Kazue Fukiishi

Kazue Fukiishi
Name : Kazue Fukiishi
Birth Date :28 September 1982
Birth Place :Osaka, Japan
Nationality :NA
Height:1.69 m

Kazue Fukiishi is a Japanese actress and former gravure idol. She won the award for best supporting actress at the 28th Yokohama Film Festival for What the Snow Brings, Tegami, and Memories of Tomorrow.

Kazue Fukiishi Movies and TV Shows

  • 13 Assassins [25 September 2010 (Japan)]

    In this remake of a 1963 film based on historical events, Shinzaemon Shimada (Koji Yakusho) leads a team of assassins in 19th-century Japan to eliminate the ruthless Lord Naritsugu Matsudaira (Goro Inagaki), who is wreaking havoc against his own people. Hired secretly by a government official hoping to end Matsudaira's reign of terror, Shimada recruits the best samurai in Japan and then sets a trap for the lord's large contingent of faithful bodyguards.… MORE

  • Akko's Secret [1 September 2012]

  • Always: Sunset on Third Street 2 [3 November 2007]

    A miscommunication leads country girl Mutsuko (Maki Horikita) to take a job as an apprentice mechanic at a small shop run by family man Norifumi Suzuki (Shinichi Tsutsumi) in the shadow of the construction site for the soon-to-be iconic Tokyo Tower. Nearby, bachelor Chagawa (Hidetaka Yoshioka), a writer of young-adult fiction, finds himself charged with caring for Junnosuke (Kenta Suga), a boy whose parents cast him aside. Neighbor Hiromi (Koyuki) struggles to keep a small bar in business.… MORE

  • Ashita wa kitto [19 May 2001]

  • Blue Remains [22 August 2001 (Naha)]

  • Bubble Fiction: Boom or Bust [10 February 2007 (Japan)]

    Mayumi Tanaka (Ryôko Hirosue) uses her mother's time machine to travel back to 1990. She teams up with the younger version of her mother's ex-boyfriend to stop the bubble economy from bursting.

  • Château de la Reine [25 April 2015 (Japan)]

    Château de la Reine is a 2015 Japanese comedy drama film directed by Hajime Hashimoto. It was released on April 25, 2015.

  • Curling Love [Shun Nakahara]

  • Dr. Kenji Morohashi [Go Shichitaka]

  • Dr. Kenji Morohashi 2 [Go Shichitaka]

  • FLY! FLY! FLY! Commander of Sky: Air Traffic Control [5 November 2008]

  • Free and Easy 20 [26 December 2009]

  • Funky Forest: The First Contact [22 October 2005]

    An outrageous collection of surreal stories largely revolving around Guitar Brother, his randy older sibling, and their portly Caucasian brother.

  • Happy Flight [15 November 2008 (Japan)]

    Happy Flight is a Japanese comedy film directed by Shinobu Yaguchi about pilots and flight attendants. All Nippon Airways backed the creation of the film. The airline sponsored a giveaway of Happy Flight DVDs and other items to certain members of ANA's mileage club.

  • Haru yo koi [24 May 2008]

  • Kamisama no Karute 2 [21 March 2014 (Japan)]

    Kamisama no Karute 2 is a 2014 Japanese film directed by Yoshihiro Fukagawa and a sequel of Kamisama no Karute. It was released on 21 March 2014.

  • Kobe Shimbun no Nanokakan [16 January 2010]

  • Koi suru nihongo [Tsuyoshi Nakakuki]

  • Memories of Tomorrow [13 May 2006]

    The early onset of Alzheimer's disease ruins the life of a successful businessman.

  • Nanohana rain ni norikaete [Kunio Yoshikawa]

  • Noriko's Dinner Table [23 September 2006 (Japan)]

    A Japanese teenager (Kazue Fukiishi) runs away to Tokyo to join a weird Internet cult whose leader (Tsugumi) hires out members to clients who want to pretend they have a family.

  • One Missed Call [17 January 2004 (Japan)]

    Many people receive strange voice messages in their own voice but from a future date. It contains the exact time and date of their death and sounds of themselves reacting to their own violent deaths.

  • One Missed Call 2 [5 February 2005 (Japan)]

    Murder goes viral as unsuspecting teenagers pick up their cell phones and listen to the sounds of their deaths. Before long, each suffers the same horrible fate. But it gets worse: The unknown caller then dials everyone in the victim's phone book. As the deadly calls multiply, it leads to a pandemic of murder. When her sister falls prey, journalist Takako (Asaka Seto) travels to Taiwan with an endangered girl, Kyoko (Mimura), to ID the wicked caller and stop the epidemic.… MORE

  • Pedaldance [Hiroshi Ishikawa]

  • Petal Dance [20 April 2013]

    Petal Dance is a 2013 Japanese film directed by Hiroshi Ishikawa.

  • Rokugatsudô no sanshimai [9 November 2013]

  • Rookies the Movie: Graduation [30 May 2009 (Japan)]

  • S The Last Policeman - Recovery of Our Future [1 March 2006]

    Keroro Gunsō the Super Movie is a 2006 Japanese animated film directed by Yusuke Yamamoto and written by Mamiko Ikeda. It is the first movie in the Sgt. Frog series created by Mine Yoshizaki.

  • Sabu [2002]

    Sabu is a 2002 Japanese jidaigeki film directed by Takashi Miike and adapted from the classic Japanese rite-of-passage novel by Shūgorō Yamamoto.

  • Samurai Resurrection [26 April 2003 (Japan)]

    Samurai Resurrection is a 2003 Japanese film directed by Hideyuki Hirayama.

  • School of Nursing [13 February 2016]

  • Silver Spoon [7 March 2014]

  • The Eternal Zero [21 December 2013 (Japan)]

    A brother and sister learn their biological grandfather was a kamikaze pilot who died during World War II. During their research into his life, they get conflicting accounts from his former comrades about his character and how he joined his squadron.

  • The Letters [4 December 2015 (USA)]

    Father Celeste van Exem sets out to explore the deeper secrets about the life of Mother Teresa through the letters she wrote to him over a period of fifty years.

  • The Partner [Jun Muto]

  • The Wife of Gegege [21 July 2010]

  • Toki no kaori: Remember me [Naoto Yamakawa]

  • Tokimeki Memorial [9 August 1997]

  • Tokimeki memoriaru [Hiroshi Sugawara]

  • Tonbi []

    Yasuo's life is changed forever when he has to raise his young son alone after his beloved wife dies in an accident.

  • Ultraman Cosmos vs. Ultraman Justice: The Final Battle [2 August 2003 (Japan)]

    Ultraman Cosmos VS Ultraman Justice: THE FINAL BATTLE is Ultraman Cosmos's 3rd theatrical film adaptation superhero and kaiju film. It was released in Japan on August 2, 2003.

  • Uma Chamada Perdida [Takashi Miike]

  • Umizaru 3: The Last Message [18 September 2010]

    Umizaru 3: The Last Message is a 2010 Japanese film directed by Eiichirō Hasumi and based on the manga series Umizaru by Shūhō Satō. It was released in Japan on 18 September 2010.

  • Village Photobook [3 April 2004]

    Village Photobook is a 2004 Japanese drama film written and directed by Mitsuhiro Mihara. It won the Golden Goblet Award for Best Feature Film at the 2005 Shanghai International Film Festival.

  • What the Snow Brings [28 October 2005]

    After losing his livelihood, a man (Yusuke Iseya) returns home to reunite with his older brother (Koichi Sato).

  • Yuuki [2006]

  • Za rasuto messêji: Umizaru [Eiichiro Hasumi]

  • メールで届いた物語 [2005]

  • 時の香り~リメンバー・ミー~ [Naoto Yamakawa]

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QA About Kazue Fukiishi

What is birthdate of Kazue Fukiishi?

- 28 September 1982.

What is BirthPlace of Kazue Fukiishi?

- Osaka, Japan.

What is Nationality of Kazue Fukiishi?

- NA.

What is Height of Kazue Fukiishi?

- 1.69 m.

What is Age of Kazue Fukiishi?

- 38.

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