Rosalind Ayres

Rosalind Ayres
Name : Rosalind Ayres
Birth Date :07 December 1946
Birth Place :Birmingham, United Kingdom
Nationality :NA

Rosalind Ayres is an English actress, director and producer. Active since 1970, Ayres is well known for her role in the 1997 film Titanic, in which she played Lucy, Lady Duff-Gordon. Her husband Martin Jarvis played Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon in the film.

Rosalind Ayres Movies and TV Shows

  • A Face to Die For [11 March 1996]

    A badly scarred woman (Yasmine Bleeth) gets a new life through plastic surgery, then meets the hustler (James Wilder) she went to prison for.

  • Až přijde ten den [Claude Whatham]

  • Beautiful People [25 August 1999 (France)]

    Soccer fanatic Griffin Midge repeatedly disappoints his parents. Portia Thornton sparks a relationship with a penniless refugee, much to the chagrin of her established political family. Dr. Mouldy manages to give meaning to the lives of a young couple determined to reject their newborn child. And BBC correspondent Jerry Higgins, deeply damaged from one too many war assignments, returns home to his wife and child with a new obsession, amputation.… MORE

  • Black Beauty [July 2016 (Ireland)]

    A young boy preparing his neighbourhood for Christmas meets a lady who doesn't want Christmas to come at all, so he tries his best to bring colour to her dreary world.

  • Christmas in the Clouds [2001]

    Native American Ray (Timothy Vahle) heads home after graduating from college to help run his family's shabby ski resort. Believing that Tina (Mariana Tosca), a beautiful lodge guest, is an incognito travel guide critic, he decides to improve the quality of the family business. In reality, Tina is at the lodge in search of romance and, in a twist of fate, ends up falling for Ray. When Stu (M. Emmet Walsh), an actual critic, shows up, he is greeted with the staff's typical disorganization.… MORE

  • Cry Wolf [Leszek Burzynski]

  • Death Meets Lisolette [Guy Jenkin]

  • El ídolo [Michael Apted]

  • Emily's Ghost [Colin Finbow]

  • First Strike [10 January 1997 (USA)]

    A policeman sets out to expose a group of international spies. When one of them gets away and he is ordered to nab him, he has to travel across the globe starting with the man's sister in Australia.

  • From Beyond the Grave [23 February 1974]

    An invisible demon and a malignant mirror are two of the attractions in a sinister English antique shop.

  • Gods and Monsters [10 September 1998 (Boston)]

    Once a powerful Hollywood director best known for "Frankenstein" and "The Bride of Frankenstein," James Whale (Ian McKellen) is long since retired and in increasingly poor health. His stalwart housekeeper, Hanna (Lynn Redgrave), quietly disapproves of Whale's faceless, nameless parade of young gay lovers, but when the director takes an interest in new gardener Clayton Boone, a former Marine and Korean War veteran, it seems to be for something more than his usual casual conquest.… MORE

  • Hampstead [23 June 2017 (Ireland)]

    Though Emily and Donald live in the same London neighborhood of Hampstead, the worlds they inhabit could not be more different. Emily is an American widow occupying a posh apartment she can no longer afford, and Donald is an Irish loner who lives off the land in a makeshift cabin and wants nothing more than to be left in peace. When his home is threatened by real estate developers, Emily believes she has found her new cause -- but gets more than she bargained for when romance blossoms.… MORE

  • Hindle Wakes [1931]

    A Lancashire mill girl has an illicit adventure with the owner's son while on holiday. Based on the once notorious Houghton play.

  • Little Malcolm [1974]

    An angry London longhair (John Hurt) and his counterculture friends (John McEnery, Raymond Platt) plot a kidnapping/theft campus caper.

  • Neander Jin: The Return of the Neanderthal Man [Florian Steinbiss]

    When a Neanderthal appears in the modern-day, a woman finds and begins to care for him. As a result, she does everything she can to protect the modern-day Neanderthal.

  • One by One [Jeffrey Obrow]

  • Stardust [29 July 2007 (USA)]

    Tristan promises Victoria to get a star from the magical kingdom of Stormhold that exists beyond the Wall. Trying to keep his promise, Tristan ends up having an adventure that changes his life.

  • Steamboy [17 July 2004 (Japan)]

    England of the 1860s receives a technological remake in this animated adventure. Ray (Anna Paquin) is a brilliant young inventor who follows in the footsteps of his father, Eddie (Alfred Molina), and his grandfather, Lloyd Steam (Patrick Stewart). After his grandfather sends him a mysterious mechanical ball that contains revolutionary power, Ray finds his world turning upside down. It seems a lot of people want that power, and not all of them have good intentions.… MORE

  • That'll Be the Day [12 April 1973]

    Raised by his single mother after the abrupt departure of his father, Jim MacLaine (David Essex) is a restless British youth. Leaving home to find his place in the world, Jim eventually meets kindred spirit Mike (Ringo Starr). The two lads get into plenty of trouble as they shirk responsibility and chase women, but ultimately Jim has to decide on a career, and dreams of becoming a rock 'n' roll star. Can Jim make it as musician, or will he remain stuck in a mundane rut?… MORE

  • The Cinder Path [1994]

    The Cinder Path is a three part 1994 tv series produced by Yorkshire/Tyne Tees and directed by Simon Langton and based on the novel of the same name by Catherine Cookson.

  • The Great Barrier Reef [1981]

  • The Handkerchief [Amanda Mears]

  • The Lovers! [14 May 1973]

    Like everyone else since Adam and Eve, Geoffrey and Beryl want to fall in love. But this is Manchester in 1972 and they are under pressure from the social norms of the time.

  • The Slipper and the Rose [25 March 1976 (United Kingdom)]

    Prince Edward believes in true love and finds his soul mate in Cinderella during a ball. When Cinderella leaves the ball abruptly, Edward begins searching for her with her shoe as the only clue.

  • The Weather in the Streets [Gavin Millar, Don Homfray]

    A woman (Lisa Eichhorn) falls in love with a married man (Michael York) but decides she must abort their baby.

  • Titanic [15 December 2008 (USA)]

    Frank and April are an ideal couple who live with their two children in the suburbs of Connecticut. However, when they start facing issues in their marriage, April decides to move to Paris.

  • Vánoce v oblacích [Kate Montgomery]

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QA About Rosalind Ayres

What is birthdate of Rosalind Ayres?

- 07 December 1946.

What is BirthPlace of Rosalind Ayres?

- Birmingham, United Kingdom.

What is Nationality of Rosalind Ayres?

- NA.

What is Height of Rosalind Ayres?

- NA.

What is Age of Rosalind Ayres?

- 73.

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