Name : Poornitha
Birth Date :23 November 1990
Birth Place :Coimbatore
Nationality :NA
Height:1.6 m

Kalyani, previously known as Poornitha, is a South Indian film and TV actress.

Poornitha Movies and TV Shows

  • Alli Thandha Vaanam [2001 (India)]

    An entrepreneur challenges his reckless son, Satyam, to live independently for three months. Satyam's encounters away from home end up changing him as a human being.

  • Ilampuyal [1 May 2009 (Tamil Nadu)]

    Ilampuyal is a Tamil film directed by K.S.Thurai. The film stars Vashanth Sellathurai, Poornitha, Karunas, Sreeman, Ravishankar and Sinthuraj. K.S.Thurai did also write the dialogue and the screenplay for the film. The background music and the film songs are scored by Vashanth Sellathurai.

  • Inba [21 March 2008 (India)]

    Priya gets upset when her brother assigns a bodyguard to supervise her daily activities. But when the bodyguard saves her from getting murdered, she falls in love with him.

  • Jayam []

  • Kathi Kappal [25 July 2008]

    Kathi Kappal is a 2008 Tamil thriller film written and directed by Dinesh Selvaraj. The film features Anoop Kumar, Meera Vasudevan and Poornitha in lead roles, with Chandrabose, Thalaivasal Vijay, Prem, Thennavan, Jayaprakasam, Sakthivel and Vinoth Kumar playing supporting roles.

  • Katthikappal []

    A young man named Joshua enters a village and claims to be the reincarnation of a doctor who was murdered by five rogue policemen 20 years ago. However, the same policemen try to kill him too.

  • Malli Malli [21 March 2009]

    Malli Malli is a 2009 Indian Telugu-language action-drama film directed by Raaj Adithya and starring Skanda Ashok and Kalyani in their Telugu debuts. The film is inspired by the Hollywood film If Only.

  • Maranthen Meimaranthen [13 October 2006]

    Maranthen Meimaranthen is a 2006 Indian Tamil language romantic drama film directed by Gowri Manohar. The film features Yohaa and Poornitha in lead roles, with R. Sundarrajan, Crane Manohar, Muthukalai, Tharika, Akilan, Lochan, Rajesh and Marina playing supporting roles.

  • Parunthu [19 July 2007 (India)]

    The rich fathers of Adi and Lakshmi hatch a plot to separate them from their poor respective lovers, Sindhu and Soorya. However, Adi soon realises the truth and decides to set things right.

  • Prathi Gnayiru 9.30 to 10.00 [17 November 2006]

    While on a holiday, four carefree friends mistake Kalyani, a young girl, for a prostitute and gang-rape her. However, their lives take a turn when she returns to make them repent for their actions.

  • Ramana [4 November 2002 (India)]

    Ramana, a professor, heads a secret force that eliminates corruption from society. They kidnap fifteen most corrupt employees from each government department and kill the most unscrupulous one.

  • Shree [19 July 2002 (India)]

    After Shree goes behind the people who are responsible for his sister's death, his father throws him out of the house. Thereafter, Shree helps people who are in trouble.

  • SMS [2008 (India)]

    Indu and Kichan fall in love with each other but troubles begin in their relationship when Kichan's friend sends vulgar text messages to her.

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QA About Poornitha

What is birthdate of Poornitha?

- 23 November 1990.

What is BirthPlace of Poornitha?

- Coimbatore.

What is Nationality of Poornitha?

- NA.

What is Height of Poornitha?

- 1.6 m.

What is Age of Poornitha?

- 30.

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