television news, arts education and more.… MORE

  • Raising The Bar [Jesse Bochco, Eric Laneuville]

  • Reasonable Doubt [17 January 2014 (USA)]

    When Mitch, a budding DA, gets involved in a deadly hit-and-run case, events lead to Clinton's capture by the police. Mitch ensures Clinton's acquittal but then realises the latter's guilty past.

  • Salem Witch Trials [2002]

    Salem Witch Trials is a 2003 American-Canadian made-for-television historical drama film directed by Joseph Sargent and starring Kirstie Alley and Alan Bates. It is a dramatization of the Salem witch trials.

  • Shadowhunter [1993]

    A homicide detective on the verge of retirement, is sent into Arizona to track down a mystic murderer and transport him back to the city.

  • Shaft [16 June 2000 (USA)]

    New York City police detective John Shaft goes on a personal mission to make sure the son of a real estate tycoon is brought to justice after a racially-motivated murder.

  • Sole Survivor [2000]

    Sole Survivor also known as Dean Koontz's Sole Survivor is a Canadian Science Fiction Thriller film/mini-series adaptation of Dean Koontz's 1997 novel of the same name, made and released in 2000 and directed by Mikael Salomon.

  • The Breaks [26 February 1999 (USA)]

    A black woman (Loretta Devine) gives her adopted Irish son (Mitch Mullany) a seemingly simple task to complete by evening.

  • The Feast of All Saints [11 November 2001]

    A biracial man is caught between white privilege and black oppression in 19th-century New Orleans.

  • The Jesus Rolls [21 November 2012 (France)]

    In 1920s Landes, France, Therese Larroque, a thoughtful and independent young woman, marries her best friend's brother in the belief she wants a normal life and that marriage will change her.

  • The Longest Ride [10 April 2015 (USA)]

    The spark between Luke and Sophia fades away owing to their conflicting career paths. Subsequently, an older man, Ira, tries to show them the rewards of resolving relationship barriers.

  • The Music in Me [John Bradshaw]

    After sacrificing her singing career for her family, a woman (Debbie Gibson) gets to relive her dream by becoming a choir director for a local church.

  • The Sentinel [21 April 2006 (USA)]

    A disgraced secret service agent strives to prove his innocence in a murder case, putting him in conflict with his protege. He simultaneously tries to stop another assassination from taking place.

  • The Understudy [25 June 2008]

    Rebecca works as an understudy to a vapid starlet, and has to listen to her complain about her perfect life. Tired of being an understudy, Rebecca decides she will kill her way to the top.

  • Timecop [16 September 1994 (USA)]

    Max Walker, a cop, is assigned to the Time Enforcement commission, a new law enforcement agency. But when his wife is killed, he must go back in time to fight a corrupt politician.

  • Urgencias [Christopher Chulack, Jonathan Kaplan, Richard Thorpe]

  • Voodoo Dawn [24 January 1991]

    College buddies and a migrant worker (Gina Gershon) find black magic happening at a Southern plantation.

  • Who We Are Now [25 May 2018 (USA)]

    Recently released from prison, Beth is working with her public defender to get her son back from her sister, who was awarded legal custody while Beth was incarcerated for 10 years. Soon after, Beth forms an unlikely alliance with Jess, an idealistic young protégé of the public defense team who decides to take on Beth's cause whether she likes it or not.

  • Wild Orchid II: Two Shades of Blue [31 October 1991 (Portugal)]

    Set in the late 50s, the daughter of a jazz musician is left homeless and penniless when her father dies in a heroin-induced car accident. To make ends meet, she begins to work as a call girl for a high-class madame with society's elite as her clientele.

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FAQs About Gloria Reuben

What is birthdate of Gloria Reuben?

- 09 June 1964.

What is BirthPlace of Gloria Reuben?

- Toronto, Canada.

What is Nationality of Gloria Reuben?

- .

What is Height of Gloria Reuben?

- 1.72 m.

What is Age of Gloria Reuben?

- 59.

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