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Vijaya Nirmala was an Indian film actress, producer and director known for her works predominantly in Telugu cinema. She directed 44 films in Telugu

Vijaya Nirmala
Name : Vijaya Nirmala
Birth Date : 20 February 1946
Birth Place : Tamil Nadu
Nationality :
Height :
Occupation : Actress

In 2002, she entered the Guinness Book of Records as the female director of the most films.

Vijaya Nirmala Movies and TV Shows

  • Aana Valarthiya Vanampadiyude Makan [15 March 1968]

    A salesman enters a house owned by three people and accidentally gets locked in. However, things get worse when a few burglars plan to rob the house.

  • Aatmiyulu [17 July 1969]

    Suryam and Seetha struggle to survive after the death of their father, Veerayya. Jagannadham, their father's employer, takes them into their house, but things do not go as planned.

  • Akka Chellelu [1970 (India)]

    Vijaya thinks her brother-in-law is a murderer and wants to put him behind bars with her sister's blessings. However, as time changes, they find more evidence that suggests another culprit.

  • Alluri Seetarama Raju [1 May 1974 (India)]

    Alluri Sitaramaraju, a freedom fighter, is the saviour of the farmers and tribal communities. He spurs an insurgency against the British Raj who violated their land rights.

  • Anbalippu [8 September 1967]

    Susamma, who was raised by her maternal uncle after the death of her mother, joins the Indian Army as a nurse during WWII. She experiences many ups and downs, but stays true to her profession.

  • Anweshichu Kandethiyilla [Vijaya Nirmala]

    Movie starring Murali Mohan, Vijaya Nirmala and directed by Vijaya Nirmala.

  • Bangaru Gaajulu [22 August 1968]

    Bangaru Gaajulu is a 1968 Telugu-language drama film produced by Tammareddy Krishna Murthy and directed by C. S. Rao. It stars Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Bharathi, Vijaya Nirmala in the lead roles and music composed by T. Chalapathi Rao.

  • Bantrotu Bharya [1974]

    Bantrotu Bharya is a 1974 Telugu drama film directed by Dasari Narayana Rao and produced by Allu Aravind and Dasari Narayana Murthy under Geetha Arts. The film stars Krishnam Raju, Chalam, Srividya and Vijaya Nirmala in the lead roles. The music was composed by Ramesh Naidu.

  • Bezawada Bebbuli [14 January 1983]

    Ravindra tries to expose Govardhan who plots to kill his own brother. To get even, Govardhan murders him and sends his children to an orphanage.

  • Bhargavi Nilayam [22 November 1964]

    A talented author moves to a new house and experiences strange things there. Soon, he discovers that the house is haunted.

  • Bhogi Mantalu [Vijaya Nirmala]

    During a visit to her aunt's house in the village, Meena falls in love with her cousin, Krishna. However, Meena's mother, who wishes to marry her off to a rich man, objects to their relationship.

  • Bhookailas [1 June 1958 (India)]

    Demon king Ravana is on his way back after attaining Lord Shiva's Atma Lingam. Midway he is tricked by Lord Ganesha to ground the idol, which later on becomes Gokarna Kshetram.

  • Bomma Borusa [1971]

    Sundaram is a successful businessman and his younger brother, Sekar, is a college student who loves Sundaram dearly. But soon Sundaram's mother in-law, Parvatham, plans to separate them.

  • Buddimantudu [20 September 1969 (India)]

    Two brothers, a priest and an atheist, get into a conflict when the atheist brother tries to take on the corrupt head of the village.

  • Chitthi [12 May 1972]

    Pullimaan is a 1972 Indian Malayalam film, directed by E. N. Balakrishnan and produced by Ponnappan. The film stars Madhu, Devika, Vijayanirmala and Alummoodan in the lead roles. The film had musical score by M. S. Baburaj.

  • Collector Vijaya [4 June 1965]

    Rosie is a 1965 Indian Malayalam film, directed by P. N. Menon and produced by Mani Swami. The film stars Prem Nazir, Kaviyoor Ponnamma, Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair and P. J. Antony in the lead roles. The film had musical score by K. V. Job. Rosie was one of the first Malayalam films to be shot completely outdoors.

  • Devadasu [1974]

    Devdas and Parvati are soulmates, but fail to unite in a marital bond. Devdas's life takes an unexpected turn when Parvati marries a zamindar.

  • Devudu Chesina Manushulu [15 August 2012 (India)]

    The lives of two mortal orphans undergo a series of upheavals thanks to a quarrel between Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu. It all begins when the two mortals are caught in the drama of a don's life.

  • Durga [11 October 1985]

    Surya Chandra is a 1985 Indian Telugu action drama film written and directed by Vijaya Nirmala, based on the book of the same title by Chittareddy Suryakumari. Produced by S. Ramanand, the film has musical score by Ramesh Naidu.

  • Enga Veetu Penn [23 October 1965]

    Lakshmi, an innocent girl, and her cousin, Chandran, are in love. Will their families approve of the match?

  • Gnana Oli [11 March 1972]

    Antony, an ex-convict, leaves the country after killing his daughter's lover. He returns many years later as a reputable man, but his friend, Lawrence, recognises him and tries to expose him.

  • Hema Hemeelu [23 March 1979]

    Movie starring Krishna Ghattamaneni, Gummadi, Vijaya Nirmala, Zarina Wahab, Akkineni Nageshwara Rao, Pandharibai and directed by Vijaya Nirmala.

  • Kavitha [13 April 1973]

    Movie starring Adoor Bhasi, Thikkurisi Sukumaran Nair, Kaviyoor Ponnamma and is directed by Vijaya Nirmala.

  • Kurukshetram [14 January 1977 (India)]

    The Pandavas, along with Krishna, engage in a pitched battle in Kurukshetra against their cousins, the Kauravas, for the throne of Hastinapura.

  • Manchi Kutumbam [15 March 1968]

    Venu and Shanta are leading a happily married life with their children. One fine day, Shanta finds out a bitter truth about Venu's parallel life, which leaves her devastated.

  • Marina Manishi [24 September 1970]

    Raju is a thief though nobody is aware of this. His life take a turn when he comes across burglar Rangoon, who holds several secrets.

  • Meena [26 June 2014]

    Meena is a documentary film about sex trafficking in India that premiered on June 26, 2014 in New York City. This film marks the directorial debut of Lucy Liu, Colin K. Gray, and Megan Raney.

  • Mosagallaku Mosagadu [27 August 1971 (India)]

    Con artist Krishna and his friend rob the rich and help the poor. He helps Radha, who wants to avenge her father's murder. They set out to find an old treasure but must first deal with other dangers.

  • Neelagiri Express [1 January 1969]

    Movie starring Sivaji Ganesan, B. Saroja Devi, Jai Shankar and is directed by A. C. Thrilogachandar.

  • Panama Pasama [12 February 1968]

    Meenakshi, the wife of a rich businessman, is always trying to keep up her prestige. However, her life goes for a toss when her daughter falls in love with their watchman.

  • Pandanti Kapuram [21 July 1972]

    After a man loses his job, misunderstandings occur between him and his family members. Things get worse after a woman enters their lives to destroy their happiness.

  • Panduranga Mahatyam [28 November 1957]

    The story revolves around a young man from a pious family who is an atheist and falls in love with three disciples of a Sage.

  • Patnavasam [1966]

    Meenakshi is a poor woman who has seven siblings. She works hard to get her mute sister married and her brother a doctor. Meanwhile, Periyasamy a rich old man wants to marry her.

  • Poochakkanni [22 July 1971]

    Aana Valarthiya Vanampadiyude Makan is a 1971 Malayalam and Tamil film, directed and produced by P. Subramaniam. The film stars Gemini Ganesan, Rajasree, C. L. Anandan, K. V. Shanthi and Vijayanirmala in the lead roles. It is a sequel to the Subramaniam's 1959 film Aana Valarthiya Vanampadi.

  • Poola Rangadu [24 November 1967 (India)]

    Veerayya works as a manager in a mill, and he is framed for the murder of one of the mill's partner, Purushotham. He is being sent to jail. Will Veerayya's son, Rangudu, prove his father's innocence?

  • Pullimaan [28 October 1970]

    Vivaham Swargathil is a 1970 Indian Malayalam film, directed by J. D. Thottan and produced by P. A. Muhammad Kasim. The film stars Prem Nazir, Sheela, Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair and Prema in the lead roles. The film had musical score by M. S. Baburaj.

  • Ram Robert Rahim [31 May 1980 (India)]

    Three brothers, who were separated at birth, are brought up in different religions and are reunited by fate. Together, they combat the evil man responsible for their separation.

  • Rangula Ratnam [1966]

    Two brothers, Suryam and Vasu, decide to get separated after their father's death. While Suryam marries the daughter of a rich politician and abandons his family, Vasu takes care of his mother.

  • Rosie [12 October 2018 (Ireland)]

    A woman, her husband and their four children find themselves homeless after their landlord sells their house. Over the next 36 hours, the couple desperately search for a place to live while trying to shield the kids from the reality of the situation.

  • Sahasame Naa Oopiri [25 May 1989]

    Sahasame Naa Oopiri is a 1989 Indian Telugu satirical crime film based on the murder of the political leader Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga. The film directed by Vijaya Nirmala features Krishna alongside herself, Naresh, Vani Vishwanath and Gummadi in the lead roles.

  • Sakshi [1 July 1967]

    A guileless young man is dejected by the callousness of society and changes himself into a hard-hearted and unforgiving person.

  • Sirimalle Navvindi [17 July 1980]

    Prasad meets and falls in love with Saraswathi, a tuition teacher. However, he gets scared to profess his love for her as he believes she will turn him down.

  • Soappu Seeppu Kannadi [5 April 1974]

    Durga is a 1974 Indian Malayalam film, directed and produced by Kunchacko. The film stars Prem Nazir, Adoor Bhasi, Manavalan Joseph and Boban Kunchacko in the lead roles. The film had musical score by G. Devarajan.

  • Sri Sri [19 March 2016]

    Sri Sri is a 2016 Indian Telugu-language drama film written and directed by Muppalaneni Shiva. The film stars Krishna, Vijaya Nirmala, Angana Roy, Kunal Kaushik, Naresh, Murali Sharma and Sai Kumar.

  • Surya Chandra [Vijaya Nirmala]

    Movie starring Krishna, Rathi, Anjali Devi, Rajyalakshmi and directed by Vijaya Nirmala.

  • Tata Manavadu [23 March 1972]

    Anand promises to marry Suguna but abandons her after impregnating her. Suguna delivers a baby girl, Ranai, who after learning about her illegitimate father, plans to teach him a lesson.

  • Thenaruvi [1968]

    When a rich man is murdered on a running train, Inspector Shankar tries to solve the mystery. Since Ravanan is the only passenger travelling with the deceased, he decides to help him.

  • Uyira Maanama [21 October 1968]

    Uyira Maanama is a 1968 Indian Tamil-language film written and directed by K. S. Gopalakrishnan. The film stars Jaishankar, Vijaya Nirmala, R. Muthuraman and Krishna Kumari. It was released on 21 October 1968, and was commercially successful.

  • Vichithra Dampathyam [28 October 1966]

    is a 1966 Indian Malayalam-language film, directed by Puttanna Kanagal and produced by A. L. Sreenivasan and P. Arunachalam. The film stars Prem Nazir, Adoor Bhasi, Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair and Vijaya Nirmala. The film is based on the Kannada novel Bekkina Kannu by Triveni. The film's score was composed by M. S.

  • Vivaham Swargathil [17 August 1973]

    Thenaruvi is a 1973 Indian Malayalam film, directed and produced by Kunchacko. The film stars Prem Nazir, Vijayasree, Adoor Bhasi, G. K. Pillai and K. P. Ummer in the lead roles. The film had musical score by G. Devarajan.

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FAQs About Vijaya Nirmala

What is birthdate of Vijaya Nirmala?

- 20 February 1946.

What is BirthPlace of Vijaya Nirmala?

- Tamil Nadu.

What is Nationality of Vijaya Nirmala?

- .

What is Height of Vijaya Nirmala?

- .

What is Age of Vijaya Nirmala?

- 78.

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