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Sharada is an Indian actress and politician from Andhra Pradesh. She is the recipient of three National Awards. She has achieved success through Malayalam cinema, and Telugu cinema

Name : Sharada
Birth Date : 25 June 1945
Birth Place : Tenali
Nationality :
Height :
Occupation : Actress

She is also known as Urvasi Sharada because earlier the National Film Award for Best Actress was officially designated the Urvasi Award.

Sharada Movies and TV Shows

  • Adavi Donga [19 September 1985 (India)]

    In order to save her child from criminals, a mother hides him in the bush of a forest and fails to find it. Later, the child grows up among elephants and other animals.

  • Agni Parvatam [11 January 1985]

    Jamadagni hates his father for abandoning his mother, which led to her death. He is unaware that he has a look-alike stepbrother until their common enemies resurface to create trouble.

  • Amma Rajinama []

  • Antahpuram [30 November 1998 (India)]

    Bhanu marries Prakash while they are in Mauritius but they need to return to India for a short time thereafter. However, when Prakash is killed in India, his father refuses to let Bhanu leave.

  • Beyond the Clouds [20 November 2017 (India)]

    Amir, a young man, tries to dodge the police after they raid one of his drug dealings. However, the situation gets complicated when Amir's sister gets imprisoned while trying to save him.

  • Chelleli Kapuram [27 November 1971]

    Shobhan Babu, a struggling poet, is unable to publish his work due to his dark complexion. Later, he decides to publish his poems under his friend's name.

  • Coolie No. 1 [30 June 1995 (India)]

    Spurned by a rich man, matchmaker Shaadiram plans to teach him a lesson. Several hilarious situations arise after he gets Raju, a coolie, to pose as a millionaire and marry the man's daughter.

  • Cross Belt [28 November 1970]

    With trouble and liabilities at home, Ammu, who works in a timber factory, accidentally kills a man who attacks her. When she involves Nair, a policeman, in the crime, a greater truth is revealed.

  • Daana Veera Soora Karna [14 January 1977 (India)]

    Karna faces a lot of hardships owing to his low birth. When Duryodhana befriends him, he goes to great lengths to honour their friendship and aids him in the battle against the Pandavas.

  • Elippathayam [30 April 1982]

    Set in rural Kerala, the story of Rat-Trap concerns Unni, the last male heir of a decaying feudal family. His inability to accept the socio-economic changes of a new society result in his gradual withdrawal into isolation and paranoia.

  • Gnana Oli [11 March 1972]

    Antony, an ex-convict, leaves the country after killing his daughter's lover. He returns many years later as a reputable man, but his friend, Lawrence, recognises him and tries to expose him.

  • Iddaru Mitrulu [29 December 1961]

    Ajay, a graduate, takes over his father's business after his death, but his manager tries to swindle all his wealth. What happens when Ajay decides to exchange places with Vijay, his doppelganger?

  • Inapraavugal [10 April 1965]

    Inapravugal is a 1965 Malayalam language film. It was directed by Kunchacko. Sharada made her debut in this movie. The movie has other notable actors like Satyan, Prem Nazir, Muthaiah, Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair, Kottarakara Sreedharan Nair, S. P. Pillai and Pankajavalli, along with Sharada.

  • Iruttinte Athmavu [2 March 1967 (India)]

    Velayudhan, a mentally retarded person, lives along with his family. He shares everything with Lakshmi, his cousin. He struggles as Lakshmi leaves him and marries and old widower.

  • Itha Ivide Vare [27 August 1977 (India)]

    Little boy Viswanathan's parents get killed in a brawl with their neighbour. Thirty years later, when he returns to his village, nobody recognizes him and he stays there posing as an artist.

  • Jeevitha Chakram [31 March 1971]

    Susheela, a hardworking girl who supports her family financially, falls in love with Raja, who hails from an affluent family. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, Raja ends up marrying Kamala.

  • Justice Chowdary [28 May 1982]

    An honest judge is forced to marry off his daughter, who has speech impairment, to his enemy's henchman. When his daughter refuses to comply, his enemy traps his son in a false case.

  • Kalikaalam [15 June 2012]

    A woman, who works as a teacher, and her three children face many trials and tribulations life throws at them.

  • Kattuthulasi [10 July 1965]

    Kattuthulasi is a 1965 Indian Malayalam film, directed by M. Krishnan Nair and produced by M. Kunchacko. The film stars Sathyan, Sharada, Adoor Bhasi Ushakumari and Manavalan Joseph in the lead roles. The film had musical score by M. S. Baburaj.

  • Kondaveeti Donga [9 March 1990 (India)]

    When Raja, a tribal boy, completes his education and returns home, he witnesses his tribe being tortured by the local goons, which leads him to battle corruption and provide justice to his people.

  • Kuttavali [21 August 1970]

    After accidentally killing a woman, Krishnan takes pity on her child and raises her as his own. Unfortunately for Krishnan, Kesavan, a perverted man with vested interests, knows this secret.

  • Lekhayude Maranam Oru Flashback [12 November 1983]

    Shantamma becomes a successful actress and is known as Lekha at the peak of her career. However, when she commits suicide, further investigations reveal the dark secrets of the tinsel world.

  • Mazhathullikkilukkam [15 February 2002]

    Solomon mysteriously shows up after many years and offers to take care of his teachers Anna and Mari. Unfortunately, a sudden turn of events brings out the real reason behind his arrival.

  • Mindapennu [14 November 1970]

    Chandran is ecstatic to find love when he meets Kamalam and soon marries her. However, everything changes when he suspects her of having an affair.

  • Mooladhanam [15 August 1969]

    Two freedom fighters, Mammotty and Ravi, shed their blood and face several hardships while fighting against the British during India's freedom struggle.

  • Mother India [1992]

    Rajyalakshmi and her son Shivaji decide to fight against the government's Land Ceiling Act as it has the potential to adversely affect the lives of farmers.

  • Murali Krishna [1964 (India)]

    Murali and Krishna meet at an exhibition and fall in love. Murali, fascinated by an exhibit, writes to the artist who reverts, posing as a woman, causing a misunderstanding between him and Krishna.

  • Murappennu [24 December 1965]

    Kunjikrishna Menon is the head of a joint family. His son Kesavankutty is in love with Kochammini, Menon's sister's daughter, while Balan, Kochammini's brother, is in love with Menon's daughter.

  • Naayika [25 November 2011 (India)]

    Documentary filmmaker Aleena delves into the mysterious disappearance of the yesteryear Malayalam actress, Gracy, from the silver screen.

  • Nari Nari Naduma Murari [25 April 1990]

    Veera wants one of his two daughters to marry his nephew, Venkanna, to unite the families. However, things take a turn for the worse when both of his daughters fall in love with Venkanna.

  • Navavadhu [9 April 1971]

    Navavadhu is a 1971 Indian Malayalam film, directed by P. Bhaskaran and produced by A. L. Sreenivasan. The film stars Prem Nazir, Sharada, Sukumari and Adoor Bhasi in the lead roles. The film had musical score by G. Devarajan.

  • Nimajjanam [1976]

    Nimajjanam is a 1979 Telugu film directed by B. S. Narayana, produced by Prem Prakash, starring Sharada and Chakrapani, with cinematography by P. S. Nivas. Sharada played a Brahmin housewife in this sentimental film. The film was premiered at the 1980 International Film Festival of India.

  • Ninaithadhai Mudippavan [9 May 1975]

    Sundaram, a member of a musical band, goes to chennai to earn money for his sister's marriage but his look-alike brother Ranjit, tricks him. Ranjit carries out his illegal trade without any trouble.

  • Nyayam Kavali [15 May 1981 (India)]

    Bharathi's parents refuse to accept her after discovering that she is pregnant with Suresh's child, the man who cheated her.

  • Oru Minnaminunginte Nurunguvettam [1987]

    Ravunni Nair and Saraswati do not have any children and spend most of their time in each other's company. Soon their family friend's daughter arrives and changes their entire world.

  • Raagam [2 October 1975]

    Madhu, from a rich and affluent family, falls in love with Sreedevi, who is blind and an orphan. He finds it difficult to unite with her as his family is against this relationship.

  • Rakta Sindhuram [24 August 1985 (India)]

    A criminal makes Gopi, an honest police officer, save a bonded labourer from the clutches of a moneylender, in order to save himself from capital punishment.

  • Randu Lokam [30 December 1977]

    A virtuous middle class man marries the reluctant, egoistic daughter of his village landlord. His life turns upside-down when his wife starts throwing tantrums on a daily basis.

  • Rappakal [24 June 2005 (India)]

    Saraswathiyamma is the head of a noble family that treats her servant Krishnan as one of her own sons. When her relatives conspire to sell her house, she and Krishnan set out to save it.

  • Samaj Ko Badal Dalo [20 December 1985 (Portugal)]

    Two close friends, Vimla and Chhaya, part ways when their friendship turns bitter. Years later, when Chhaya is arrested for a crime, Vimla, a lawyer, faces a moral dilemma.

  • Sarada [4 May 1973]

    Sarada loses her sanity as she is unable to accept her husband's death. A psychiatrist, also her husband's look-alike, helps her overcome the trauma by letting her believe that he is her husband.

  • Sardar Papa Rayudu [30 October 1980]

    Dharmaraju, a corrupt politician, is shocked when he meets his daughter's lover, an honest policeman named Ramu, as he resembles a man he had placed in prison years ago on a false charge.

  • Stalin [20 September 2006 (India)]

    Stalin is deeply moved by the suicide of a girl with physical disabilities. As a result, he devises a formula of extending unconditional help to those who need it to establish peace.

  • State Rowdy [23 March 1989 (India)]

    An aspiring police officer changes the course of his life when he is unable to achieve his dream due to dirty politics. Then, he turns into an outlaw and decides to eliminate crime on his own.

  • Sukumarudu [10 May 2013 (India)]

    Sukumar, a selfish wealthy man, returns to his village in order to ascertain his rights over the family property. However, he faces problems due to a few family members and ends up falling in love.

  • Swayamvaram [24 November 1972]

    Vishwam and Sita, who resist the opposition from their families, elope and marry. The unemployed couple who begin a happier married life, later land in a sea of perils without a source of income.

  • Thulabharam [30 August 1968]

    After her husband gets killed, Vijaya gets desperate and murders her three children. She is arrested and is given the death penalty by the prosecution, led by her former dear friend.

  • Udhyogastha [1967]

    Udhyogastha is a 1967 Indian Malayalam film, directed by P. Venu and produced by P. K. Devadas and P. S. Das. The film stars Prem Nazir, Sathyan, Madhu and Sharada in the lead roles. The film was scored by M. S. Baburaj.

  • Vilakku Vangiya Veena [24 December 1971]

    Sarada, who is in love with Vijayan, a struggling singer, decides to sell her gold to send him to Madras to pursue his career. However, things change when he becomes successful and forgets about her.

  • Vishukkani [14 April 1977]

    Radhika is more attached to her niece than her brother Radhakrishnan is to his daughter. Fueled by his father-in-law's words, Radhakrishnan decides to leave his house, leaving Radhika devastated.

  • Yogi [10 January 2007 (India)]

    Eeshwar Prasad, a young man attached to his mother, Shantamma, goes to Hyderabad to earn enough money to make his mother's life comfortable. However, circumstances turn him into a criminal.

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FAQs About Sharada

What is birthdate of Sharada?

- 25 June 1945.

What is BirthPlace of Sharada?

- Tenali.

What is Nationality of Sharada?

- .

What is Height of Sharada?

- .

What is Age of Sharada?

- 78.

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