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Jacqueline "Jackie" Burroughs was an English-born Canadian actress

Jackie Burroughs
Name : Jackie Burroughs
Birth Date : 02 February 1939
Birth Place : Lancashire, United Kingdom
Nationality :
Height :
Occupation : Actress

Jackie Burroughs Movies and TV Shows

  • 125 Rooms of Comfort [7 November 1974]

    Forced to sell a hotel he inherited, an institutionalized former rock star (Tim Henry) finds returning an unsettling experience.

  • A Guy Thing [2014]

  • A Judgement in Stone [13 May 1986]

    When people discover a Canadian couple's (Ross Petty, Shelley Peterson) British housekeeper (Rita Tushingham) cannot read or write, she kills.

  • A Winter Tan [1 September 1988 (West Germany)]

    This re-creates New York feminist Maryse Holder's (Jackie Burroughs) fatal, hedonistic travels in Mexico.

  • An Avonlea Christmas [13 December 1998]

    While Felix is away at the War the people of Avonlea try to have a good Christmas, but Miss King is suddenly badly hurt and she may not live.

  • Anne of Green Gables [1 December 1985]

    A couple expect to adopt an orphan boy - not an impetuous red-headed girl.

  • Bailey's Billion$ [August 2005]

    An animal behaviorist/billionaire finds he can talk to his loving dog Bailey--but only he can hear the canine. When the billionaire dies he leaves his wealth for Bailey.

  • Bleeders [31 July 1997]

    A man tries to eradicate a clan of hermaphroditic monsters that feeds on human blood and corpses.

  • Careful [4 December 1997 (Belgium)]

    The mountain-village passions of a German widow (Gosia Dobrowolska) and her sons unfold in the style of a 1920s movie.

  • Cavedweller [4 May 2004]

    A traumatic event sends a musician back to her hometown in an effort to reunite with the daughters she abandoned, but first she must confront the abusive ex-husband she fled five years earlier.

  • Deck the Halls [22 November 2006 (USA)]

    Steve and his new neighbour, Buddy, try to outdo each other in decorating their houses for Christmas. However, Buddy's extravagantly-decorated house overshadows Steve's, causing a conflict.

  • Dulcima [October 1969]

    Dulcima is a 1969 Canadian television film directed by Matt Segal. The film stars Jackie Burroughs as Dulcima, a carefree girl who begins working on a run-down farm in rural Ontario owned by the miserly Mr. Parker.

  • Elizabeth Smart: On the Side of the Angels [1991]

  • Elvis Meets Nixon [10 August 1997]

    Elvis Presley (Rick Peters) travels alone to Washington, D.C., in December 1970 and meets the president (Bob Gunton) of the United States. Dick Cavett narrates.

  • Evidence of Blood [1998]

    When a prize winning author of true crimes returns to his home town, he gets involved in a forty year old murder case. Together with the daughter of the accused, he sets out to unravel the truth.

  • Fever Pitch [6 April 2005 (USA)]

    Ben spends most of his time watching Boston Red Sox matches while his girlfriend, Lindsay, feels she is being taken for granted.

  • Final Notice [1989]

    A private eye (Gil Gerard) protects a librarian (Melody Anderson) while searching the art world for a killer of women.

  • First Snow [23 March 2007 (USA)]

    Salesman Jimmy Starks's car breaks down in a small town in New Mexico. There, he visits a fortune teller, Vacaro, who tells dark secrets about his life and the fate that awaits him.

  • Food of the Gods II [19 May 1989]

    Giant rats overrun a Canadian college after a scientist's accelerated growth serum spills into the sewers.

  • Gentle Sinners [Eric Till]

    A young man (Christopher Earle) robs and runs away from his religious-zealot parents in 1950s rural Manitoba.

  • Going the Distance [20 August 2004]

    Nick (Christopher Jacot) is a successful young man whose comfortable West Coast life couldn't be better. However, when his girlfriend falls under the influence of lecherous music producer Lenny Swackhammer (Jason Priestley), Nick impulsively decides to travel to Toronto to intervene. Nick's buddies Tyler (Shawn Roberts) and Dime (Ryan Belleville) opt to turn the quest into a cross-country road trip that's complete with wacky antics and encounters with beautiful women.… MORE

  • Heavy Metal [29 July 1981 (USA)]

    In this five-part animated feature, an evil glowing green orb travels through space and time, spreading violence and discord.

  • Heidi [26 December 1998]

    A U.S. millionaire (Matthew Modine) courts a European noblewoman (Aisling O'Sullivan) of diminished wealth, whose pride, heritage and disapproving mother (Diana Rigg) prevent her from marrying him.

  • Higglety Pigglety Pop! or There Must Be More to Life [2 March 2010 (USA)]

    Jennie is a little terrier who has everything: a cosy home, good food and a loving owner. However, she knows that life is much more to life and decides to embark on a journey to live new experiences.

  • How Dinosaurs Learned To Fly [1995 (Canada)]

  • John and the Missus [10 December 1986]

    In 1962, the residents of a small town in Newfoundland make plans to relocate when the government shuts down a nearby copper mine, the sole source of work in the close-knit community. But obstinate miner John Munn (Gordon Pinsent) -- with the support of his "Missus" (Jackie Burroughs) and their son, Matt (Randy Follett) -- refuses the settlement payout offered to the locals, instead choosing to stay behind in a seemingly futile attempt to rescue his ancestral home.… MORE

  • King's Ransom [21 April 2005]

    To avoid a huge divorce settlement, Malcolm King comes up with a plan to stage his own kidnapping. Things do not go as planned when greed creeps in and King finds himself in some serious trouble.

  • Last Night [30 December 2010 (Germany)]

    The story revolves around Michael who goes on a business trip with his attractive colleague and spends a night with her. Meanwhile, Joanna, his wife, encounters a former lover.

  • Lost and Delirious [6 July 2001 (USA)]

    "Lost and Delirious" is about the friendship of three teenagers and how they experience it in a private school. Throughout the film, the lost girls question their relationships with one another and the authority of others while desperately attempting to seek out true love.

  • Martha: Behind Bars [25 September 2005]

    Convicted of obstruction of justice, Martha Stewart (Cybill Shepherd) serves five months in prison, then five months of house arrest.

  • Monkeys in the Attic [Morley Markson]

    A pizza-delivery boy enters a Toronto house shared by two wild artists and a conservative couple.

  • Notes for a Film About Donna and Gail [1966]

    Notes for a Film About Donna & Gail is a Canadian drama film, directed by Don Owen and released in 1966. The film centres on Donna and Gail, two young women who work together at a dress factory and live together as roommates, tracing the evolution and decline of their friendship in a documentary-style format.

  • On Their Knees [11 September 2001]

    Reunited after their grandmother dies, estranged half-sisters (Anais Granofsky, Ingrid Veninger) try to take her body back to the East Coast.

  • Out of Our Father's House [2 August 1978]

    Out of Our Father's House is a 1978 episode of PBS's Great Performances series. This episode was first broadcast on 2 August 1978 on PBS. The movie is a televised play of the work by Eve Merriam. The play is about six real-life leaders of the women's suffrage movement.

  • Overdrawn at the Memory Bank [Mystery Science Theater 3000]

    A futuristic rebel (Raul Julia) becomes a Humphrey Bogart character after watching repeated reruns of "Casablanca."

  • Re-Generation [2004]

    A doctor (Peter Stebbings) travels to a remote Canadian town to restore limbs to the cherished daughter (Ingrid Veninger) of an unprincipled man.

  • Rhinoceros Eyes [2003]

    An eccentric recluse (Michael Pitt) becomes unhinged while going to great lengths to supply a production designer (Paige Turco) with movie props.

  • Small Town Murder Songs [18 February 2011 (Toronto)]

    An ex-lover and her suspicious boyfriend complicate a troubled cop's (Peter Stormare) investigation of his small town's first murder in decades.

  • Snow [8 October 2008 (France)]

  • The Care Bears Movie [23 March 1985 (Canada)]

    This animated movie, featuring the popular children's characters, begins with orphanage manager Mr. Cherrywood (Mickey Rooney) telling a story about the Care Bears. In it, a young magician's assistant falls prey to an evil spirit (Jackie Burroughs) intent on destroying all happiness in the world. It is then up to a group of Care Bears, including Friend Bear and Love-a-Lot Bear, with help from a couple of orphans, to stop the spirit using their caring powers.… MORE

  • The Dead Zone [21 October 1983 (Canada)]

    When Johnny Smith (Christopher Walken) awakens from a coma caused by a car accident, he finds that years have passed, and he now has psychic abilities. Heartbroken that his girlfriend (Brooke Adams) has moved on with her life, Johnny also must contend with his unsettling powers, which allow him to see a person's future with a mere touch. After shaking the hand of aspiring politician Greg Stillson (Martin Sheen), Johnny sees the danger presented by the candidate's rise and resolves to kill him.… MORE

  • The Ernie Game [8 May 1970 (Spain)]

    Would-be writer Ernie Turner (Alexis Kanner) is having a hard time adjusting to society following his release from a mental institution. Ernie's combination of self-righteousness and condescension makes him difficult to get along with, and his psychological state begins to unravel as he becomes more alienated. When he loses his apartment, he turns to both his ex-girlfriend and his current girlfriend for comfort, ultimately taking emotional and financial advantage of both women.… MORE

  • The Grey Fox [16 December 1982 (Canada)]

    In this film based on a true story, Bill Miner (Richard Farnsworth) is a fearless stagecoach robber in the days of the Wild West. After he is arrested and jailed for more than 30 years, he re-emerges into a bustling new world. But Miner cannot give up his old ways. Soon he pulls off a successful railway heist and goes on the lam in British Columbia, where he falls for bold photographer Katherine Flynn (Jackie Burroughs). But Miner was not built for settling down.… MORE

  • The Midday Sun [Lulu Keating]

    A young Canadian woman (Isabelle Mejias) joins a priest's (George Seremba) African mission and has an affair with a German minister (Robert Bockstael).

  • The Republic of Love [13 February 2004 (Canada)]

    Divorced three times, a disc jockey (Bruce Greenwood) falls for a curator (Emilia Fox) who has a boring boyfriend.

  • The Sentinel [21 April 2006 (USA)]

    A disgraced secret service agent strives to prove his innocence in a murder case, putting him in conflict with his protege. He simultaneously tries to stop another assassination from taking place.

  • The Surrogate [2 November 1984]

    Stabbings seem to go with an angry car salesman (Art Hindle), his wife (Shannon Tweed) and their leather-clad sex surrogate (Carole Laure).

  • The Undergrads [Steven Hilliard Stern]

    A college student (Chris Makepeace) rescues his grandfather (Art Carney) from a rest home, then has him for a partner in pursuit of a diploma.

  • The Wars [20 March 1983 (West Germany)]

    An affluent man (Brent Carver) leaves Toronto for boot camp in Alberta, followed by Montreal and World War I.

  • The Winning Season [3 September 2010 (USA)]

    Bill Greaves, an alcoholic, gets a chance to bring his life back on track when a friend, Terry, offers him a job to coach a high school girls' basketball team.

  • Willard [14 March 2003 (USA)]

    Willard, a social misfit, is stuck between taking care of his abusive mother and a cruel boss. When he realises his unusual connection with rats, he decides to use them to his advantage.

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FAQs About Jackie Burroughs

What is birthdate of Jackie Burroughs?

- 02 February 1939.

What is BirthPlace of Jackie Burroughs?

- Lancashire, United Kingdom.

What is Nationality of Jackie Burroughs?

- .

What is Height of Jackie Burroughs?

- .

What is Age of Jackie Burroughs?

- 85.

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